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marble sound

  • Marble-Enchanted - Closterkeller
    "Without love, the soul will sleep The sleep of sleeps, I feel it coming I'm becoming stone against her song The black rose is weaving black notes I took it into my hands She caught me into her net This"
  • Marble Box - Juliets Wishing Well
    "big heavy things seem so dumb just like bells thirty times start to swell march is near five feet away and so is jim we love him so so make it loud something so bright takes me inside draws me to the marble"
  • Marble Men - Stem
    "Tear it off Put it on Play with the mask of being bold Take it up Throw it up Just for once do as you're told So take it up Throw it down Your practice smooth-talk and the smile you don't own You open"
  • Marble Halls - Enya
    "I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls With vassals and serfs at my side, And of all who assembled within those walls That I was the hope and the pride. I had riches all too great to count And a high ancestral"
  • Marble House - The Knife
    "I cut your nails and comb your hair I carry you down the stairs I wanted to see right through from the other side I wanted to walk a trail with no end in sight The moment we believe that we have never"
  • Marble Index - Pizzicato Five
    "(Takanami) Translators: Ed Valdez, Ayumi Suzuki, Ted Mills pinku no kokoro to indigo na muudo o koppu no naka de sukoshi yurashitara meroo ieroo mo kuwaete mimashou kakimawashite mireba akiru"
  • Marble-s - LM.C
    "Hikoukigumo no yukue o oikakehashiru bokura Kono mama dokomade yuku no ka kimaccha inai kedo Tarinai nanika o sagashite Kizukeba nani o sagaseba ii ka wakarazu ni ki ga kureru Tatoeru nara kono sekai wa"
  • Vambo Marble Eye - Alex Harvey
    "Hobo villa, Hobo need Even dead, fear alone indeed Even dead fear marble eye He been living in a lullaby Machinery overheat Vambo teaching mastery Over shaka, shake her fast Even old marble eye go past"
  • Big Blue Marble - Sesame Street
    "The earth's a Big Blue Marble When you see it from out there The sun and moon declare Our beauty's very rare Folks are folks and kids are kids We share a common name We speak a different way But work"
  • Marble Smiling Face - Septic Flesh
    "Black leather gloves on soft thin hands. Red Celtic knives, sharp as your touch. HUNTING EAGLE PROUDLY LAND ON THIS ISLAND THAT'S MY HEART. Twin Mirrors blue. Cold lakes consealing Fire. Red coral"
  • 07 Marble Halls - Aled Jones
    "I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls With vassals and surfs at my side And of all who assembled within those walls That I was the hope and the pride I had riches to great, to count; could boast of a high"
  • Banks Of Marble - Pete Seeger
    "I've travelled around this country From shore to shining shore And it really makes me wonder What the world is coming to I see the weary farmer Just plowing up the loam And I see the auction hammer A'selling"
  • Black Marble Tiles - Hooverphonic
    "Black Marlbe Tiles Shiny dark eyes Reflections blooming bright We can walk for hours Without knowing where we are In this labyrinth of thoughts Things get lost Lost without a trace In the middle of the"
  • Sound - Peter Koppes
    "(Ahh, ss-sound) Ah you really turned me on With everything today You really turned me on The way you did what you did today Yeah I wanna Yeah I gotta yeah If you wanna take a journey to a foreign land There's"
  • Sound - James
    "Ape your father's sins, your mother's mood swingsTo perfectionFall into a spin, shed another skinStrip away all your protectionLaugh at the wonder of it allLaugh so loud you break the fallAnd you see the"
  • Mad Marble Hell Version - The GazettE
    "Mad marble hell version I don't believe the shit of god I wanna push it like over dooming point Christ follower put that shit back And follow what you see (your eyes) And i kept inside that fist To blind"
  • Carve You In Marble - Tim Finn
    "When you asked me how does it feel To be loved by someone like you I could only answer with this song Many colours fill the canvas Will I ever catch your drift girl Make a shape and give the feeling form I"
  • Stainted Glass And Marble - Rise Against
    "come warm your hands on hellfire and brimstone empty the pockets of the innocent victim bound by fear we misplace trust in your voice inside these walls convincing us we have no choice gaze upon these"
    "Great...it would be the greatest thing I don't know you you are, I don't know who you want to be When I carbonate the test tube, then you won't see me I've got a twin cab diesel combo, it takes me where"
  • Like Some Snow-White Marble Eyes - Summoning
    "How countless they congregate O'er our tumultuous snow Which flows in shapes as tall as trees When wintry winds do blow Upon this star I fixed my eyes All over the wide wide land My horse moved on, hoof"

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