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  • Make Me Stronger - Honorata Skarbek "Honey"
    "We rule babe you dont like it thats the reason why you hate me when im crossing the streets every glance is on my body Ref.: x2 high heels make me look better than you smart things make me thing better"
  • Niemożliwe (feat. Honorata Honey Skarbek) - Lubert
    "Kolejny dzień budzi mnie promień słońca Idę dziś za horyzont, gdzie nie widać końca Mimo granic przecinać wstęgi chce Już nigdy nikt nie zatrzyma mnie Nikt nie zatrzyma mnie Chce tylko dalej biec Przed"
  • Make Me - Sofie
    "don't change me to who you want i don't want to be the girl who likes pink stuff i want to be myself don't let me speak in a different way there's nothing else for me for you to say leave me alone and"
  • Make Me - Janet Jackson
    "I see what you're doing Come here So you think you're ready? I just need you to... Hook Baby can you move, make me groove, Show me what you do, make me move, Baby can you move, make me groove, Show me"
  • Make Me - Heart
    "Tell me why after all this time is the light hiding in your eyes Do I see promises never made or is it just a sweet surprise (chorus) Make me high ~ make me low Make it stop or come on let the damn thing"
  • Make Me - Jennifer Paige
    "You look so confident The way you work the room Like you're heaven sent Everybody checking you Something about it baby Keepin' me amused Hate to admit it but I Kind of like your attitude Things that you"
  • Make Me - Andain
    "Who's gonna make me leave Who's gonna make me stay Who's gonna walk away and Who's gonna make my day And how's it gonna be and Who's in the game to play If you want you will find me But you don't wanna"
  • Make Me! - Az
    "I aint goin nowhere, Ima be here til 2030 ya'll can bet that.. classic material my mojos back im loco no sunoco the flow show dat the hood kno do fo do lo ima solo cat fly photos no polo i throw those"
  • Blow me up - Honorata Skarbek "Honey"
    "Baby, blow me up, up, up! x3 You want a total K-O... Uh, uh, a ticking bomb of a whoa... Uh, uh, you shouldn't tell me, you show That ya know how to make me explode! I'm counting down, down, down..."
  • Make You The One - Make It Pop
    "Yeah Gimme that bass Uh I'm trying to find the solution He's confident with resolution Not driven by small confusion Just call it, just call it a brand new love Corki: We all have those human eyes I"
  • Make Me Mommy - Ben Folds
    "(ohhh!) (Mommy!) (she touched me Mommy!) (ohhh!) (Mommy!) (he touched me first!) you two! you make me mad! you're bad! you go to your room! (you make me Mommy!) you go to your room! (you make me Mommy!) you"
  • Make Me Rainbows - Maureen McGovern
    "Make me rainbows Make me Spring in the snow Make me beautiful music Wherever I go Make me unwind Leave behind rhyme and reason Make me a room Where I'll bloom out of season Make me sunsets, Paint our"
  • Make me sick - Danity Kane
    "OhOhYeah (Ooh, ooh, oh, oh)You got me feeling crazyIt's like... just listen What I got, couldn't feel any worseIt's like I'm possessed, under some kind of curseTemperature on rise, I can't close my eyes(I"
  • You Make Me - Fundisha
    "(Verse 1) People told me that I would mess up my life but I could not just deny the feelings I felt inside of me so sweet and indecently you pop on the scene you just don't know how much you mean to me"
  • Make Me Over - Keyshia Cole
    "Ready to Love and To Give and To Hate Yeah oh Make me over Make me over make me nice And when you done oh I wanna look fly Make me expensive make me high price And when you done oh I wanna be right Yeah"
  • Make Me Feel - Boya Chile
    "you Make Me Feel like a star you Make Me Feel I just go for you you Make Me Feel like you’re essential you Make Me Feel I just say: I do! we stay together we stay together you Make Me Feel like a star you"
  • Make Me Beautiful - Her Words Kill
    "Stay tonight, don't leave me to sleep alone. And wake me up, make me beautiful. As you once thought I was, make me beautiful. Sitting on the bed side you glanced, slightly to the right but in my path. Make"
  • Make Me Weak - Alaine
    "(Chorus) Baby You Baby You Baby You Make Me Weak Baby You Baby You Control My Chemistry Baby You Baby You Baby You Make Me Weak Baby You Make Me, Make Me, Make Me Weak Weak, Weak, Weak In My Knees What"
  • Make Me Happy - Aguilera Christina
    "Aguilera Christina Just Be Free Make Me Happy Baby you make me happy Baby you make me happy (ohh oh) Baby you make me happy The way you make me smile Can't you see I'm yearning for you I never thought"
  • Make Me Happy - Christina Aguilera
    "Baby you make me happy Baby you make me happy (ohh oh) Baby you make me happy The way you make me smile Can't you see I'm yearning for you I never thought that I Could ever find someone Just having you"

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