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  • March - 13 Faces
    "Dawned in my head just the other day getting high What would I do, who would I kill Seeing defeat dripping down from the arabplane Blow away, nothing to see Alah to praise, Alah can't see Set me down,"
  • March - Paul Wall
    "Ahh they shouldnt a done this right here March now step now march now step (yeah) March now step now march now step (blueberry still connect) March now step now march now step March now step now march"
  • March - The Shirelles
    "March! Hold your head up high March! You'll find another guy Another guy, wo oh I told my friends that you were so fine & they told me that you'd be unkind I guess I was wrong, as you proved yesterday"
  • March - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
    "Daughters of the dawn Walked among the trees And the forest called for them To join the nightly march Eternity was present It touched the hearts of them all It filled them with joy And neverending peace They"
  • March - Great Aunt Ida
    "I was so bogged down, I hadn't the time For you or her or anything we would find And what makes a man but the way he looks at you And why this reluctance to bury old with new March comes along, with"
  • March - Jackopierce
    ""A daughter born the day they walked the moon Somewhere on the edge of the Age of Aquarius In the year her mother Would have otherwise forgotten July was very hot in North Carolina So she left for Buffalo"
  • March - Youngblood Brass Band
    ""... to gather in us the desire for motion towards... Motion to make that movement vertical... rewrite your Book while hovering... assemble and advance on the Sky... there is no more room for forward,"
  • March - Hush
    "Verse 1 I gotta get what I can and what I don't I gotta take If it means everything than its something I gotta shake I gotta grip on this game so they call me the King Kong With guns drawn out with"
  • March - Avail
    "A twist this time You buckle my mind Like a speechless boy It won't go away Got glass rain It cuts my feet I pull apart Yet refrain from the heart I've got water in my veins It won't go away Turns"
  • March - Soulfly
    "Dark ages upon us Hate surround us Fear embrace us Tragedy behind us Media brainwash us Spirits guide us Weakness expose us Memories behind us Journey in front of us Roots under us Strange attracts us Inner"
  • March March Along - Naked Aggression
    "She walks march march along like he rest of the world she cries she cries alone cause no one will listen she said what's wrong with me i don't seem to fit in I can't march march along march march along The"
  • April March / Chick Habit - April March
    "Hang up the chick habit Hang it up, daddy, Or you'll be alone in a quick Hang up the chick habit Hang it up, daddy, Or you'll never get another fix I'm telling you it's not a trick Pay attention, don't"
  • The March - Cindy Morgan
    "2. "THE MARCH" Words by Cindy Morgan Music by Cindy Morgan & Brent Lenthall Matthew 21:5-11 The triumphal entry into Jerusalem It was a march of a revolution It was a march of a stormy day It was"
  • March On - Good Charlotte
    "Don't cry, open up your eyes and know There's someone else out there that feels this way I'm singing to you Cause I know what you've been through and now It's not so long ago I felt the same Like soldiers,"
  • March On - Robert Cray
    "Every trouble's got the best of you And there's nothing that you can do March on Yeah, you march on You march on Yeah, you march on Yeah, you do Times are tough I know you've had enough Thought many"
  • March On - Safura
    "The battle has begun And we must move as one Despite what we've done We can achieve And yes we bleed And we scar but we can't forget who we are Now we've reached the stars We can't stop believin' We"
  • We March - Prince
    "Uno para todos, y todos para uno March, we march (Whoa) March, we march If this is the same avenue my ancestors fought 2 liberate How come I can't buy a piece of it even if my credit's straight? If"
  • Forced March - Outsiders
    "the path is rough the front is far and I'm going there on forced march the rage's so high that covers pain they'll know my might before be slain I will make it without a scar beyond the red zone on the"
  • March On - EMPYR
    "March on little soldiers March on little sinners Reaching for the end again March on little brothers March on little sisters Can you reach the light again And I broke my fingers one by one Just to see"
  • Troll's March - Hammers Of Misfortune
    "March ye trolls of wood and stone March for now the way is shown He who sits upon the throne Is not a man but of our own This road he built will show the way To find the mortals we must slay March ye"

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