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mamma lorraine

  • Mamma Lorraine - G.G. Anderson
    "mhu ... Einen Sommer lang ging ich durch das Glck an deiner Hand. Der Himmel die Wolken und das Meer wie ein Traum in uns der ewig wiederkehrt. Sonnenuntergang und ich halte ganz fest deine Hand. Wir beide"
  • Lorraine - Bad Manners
    "For the first time in my life, I was so in love, (Ha, ha, ha, ha) - Why you laughing at me?? I met this girl called Lorraine, she stole, my heart. And when I find her, I'm gonna kill her, And when"
  • Lorraine - Stage Dolls
    "(T. Flakne/B. Icon) Asked my girl, do you wanna be free she said, baby, stay close to me I asked my girl whatcha thinkin' of she said, ain't nothin' better, better than love Lorraine, some things never"
  • Lorraine - Ozma
    "Theres just one thing I couldnt find, One girl that couldnt be mine, she's in love with Calvin Klein I knew she could have any one of these boys here i am playing with my baby toys I'm walking out but"
  • Lorraine - Jorge Benjor
    "Ela um poema Rico de alegria Rico de se ouvir Rico de se ver Rico de se sentir Rico de dar prazer Lorraine Loraaine Ela a liberdade Ela a rima e o amor Ela a mulher Ela a sensualidade Ela gosta de"
  • Lorraine - Toto
    "I've heard a lot of stories So tell me if they're true Oh I would die for you Knowing that you're mine You tell me that you're sorry You say your heart is new Oh I will cry for you Call me and we'll dine It's"
  • Lorraine - Cyndi Lauper
    "Long ago a lonely man stood Off of a quiet avenue A pretty girl in passing chanced to look That's when he fell, fell for you I listen to the rain Pounding on the railing The beat's a sweet, soft refrain of"
  • Lorraine - Blue Angel
    "My oh my it's a quarter to eight Don't shoot me down dreamboat I'm a late date Don't ask me no questions I ain't got a smooth line, Please a' wait a little longer tryin' to make it there on time Tickety"
  • Lorraine - Jim Carroll
    "Seven blonde women They gather in the square They raise their hands up to the sun Their skin is so thin and white You know their fathers must surely be wealthy I watch the others stand around and form"
  • Mamma - Bram Vermeulen
    "Wie praat er over eenzaamheid Die nooit alleen is, mamma Wie praat er over vrienden zijn Wiens hart van steen is, mamma Wie roept er luid van pijn Verdooft zich met de wijn, mamma Wie wil er graag volwassen"
  • Mamma - Terji Rasmussen
    "Mamma, hvat bagir tr hv ert t ikki gla mamma, er ta arbeii sum plgar teg dag mamma, er ta naka eg kann hjlpa tr vi ella vilt t heldur hava fri er ta mr ta er gali vi Mamma, ta kvldar n og frialigt er"
  • Mamma - Claudio Villa
    "Mamma son' tanto felice Perch ritorno da te La mia canzone ti dice Che il pi bel giorno per me Mamma son' tanto felice Viver' lontano perch Mamma Suono per te la mia canzone vola Mamma Sarai con me tu"
  • Mamma - Wolfgang Ambros
    "Ist schon gut Mamma, Mach da keine Sorgen Mamma, Es ist no heut und no net morgen Mamma, I bin no da und no net fort Mamma, Mach da kane Sorgen. I war a Bub mit 16 und I wei es no wie heut. A Motorradl"
  • Mamma - Laleh
    "Jag fddes en morgon i juni en helvetes natt 24 timmar fr att jag skulle vga ut Men jag kmpade, kmpade allt fr att vara kvar Dr inne med mamma och jag Dr inne med mamma och mamma ... Dom la mig vid brstet"
  • Mamma - Andrea Bocelli
    "Mamma, son tanto felice Perch ritorno da te La mia canzone ti dice Ch' il pi bel sogno per me Mamma son tanto felice Viver lontano perch? Mamma, solo per te la mia canzone vola Mamma, sarai con me, tu"
  • Mamma - Nana Mouskouri
    "This is the tale of a little boy Wandering far from his home Most of his family were with him then And nothing but life did they own Tortured by war in their native land Their only recourse was to flight Tracing"
  • Mamma - Cappadonna
    ""What ya said to me.. about me" "What ya said to me.. said to me.. said so much you just.." Mamma what you said to me it really touched my heart I wanna thank you For helping me write this dart And if"
  • Mamma - Kultiration
    "Ja, Jag ser s mycket lidande, Men vi har verktygen hr fr att stoppa den Mamma frser oss s gott p jorden Att frigra oss sjlva den enda vgen Ja, uppvaknandet r vad det talas om, och Hr och nu verkar vara"
  • Mamma - Bride
    "Bird's have their nests, and foxes have their holes I have no place to lay my head Been 40 days tempted by the devil Like a reed shaking in the wind Wheels of time are like caffeine To pass this cup from"
  • Mamma - Dia Psalma
    "Ni mste vara tysta barn ni vet ju att mamma mste sova hela da'n hon ska ju p fest ikvll fr p kndisrestaurangen r det fest var kvll men det r vrt lite slit fr att fr att f synas med stadens elit VI FR"

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