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  • Mans Girl - Digital Underground
    "If you can't take me home with you Then a lap dance will have to do If you can't take me home with you.. Anybody got change for twenty? Mmm, shake it up, shake it up Yeah, I know it's rough out here,"
  • No mans land - Saint deamon
    "Walking alone in a desert of lies Nobody knows The truth in my eyes Falling down deeper into the dark And its tearing my soul apart Living in danger it's harder to breath Trying to pray Down on my knees The"
  • No mans land - Destruction
    "Diabolical - dominating the gentle sex Systematically - destroying to forget Twisted evil - nasty and rotten to the core Avenger of those who are unable to adore Dissabillity - to share love and forgive"
  • To My Mans - Keith Murray
    "(feat. Dave Hollister) To my man L.O.D., Def Squad Hey yo, this goes out to my man Adrissa "Knockout" Beauwright and Anthony "Apple" Ames Word is bond I'm talking to my peoples all across the land Relate"
  • No Mans Land - Fairport Convention
    "Hey, come and make it easy Hey, come and make it black It's no use to be free If lies are all the truth they see They'll screw up what you do When you're through Hey, come and make it easy Hey, come and"
  • No Mans Land - Soul Asylum
    "In a town without a name there is no shame no blame to claim one fine day the pilgrims came and made new rules for an old game And I'm waiting for the garbage man To take you away And I'm searching for"
  • No Mans Land - Winger
    "Winger, "Miles Away", from In the Heart of the Young, by Paul Taylor ------ ------------------------- "So this is love, or so you tell me As you're walkin', out the door Months go by, and I know for"
  • Poor Mans Roses - Patti Page
    "I must make up my mind today; What to have, what to hold: A poor man's roses, Or a rich man's gold One's as wealthy as a king in a palace, Though he's callous and cold. He may learn to give his"
  • Black Mans Strain - The Abyssinians
    "Why, why, why, oh yea now, must the black man strain? Why people, must he sweat and strain? He toil each day from dawn till dusk (yes how true) trying to achieve (yes how true) the little he can. (we"
  • No Mans Land - New Model Army
    "You say that you'd rather be really poor Than scratching, saving, scrimping all the pennies Looking in the windows at what you can't afford Always hungry, never starving In no man's land the days are long You"
  • No Mans Land - Bob Seger
    "Headin' in or headin' out Standing on the shore Pause a moment to reflect Which trip costs you more Between the ever restless crowds And the silence of your room Spend an hour in no man's land You'll"
  • No Mans Land - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "We're dropplng bombs down on the kids They can't eat bombs And we know this But we're doing what we're told We're flying around in strategic bombers With an afterburner straight to hell Where napalms"
  • White Mans Throat - Apollo 440
    "All right - oh babe Tears She always talked about the gods She had a direct line with the gods You've been selected by the gods She told me Ok, babe, let's make it then (Looking for trouble? Have you got"
    "Everyday man on the block, Smoke trees I seen your girl in the park, that girl is an occurs when the team went human was done Otis meet my brother he’s got a pumpy bitten hold tight my man my guy"
  • Your Mans and Them - Murs & Slug
    "(Murs) Nah, that's that one dude that nobody ask to come through No matter what he does it always comes off rude Excuse my good etiquette, But somebody better get this foo' out my face Cause if don't nobody"
  • Its A Mans World - Concrete Blonde
    "(J. Napolitano) Happy New Year! (Happy nowhere!) Where are you going? (Slow, I don't care where...) Where? (Oh, I'll get there) I WILL get there Monday, one step Tuesday, two I'd crawl on my hands and"
  • Seeds Of Mans Destruction - Gehenna
    "chaos is striving forth unexpected the ultimate weaponry unleashed upon mankind gaining power from the victims awareness of death realise your death will not be the final horror the world is burning mankind"
  • Ja Tu Esi Mans Prezidents - BrainStorm
    "Ja tu esi mans prezidents, stasti ka iet, Vai sis udens ir dzerams vai ne? Ka pa svaigi plautu zali var iet, nesadurot kajas uz naglam? Ka tu izvairies no AIDS un vai esi kadreiz bijis ASV? Ja tu esi mans"
  • Rockers Reggae (Working Mans Dub) - Casualties
    "1 2 Working Man's song Music from the heart lyrics from the streets No you can't Working man's song But can you really feel it try to steal it Working mans song working mans song You can try to copy it"
  • Into The Old Mans Shoes - Elton John
    "I'm moving out of Tombstone, yeah with the sun behind my back I'm tired of people talking of things that I lack Ever since a week ago, the day he passed away I've been taking too much notice of the things"

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