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  • Bentleys & Bitches - Da Beatminerz
    "(feat. Jayo Felony, Ras Kass) Get chipped up, fresh out the gate - yea we strive for that Homie wanted it bad enough so he died for that I'ma follow my dreams like never before, knah'mean They givin"
  • The Best - Kool Moe Dee
    "(The best) Like other music rap is an art And if you wanna get the feeling, got to feel it in your heart You need brain power, dictation Vocabulary, articulation Creativity and originality Execution of"
  • Kidney Shifters - Funkoars
    "< (Scratches/Hook: DJ Reflux) "Here we go here we go..." "I got the funk flow to make your jaws drop" "I got the funk flow" "I got the funk flow" "I got the funk flow to make you... make you kidney SHIFT (Verse 1: Trials) Give me a stage A mic, three pints of dope nector The name's Trials baby, professional home wrecker I got this licence to step inside ciphers And come tighter than vaginas with four fingers inside 'em So step to a battle, but take the cowards route I'ma power house destroying rhymes until the power's out What the fuck made you think that these toys were dope? I was flippin' twice as nice before my VOIce had broke You better gift-wrap my nuts, suck the shaft to the bottom When I'm rocking mics random lives just start dropping We're top of this shit like garnishes, every time I test ya You're like fat chicks on a jetty - UNDER PEER PRESSURE Try your heart out, become a dope rapper I'ma still die hard like overdosing on Viagra Now that's what happens when the Funkoars rip ya We stomp the break, and shake your place is richter (Chorus 1: Trials (+Oars)) If your name's Mila Kunis (You're getting kidney shifted) After ten rounds of schooners (You're getting kidney shifted) Blonde girls with fake hooters (You're getting kidney shifted) (You're getting kidney shifted) (*You're getting kidney shifted*) (Hook) (Verse 2: Sesta) Check it, when I'm live on the mic Replies are about as tight as a hooker on a loooooong night Your verses post-mortem Battle Funkoars then you might as well release Martin Bryant and live the battle! Semi-autos - cos we at it again The crowd we packing 'em in while you panicking friend So take your man and make like a manakin SHUT THE FUCK UP, sit down, don't talk (don't move) Shake it like your mothers arm after she's waving me late in the morning, after I double dated her with your sister Say Sesta eventually - got sick of faggots having to mention me Man I could sit and babble about back stabbers and faggots Spitting them ones, tag-alongs think they're rappers If I'ma rapper who claims he's ahead of his time Well fuck it - I'm going back to the future and racking his rhyme (Chorus 2: Sesta (+Oars)) If your name's J. Lopez (You're getting kidney shifted) If you don't deep throat then (You're getting kidney shifted) Even over phone sex you're (You're getting kidney shifted) (You're getting kidney shifted) (You're getting kidney shifted) (*You're getting kidney shifted*) (Hook) (Verse 3: Hons) Fuck the weesle in my books, it's pop goes the virgin Get trashed and crash strip clubs instead of rehearsin' My flow worsening the more schooners I have I'd rather be boozing than rap and kick losers off tracks So pump your fists if you feel this Hons will show Christina how to get dirty in a film clip I bomb tracks like Pearl Harbour Sometimes people take it the wrong way like smacking up marijuana Hard on that and throw your best raps and mack kid There's no turning back like knocking up a catholic I need to keep my raps tight like gaps that's slight Or Joe Cusumano on a honeymoon night I like to roll play with fantasies, get kinky with our bed Long legs, thick breasts, I'm as shallow as Hals head Think you're better than me? Fucking get your facts checked I ain't hostile, I just sit there when I got no cash left (Chorus 3: Hons (+Oars)) If your name's Kylie Minogue (You're getting kidney shifted) If you bite when you blow (You're getting kidney shifted) Babies sitting home alone (You're getting kidney shifted) (You're getting kidney shifted) (You're getting kidney shifted) (*You're getting kidney shifted*)"

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