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  • MAMA I DID IT - Bonson / Matek
    "Może chciałbym cos jeszcze od życie Ma dwie ręce, serce, oddycham Umiem pisać, gdzieś na głośnikach Znów mnie słychać, siema, witam Mam gdzie mieszkać, Kogo kochać Ktoś mnie kocha – spoko opcja Są tacy"
  • Mama - Porter Wagoner
    "(Mama mama it's gettin' closer to the end mama mama can I come home again) Where did the years go mama Why it seemed like only yesterday that we were man and wife That was in the springtime of our years"
  • Mama - Godsmack
    "Oh mama what have I gone and done? With all these years that I've been gone My life changed me way too fast I don't know if I could last Help me find my way And mama save me Help me find today Mama please"
  • Mama - Chris Brown
    "This one right here Goes out to my mama (This Goes out to mama) Your mama And everybody mama Here we go, listen listen I remember Saturday mornin's Me wakin' up to mama in the kitchen cookin' and spam"
  • Mama - My Chemical Romance
    "Mama, we all go to hell. Mama, we all go to hell. I'm writing this letter and wishing you well, Mama, we all go to hell. Oh, well, now, Mama, we're all gonna die. Mama, we're all gonna die. Stop asking"
  • Mama - US5
    "Richie: If my time on earth was over, Then the last thing I would do Is to pray to God and just thank him For blessing me with you Chris: What you did for me was a miracle Every word you said was true"
  • Mama - Kelly Family
    "Why did you have do die When I was only at the age of 5 So suddenly you've gone And I was left with answers hard to find Now I think of you 'cause I'm in hunger for your warmth That no one can replace And"
  • Mama - The Kelly Family
    "Why did you have do die When I was only at the age of 5 So suddenly you've gone And I was left with answers hard to find Now I think of you 'cause I'm in hunger for your warmth That no one can replace And"
  • Mama - Obie Trice
    "(feat. Trey Songz) Hey, hey Now when my mama done seen me cry (me cry) It's my liiiiife I'll be thuggin 'til the day I die (I die) It's my liiiiife You niggaz don't know me (ohh-ohh) You can't slow"
  • Mama - Sean Paul
    "Yeah yeah! Wo woo! Yeah yeah! I looo-ooove you... Wo woo! Yeah yeah! Yeah yeah! yo yo! Mama I love you... Yeah yeh! Wo woo! Ya knoamean... Arite...! This one comes straight from my heart I"
  • Did Your Mama (The Nurse Song) - Holly Palmer
    "Hey... Hi! If you don't mind me saying You're not the most patient patient Now just be patient 'Cause if you don't stop your game playing I will be forced to turn your ass in....side out And sign"
  • Did Your Mama Ever Tell Ya - Slade
    "(Holder/Lea) Are you sitting comfortably? Good! Then we'll begin... (spoken) There was a crooked man And he walked a crooked mile He had a crooked stick And oh boy how it cramped his stily Well did ya"
  • Mama Mia - Broadways
    "I've been cheated by you since I don't know when so I made up my mind:it must come to an end look at me now, will I ever learn I don't know how, but I suddenly lose control there's a fire within my"
  • Motorcycle Mama - Harpo
    "Motorcycle Mama why did you leave and where did you go Motorcycle Mama I've been looking everywhere for you I remember in '65 when Jimi Hendrix was still alive Before we went to the Woodstock scene And"
  • Nacho Mama - Joe Ely
    "The doors flew back and in they came A tough bunch of cowboys, thirsty They said to the waitress, "Honey what's your name?" "And Mama, won'cha bring us whiskey?" The waitress froze"
  • Mama, Why? - Loretta Lynn
    "Loretta Lynn & Ernest Ray (Oh mama why did God take my daddy?) ('Cause I'd been good just like he said to be) (I heard daddy pray, dear Lord don't take me from them) (Oh mama, why did God take him from"
  • Black Mama - Jerry Lee Lewis
    "Left at the door of a stranger I was left there in the middle of the night left by someone who couldnt keep me but what she did turned out just right in a little southern town by a river in a building"
  • Dear Mama - Blaxy girls
    "I: Every word that keeps my smile alive You were always there to set me free Cause you're dering deepens all on blind You can clear my eyes against the sea Thinking 'bout propoling r&b And for everything"
  • Mama Tired - Quasi
    "mama tried, daddy did what he could mama cried, they just could not see you they called you names, called you "invisible man" they don't know how it feels to be you dr. jekyll lied, or was that mr hyde? took"
  • Mama webster - Mireille Mathieu
    "Mama Webster, With her basket and a shawl around the shoulders, Goes to market In the hope of buying what her ducklings wanted. She walks a wobbling from side to side, Just like a duck does upon the tide."

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