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margaret - than you wery mach'

  • Margaret Anne - Goldfinger
    "Now once again, they never seem to listen much at all Once again, they always seem to make you feel so small. Margaret ann I know you sometimes worry. I know you want everything right I know you want"
  • Margaret Ann - Goldfinger
    "Now once again They never seem to listen much at all Once again They always seem to make you feel so small Margaret Ann I know you sometimes worry I know you want everything right And you want to"
  • Margaret - Seven Mary Three
    "Margaret came to me was all he said before she knew my name she was in my bed she was only sweet sixteen 20,000 days younger than me "marry me" she said I don't reply "daddy said you'd better, or you'll"
  • Margaret - Marillion
    "O' you go the high road an' I'll take the low road, an' I'll be in Scotland before ye for me and my true love we'll never walk again on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. You'll take the acid an'"
  • Margaret - Chocolate Spoon
    "Margaret, Margaretbring back your future days to melet us find our wayin the mirror of your dreamsI wanna be a treein the jungle of your dream. Margaret, Margaretbring back your future days to meAin't"
  • Margaret - Edie Carey
    "Hearing her voice was like hearing the future so i covered my ears cuz i didn't want to hear her and just the same words come spilling out of my mouth looking at her is like looking in the mirror so i"
  • Dear Margaret - The Kinks
    "Dear Margaret I beg of you Dear Margaret gonna tell on you Don't want to be patronized By those lying eyes Dear Margaret I wanted you You're warming me up So you can leave me cold Kissin' up to"
  • When Margaret Comes To Town - John Mellencamp
    "When you were a kid you received no good instruction And your mother was nowhere to be found The lies were yelled and the truth was seldom spoken That's what you get when Margaret comes to town She likes"
  • Paper Mach - Burt Bacharach
    "Twenty houses in a row Eighty people watch a TV show Paper people, cardboard dreams How unreal the whole thing seems Can we be living in a world made of paper mach? Everything is clean and so neat Anything"
  • Mach 3 - Ghoti Hook
    "Broken on the inside, laughin' on the outside A smile that could break Your heart Cryin' on the bedspread; blackin' out, I'm brain-dead Wonderin' where You are (chorus) This is the way I feel With my"
  • Come Back Margaret - Camera Obscura
    "Come back Margaret he wants to adore you Come back Margaret I'd like to explore you Can't you see the tears in my eyes? With love for him I disguise I like the free days with no expectations I like it"
  • Mach mit - Newboys
    "Vielleicht bist du gerade in London und wartest auf einen Zug.Oder du bist gerade in Paris und tanzt auf einer Bhne.Oder du bist gerade in Bali und machst dir dein Haar.Oder vielleicht bist du unten im"
  • Margaret in Captivity - The Decemberists
    "I have snipped your wingspan My precious captive swan Here all clipped of (?) Your spirit won't last long Don't you lift a finger Don't you snap and jaw Limber limbs akimbo Rest till rubbing raw"
  • Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) - The Veronicas
    "I saw it in the news You told me they were wrong And I stood up for you 'Cause I believed you were the one You had all the chances in the world To let me know the truth What the hell's wrong with you? Are"
  • Emain Macha - Waylander
    "O'er the seven hills of Macha In an age now passed by Lived a people once forgotten Beneath an ancient sky For protection they had warriors Unsurpassed on Eireann's shore Warriors of the Craobh Rua An"
  • Margaret - Jill Sobule
    "Margaret, back in Junior High Margaret, all yellow curled She was the most popular girl Margaret, she was beautiful Margaret developed first We all thought she had all the luck in the world She never"
  • Margaret - Sobule Jill
    "(She's gonna sing, and you're gonna listen! One, two, one two three four...) Margaret, back in junior high Margaret, all yellow curled She was the most popular girl Margaret, she was beautiful Margaret"
  • Margaret On The Guillotine - Morrissey
    "The kind people Have a wonderful dream Margaret On The Guillotine Cause people like you Make me feel so tired When will you die ? When will you die ? When will you die ? When will you die ? When"
  • Margaret - Silos
    "Margaret by the Silos, from _Cuba_ Margaret goes to bed around 8 I got to bed around 1 Margaret gets up at 6 I get up at 6 -- chorus Four days a week and you're a family four days a week fortunes oh"
  • There's A Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret) - Nanci Griffith
    "There's a light beyond these woods, Mary Margaret. Do you think that we will go there, and see what makes it shine, Mary Margaret? It's almost morning, and we've talked all night, You know we've made big"

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