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  • Marc Defiant - Anti-Flag
    "Tougher than a rock, But kinder than a saint. Rugged individual, fighting hate. He's the punkest brah in town- he's got the back of the kids. When you fuck with the PUNK, then you're fucking with... Marc"
  • Marc Live - Rush
    "Woo! Ohhh.. yeah.. sink in Brand new.. Marc Live... let's go! Rush, let's work, rush Rush, yo.. rush Yo, check, check, yo Rush - jump all hot, jump off the whole top Jump off the roof 90 proof, listen Break"
  • Hey Marc Riley - Fall
    "Aborteum.I said lucianiThe futures here todayI said hey lucianiPope of three three daysThey made out you were are an ultra nutAnd had no time for your christianityYou paid with your life for their treacheryThe"
  • Marc Payson Is A Drunk - Anal Cunt
    "marc payson,marc payson, marc payson is a drunk at 8 am he has a beer,at 9 am he has a beer,at 10 am he has a beer,he's a fucking queer at 1pm he has a beer,at 2 pm he has a beer,at 3 pm he has a beer,then"
  • Tainted Love - Marc Almond Extended - Soft Cell
    "Sometimes I feel I've got to Run away I've got to Get away From the pain that you drive into the heart of me The love we share Seems to go nowhere And I've lost my light For I toss and turn I can't sleep"
  • .Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn - Paul Anka
    "Artist: Mark Cohn Title: Walking In Memphis. Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane Touched down the in land of the Delta Blues In the middle of the pouring rain. W.C. Handy - won't you look"
  • Rain Over Me (feat. Marc Anthony) - Pitbull
    "Girl my body don't lie I'm outta my mind Let it rain over me I'm rising so high Out of my mind So let it rain over me Ay ay ay Let it rain over me Ay ay ay Let it rain over me Always a new million Voli's"
  • Felices los 4 (ft. Marc Anthony) - Maluma
    "Apenas sale es los y tu te vac con corrigendo se que pensaras qque esto me esta doliendo y no estroy pensando en lo que esstas hacienda si somo algo y asi no quweramos si conmigo te quedas o con otro"
  • No Me Ames(Duet With Marc Anthony) - Jennifer Lopez
    "No Me Ames(Duet with Marc Anthony) Lyrics Dime por qu lloras De felicidad Y por qu te ahogas Por la soledad Di por qu me tomas, fuerte as, mis manos, y tus pensamientos te van llevando Yo te quiero tanto Y"
  • Cool (ft. Marc E. Bassy, Gucci Mane) - Felix Jaehn
    "I see you treat me differently cause you don’t need therapy on a Friday night And you said you’d be there for me I can’t believe I should have known you wouldn’t at the time no no promise me you’ll never"
  • Mrs - Central Cee
    "(You are now listening to Young Chencs) (I-I-I-I-I love Chris Rich) I like when your face is beat (Uh-huh) But I like when your make up off (Alright) Tight dress enticing me (Uh-huh) But I wanna see you"
  • Mrs & Mrs - Fitzgerald Patrik
    "---------------- The car pulled up at the family home To pick up another one, take them away Through the town, they're very young, he's getting married today... To the church, a party after, the peal of"
  • Some Kind Of Drug (feat. Marc E. Bassy) - G-Eazy
    "Wake up this morning, I'm shaking, I can't be still, girl Too many images running through my mind Soon as I hit it, I can't get it out of my system Even my brother, he asked me: "What you want?" I'm on"
  • Do It All Over (feat. Marc E. Bassy) - Cheat Codes
    "At your doorstep, say i am leavin’ Like it’s the end but i am lyin’ to myslef You say you’re hurtin’ I say we’ll be friends It’s deja vu again And i am lyin’ to myslef Cause i hate when i wish i can let"
  • I Feel So Free With You (feat. Britney Spears, Marc Anthony) - Pitbull
    "Pitbull na początku czerwca 2018 roku przyznał w jednym z wywiadów, że przygotował nowa piosenkę o tytule "I Feel So Free With You", zdradził też, że jest ona owocem współpracy z Britney Spears i Marca"
  • Mrs Johnson - Neil Finn
    "Mrs Johnson you're sitting on my aubergine my aubergine my aubergine mrs Johnson you're sitting on my aubergine please get off Mrs Johnson you're sitting on my artichoke my artichoke my artichoke Mrs"
  • Mrs. Sleazy - The 69 Eyes
    "Lost in love restless empty heart Dind't care I just gotta get some Searchin' for the ultimate pleasure I couldn't avoid the street so obscene Picked up this card full of promises Sleaze'n'lust this is"
  • Mrs. Minister - Unleashed
    "You preach your message of moral high Heaven knows how you must lie A sound Christian life, how sad So restrained, but you need it so bad Mrs. Minister, so prude and upper glass Mrs. Minister, the night"
  • Mrs. Mills - Eddie Vedder
    "Mrs. Mills waits in the dark For the red light to go on And the curtains will be drawn So none could see All the townsfolk they don't know What the men do down below In the shadows of A disco neon glow In"
  • Mrs Jones - Helene Segara
    "Chre Mrs Jones Vous savez qu'il me manque et vous comprenez Mrs Jones, j'ai mis dans un coin pour l'oublier L'ide mme de l'aimer J'pensais que rien ne pourrait m'arriver Mais rien ne s'efface, Tout se"

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