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margareth J. - thank you where much


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margareth J. - thank you where much

  • Thank You - Second Coming
  • Thank You - Emo Side Project
    "you changed the world without a word you made fish jump in a pond you made a dying tree begin to grow you changed my day without a smile you take care of every child you take fields and make them"
  • Thank You - Keith Urban
    "there were nights where i was sure i wouldn't see the morning sun and there were days that seemed so dark i couldn't wait for night to come i couldn't stand to think about how my life used to be and how"
  • Thank You - Boyz II Men
    "Verse: I was young (BOP) And didn't have no where to run I needed to (wake up) and see (and see) What's in front of me (na-na-op) There had to be, a better way Say it again, a better way To show I'm grateful"
  • Thank You - Lil' Bow Wow
    "If you ever bought a tape, Purchased a CD, Or a peice of vinyl, DJ'ed my record, Promoted my recored, I wanna thank yall man from the bottom of my heart Secondly, I wanna dedicate this song to y'all"
  • Thank you - Destiny's Child
    "You are my best friend, You've been right here through thick and thin You are my best friend, Gotten me through places i've been, You are my best friend, Through our situation, You've been my inspiration,"
  • Thank You Very Much - Margaret
    "Space calling earth again Say: What? Houston this is the end We’re lost Tick tick tick tack Time’s up Station is shutting down I guess, bad luck Barberalla meets Godzilla Since you invited both, cling"
  • Thank You Very Much - Kaiser Chiefs
    "Didn't expect any of this But it was really nice Didnt want you to cause a fuss But it feels alive So Thank you very much Its really nice to know That you enjoyed the show And I want you to know when"
  • Thank you very much - Umberto Tozzi
    "Ma chi sei - stella di mareTra le tua braccia mi confondoGuardami un po'Sono io - sono proprio ioL'albero che cresceva in teNo non dirlo mai - mi arrendoThank you very muchThank you for your touchThank"
  • J - Bjork
    "All these accidents, That happen, Follow the dot, Coincidence, Makes sense, Only with you, You don't have to speak, I feel. Emotional landscapes, They puzzle me, The riddle gets solved, And you push me"
  • Thank You Jesus - Keith Green
    "Thank You Jesus, for what you're doing for me, Thank you Jesus, I want the whole world to see, That you're not just a picture on the wall in my room, That you're faster than lightning, and you're coming"
  • Thank You Mamma - Sizzla
    "Hey mama (ha) Hi mama (ha) Oh my oh my Oh mama don't cry Gonna keep you ..So I Reachin out to all the mothers in the world Sometimes its just the way things are to be (yea) Chorus Thank U mama for the"
  • Outro-Thank You - Destiny's Child
    "You are the best friend You've been right here through thick and thin You are the best Gotten me through places I've been You are the best friend Through my situations You've been my inspiration My best"
  • Thank You Mama - Sizzla
    "Hey mama (ha) Hi mama (ha) Oh my oh my Oh mama don't cryyy! Thank you ... So I Reachin' out to all di mothers in di world Sometimes just the way things are to be (yea) Chorus Thank you mama for the"
  • Thank God - After Edmund
    "Shaken by a love that makes me Fall into your arms Welcome to a place of safety Where you keep me safe from harm I'm hearing all the sounds around me But I listen to my heart Somewhere in the noise you"
  • Thank You - Kavana
    "Everybody's going home It's time again to say goodbye And I wanna say thank you for being there I know the time is getting late And I don't wanna keep you here The time has come for me to show you how"
  • Thank You - Saint Etienne
    "Transcribed by Dean Hotta I found some time to stop and think it over. And all I know is thank you Chorus: I never knew where to begin. Or where it would end. I never knew where to begin. Ooooh I"
  • Thank You - Sly & The Family Stone
    "Lookin at the devil Grinnin' at his gun Fingers start shakin' I begin to run Bullets start chasin' I begin to stop We begin to wrestle I was on the top I want to thank you Falettinme be mice elf agin Thank"
  • Thank You - Chris Brown
    "Man yall don't know what yall do for me you see with out yall non of this would matter I mean non of it so I say thank you listen Out the gate I got it started alright daddy told told me you aint gotta"
  • Thank You - Hellyeah
    "So many things, I didn't say, Is it too late now that you've gone away? So many words, So many ways, If you can hear me now, there's something I gotta say. Just one more talk, Just one more turn, If one's"

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