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maple leaf learning

  • Maple Leaf - LM.C
    "itsumo egaiteta IMEEJI to sukoshi chigatte tomadotte akirametaku wa nakute aruki tsuzuketeru hodoketa kutsuhimo wo musubi naoshitara mae yori mo takaku toberi ka ga shita n da utagai mo sezu ni sagashi"
  • Leaf - Polvo
    "lookin over i can see you for free and i think you could be some kind of four-leaf clover growin undiscovered inside me merry faces in your favorite crowd so now you wanna go while i wished it were the"
  • Leaf - Me Without You
    "If you fail to see a problem, (Which I find hard to believe) Or if you're hanging on from branches Licking honey from the leaves you say "The hopelessness of living, and the childishness of suicide" But"
  • Leaf - Cave Painting
    "There's no point in holding on to the things we do It will brings us down It will break us down We could take the long way back down the avenue And you feel so cold You feel so calm You are not alone"
  • Learning - COIN
    "I can travel at the speed of light I can drive a car between the lines There’s no algorithm for intuition You just know But I’m learning to love Learning to trust Maybe I’m more than zeros & ones Learning"
  • Learning - Anita Lipnicka
    "In your world of admirers, lovers, hangers on, Bathroom mirrors, ghosts and fleeting friends Your SOSs, your emotional messes And your daily dramas without end You're victories, wardrobe full of clothes"
  • Learning - Rebecca Martin
    "(R. Martin) On her way home she starts to cry This feeling, though fleeting Gets worse each time It can't be blamed For trying A gentle warning Pay no mind All her wanting Was met with silence. She can't"
  • Maple Tree - Angel Taylor
    "Quick, act like you're asleep In the sun light, on a park bench underneath the maple tree On the morning of a day only sent from heaven I can see into your eyes but you're afraid to try And boy, it's waving"
  • Maple Leaves - Jens Lekman
    "It's autumn in Gothenburg I'm walking home to my suburb Rain falls hard on the city on every homeless kitty Oh please god bring relief even if it's only brief that she says the dreamer just make-believe but"
  • Maple Fudge - The Guess Who
    "Miss Fudge is only waiting for a man to come her way she has been waiting 80 years for Mr. Maple but he doesn't know that she is waiting too it's nothing new Mr. Maple gets up early every morning cooks"
  • Maple Leafs - Lisa Lavie
    "He's got me going crazed Thinking about him night and day These stupid games we play Making us want to walk away And now I'm sitting and tripping, reflecting thinking about you, and me, and how we can"
  • Maple Gunman - Antique Cafe
    "Machi ni ikikau noise ni atama yararete Nageki kurushimu kimi wa lonely kidori kai? 1.2. go yuuki wo dashite mune hatte kouze Oki ni iri maple syrup namete Mawari wo miwatashi jibun ottote mieru Aite no"
  • Maple Gunman - An Cafe
    "1.2Go S Get Gun Shot away Shot awayShot away Shot away Shot away Shot awayYou go So baby Get Gun Shot away Shoot awayShot away Shot away Shot away Shoot awayYou go BadSTOP Oh! If you really"
  • Maple Gunman - An Cafe (Antique Cafe)
    "The coming and going noises in the city attack my head Are you, who is grieving acting like you're lonely? 1.2. go bring out your courage lets stick out our chests And lick that maple syrup you like I"
  • Maple Avenue - Richie Aufrichtig
    "Every day at a quarter to five was a man looking for a knife I'm not one for seventies Singing songs and revelries I'm falling down stairs and falling away from the people I know and people who stayed I'm"
  • Leaf By Leaf - Laika
    "Come fly with me Leaf by leaf a bumblebee If I weren't me who would I be Leaf by leaf rocks and trees All is all is everything Leaf by leaf wedged inbetween A desert rose an ocean breeze Leaf by leaf"
  • New Leaf - Bad Religion
    "When everybody dies around you, from someone else's gun It really makes you stop and think about the years to come Something good had to happen to the human race We all had better stop hoping and set our"
  • Sweet Leaf - Green Carnation
    "Oh sweet leaf Swaying in the wind Under stars and moon And sunrise gloom Hanging on to the tree that gives you life Oh sweet leaf Has your time come? Will your journey begin? I'm afraid of falling and"
  • Sweet Leaf - Godsmack
    "Alright now! Won't you listen? When I first met you, didn't realize, I can't forget you or your surprise You introduced me to my mind And left me wanting you and your kind. Oh yeah I love you. Oh, you"
  • Love & Maple Syrup - Gordon Lightfoot
    "Love and maple syrup goes together Like the sticky winds of winter when they meet When lonely lovers come to rest Beneath the trees they do their best But still they can't be free Looking for the world"

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