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make your sounds ok

  • Ok - Pete Francis
    "ok i get it now i don't know how i pulled this one off ok you trade the cold wind you turned your bruise in for more than you bargained you bargained for baby when you turn the weight when you break"
  • OK - Big Brovaz
    "OK is what you say whenyoure ready to ballWere too hot for clubthey aint ready at allAnd if you come to partythen get up off the wallQuick we dont slip,make hits on a regularClub spots get rockedwhen we"
  • Ok - Gloria Estefan
    "OK (English version) ok, well, what's it all about it's allright to change your mind but whenever you found what you must find just remember, i'm holding on the line so take advice from an old friend"
  • Minimal Sounds - Rita Redshoes
    "Bicycles, hats Pianos and cats Blue is my pillow Red is my bed Umbrellas, cakes Planets and milkshakes Pink is my heart White is my flight Minimal sounds Incredible view I've got a treasure Shelter with"
  • Comforting Sounds - Mew
    "I don't feel alright in spite of these comforting sounds you make. I don't feel alright because you make promises that you break. Into your house, why don't we share our solitude? Nothing is pure anymore"
  • Make it all ok - R.E.M.
    "You threw away the ballast and you rowed your boat ashore Didn't you, now? Didn't you? You made your ultimatum too big to ignore Didn't you, now? Didn't you? So you worked out your excuses, turned away"
  • Sounds - William Tell
    "Take a breather, let your air out This can get you somewhere She's the queen of screaming shit out If she lets you stand there You keep ringing in my head You always do this to me You keep ringing in"
  • I'm ok, you're ok - Boyz II Men
    "The first thing I did wrong Was hook up with a girl who wasn't grown She looked like a woman but her mind worked like a child It was her girlish qualities that made me smile The outside never showed me"
  • Say OK - Vanessa Hudgens
    "Oh You are fine, you are sweet But I'm still a bit naive with my heart When you're close, I don't breathe I can't find the words to speak But I feel sparks But I don't wanna start seeing you If I"
  • Ok (Videoversion) - Big Brovaz
    "OK now let me tell you what this song is all about Party people let me hear you scream and shout Without a doubt Cause I am about to turn this whole party out I know that youre feeling this Cause I see"
  • Feel Ok - Eleventy Seven
    "If you're like me you make believe That everything that could possibly Go wrong is gonna happen here tonight And if you're like me you're on the brink Of telling everybody what you think As if what I had"
    "working days brick by brick that me make wanna drink every Fridays I got it should I really need to get you something to drink? a little sip? so mama gonna fix it really quick got .. hot… that could"
  • It's Ok - Quorthon
    "Hear me say it's ok there just is no other way I believe and strongly feel some things just aren't meant to be All the time in our lives something somewhere draws a line I believe in time you'll see sometimes"
  • Feel ok - EleventySeven
    "If you're like me you make believe That everything that could possibly Go wrong is gonna happen here tonightAnd if you're like me you're on the brinkOf telling everybody what you thinkAs if what I had"
  • It's Ok - Bounty Killer
    "Sincerely I know she can hear me (I know she can) From my heart I'm saying I'm sorry my dear (From my heart way down) I'm sorry for all the wrong I've done and all the pain I caused But two hearts become"
  • It's Ok - T-Bone
    "Chorus I show ya how to do it now homie, cuz its ok To make positive music now baby, put all of the guns away I keep it gully for the streets and gangstas, but I'm trying to make a change Cuz there's"
  • It's ok - Fat Joe
    "Yeah, right about now I'm about to slow it up For that very special lady I see you right there But we about to smooth it out for you Right now Never, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! It's okay, it's okay"
  • OK - MuteMath
    "Down on my knees down on my face You just say it's ok So many days I've thrown away You just say it's ok I don't think I could ever repay Your perfect grace, but it's ok It's ok, It's ok It's ok, It's"
  • OK - Mute Math
    "Down on my knees, down on my face You just say, "it's OK" So many days I've thrown away You just say, "it's OK" I don't think I could ever repay Your perfect grace, but it's OK It's OK, it's OK It's"
  • OK - Shitdisco
    "Executive excess yes, yes, yes Its a model of success and Nothing for your efforts yes and This impresses even less and then When you find yourself In the wrong company You must remind yourself Who youd"

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