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make my in the middle

  • Middle - Fifteen
    "I heard a song once and it was beautiful and it was free and it was my dream I lost my housing at the sweet young age of fourteen I heard a song on the radio, it was my dream I found the value of a song"
  • In The Middle - Trey Songz
    "(Ummmm no) If I could be up in the middle of Just wanna be in the middle of Middle of your love If I could be, anywhere in the world I would be inside your skirt in you gurl between your knees everyday"
  • In The Middle - PFR
    "For so long I had the same dream I'm running like a man possessed Breathless and scared to death Then last night I swear I heard A voice whisper in the dark And it spoke right to my heart Sayin', Don't"
  • In The Middle - Rodney Atkins
    "Old gray fence, tarchip road martin's creek, I'm almost home whitetail buck by a one lane bridge around the bend up on the ridge there's thompson's barn leaning just a little miss myra's store, smell"
  • Middle - Demi Lovato
    "Knew where I was going when you left the roomyou're the kinda guy that makes me want tofollow through to youI've been trying to leave you for the longest timeThe second that I saw you I just knew I found"
  • Middle - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "The middle man what a miracle Of common calculations, Compressed and erratic Hung out to fade like ribbons Through wall-to-wall maybes So I gave it my soul, Got wasted sick and trashed it It's midnight"
  • Middle - Moonlyght
    "I am in front of a falling empire I am standing right in front of you all! I know you're there Somewhere between love and hate I would die to see you fall in tears Do you believe hope may still exist? My"
  • Middle Man - The Dingees
    "Stay alive to see what we do and what will come up next It's quite obvious that you're oblivious you make a breeze complex No one wants to see you out there acting like a child Stumbling curses on the"
  • Middle Name - Rory Gallagher
    "Well a hurricane is on its way, Across the Bible Belt.. Just watch the sway of the sugar cane, Move from right to left. It could be gone when the morning comes, Should be heading west. I could hang around,"
  • Middle Cyclone - Neko Case
    "Baby, why'm I worried now, Did someone make a fool of me 'fore I could show 'em how it's done? Can't give up actin' tough, It's all that I'm made of. Can't scrape together quite enough To ride the"
  • 12th & Middle - Brandtson
    "two of us sitting alone again in silence wondering what your eyes might see me as this time sometimes i wish you thought out loud it's so much different now you and i meeting again another circle better"
  • Middle Class - Hello Saferide
    "You and me, let's steal a car, let's rob a bank, let's travel far, let's wear these shirts my grandpa used to wear. And then I'll be happy, I swear. I'll point the gun, you'll keep the engine running,"
  • Standing In The Middle - Linkin Park
    "I'm standing in the middle of it Middle of it, middle of it Yo, y'all better wake up; you think we don't see y'all drifting? Sleeping on the job and forgetting your position? (position) Sit straight and"
  • Right in the middle - Joan Jett
    "Whoa oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh Everybody's talkin but it doesn't mean a lot How they always judge ya by all the things ya got If dreams can be remembered why should words be ignored Need a new"
  • Stuck In The Middle - Louise
    "Well I don't know why I came here tonight. I've got the feeling that something ain't right. I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair, and I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs. Clowns to the left"
  • Piggy In The Middle - Waltari
    "The God Amighty: "I curse this people to the deepset hole I make them suffer and feel like absolutely nothing!" C'mon baby, I wanna nasty ride You know it's time to lose my pride I wanna keep my feet"
  • Stuck In The Middle - Mika
    "I sit and think about the day that you're gonna die, 'Cos your wrinkled eyes betrayed the joy with which you smiled. Care to see my reason? Care to put your life in mine? Looking at life from the perspective"
  • I'm In The Middle - Cher
    "Don't make no difference If you lay down and cry You know that you lied to me And if you come to me with tears in your eyes Don't say "good-bye", just leave 'Cause I'm in the middle of something I don't"
  • Monkey In The Middle - Rodney Atkins
    "I get up like a rocket in a hurricane Then it's off to work like a runaway train Drivin' them nails, draggin' my tail It don't take much to follow my trail, follow my trail Back and forth in a game of"
  • Monkey In The Middle - Atkins, Rodney
    "I get up like a rocket in a hurricane Then it's off to work like a runaway train Drivin' them nails, draggin' my tail It don't take much to follow my trail, follow my trail Back and forth in a game of"

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