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marillion sounds that can

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marillion sounds that can

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marillion sounds that can
  • Yukka Sounds
    "Lonely eyes, no one notices the change Bowl of ice turning to water I sit here watching nature in progress I believe that we should be more like this She stands inside She's waiting for something more I"
  • Ceaser Ocean sounds
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Ocean sounds Life is sweet and sweet is life Things you see, along the line Hurry up, come figure out What's behind, a million clouds All in time, we hang around Let it slide,"
  • Alan Jackson The Sounds
    "I can hear her heart beat It seams a little strong I can hear the things I did wrong I can hear her thoughts By looking in her eyes I can hear her all the times she cried I can hear the memories As they"
  • Moxy Fruvous Nature Sounds
    "((Murray) Play and record again. (Dave) Play and record at the same time. (Jian) Actually, do that shhhhh again. That's good. If we...if we record enough of that, we can release one of those Nature Sounds"
  • Caesar Ocean sounds
    "Life is sweet and sweet is life Things you see, along the line Hurry up, come figure out What's behind a million clouds All in time we hang around Let it slide in ocean sounds Hurry up, come figure out"
  • Blackpool Lights Crash Sounds
    "Days turn to weeks turn to years All that you're left with is fear You're a shell of a man And you can't understand Why there wouldn't be anyone here Now all your thoughts turn to doubt You forgot"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Elevated Sounds
    "There's nuttin' in the world that can hold us down The elevated sound keep the tables rollin' round Makin' hella beats, skaten with my peeps I love to sit and chill with my girl by the beach Complete,"
  • The Weakerthans Sounds Familiar
    "We emerged from youth all wide-eyed like the rest. Shedding skin faster than skin can grow, and armed with hammers, feathers, blunt knives: words, to meet and to define and to... but you must know the"
  • T-Pain Sounds Bad
    "Mmm mmm mmm mmm I wanna dedicate this to my struggling bro Keep pushing on, keep pushing on Yea First of the month Check late Got nothin to do Imma roll me a blunt Got drank Call me a hoe or two Now"
  • William Tell Sounds
    "Take a breather, let your air out This can get you somewhere She's the queen of screaming shit out If she lets you stand there You keep ringing in my head You always do this to me You keep ringing in"
  • Dolly Parton Sounds Of Nature
    "I can hear the rippling water falling gently From the waterfall that I have found From the meadow I hear meadowlarks a singing Seems there's sounds of nature all around I can hear the wind go whistling"
  • Pendulum Sounds Of Life
    "It seems like you're waiting for nothing, Looks like time had deleted it all, It may be everything that could have been was thrown away, So just take what is left, don't somehow fill the space, When I"
  • Within Temptation Sounds Of Freedom
    "Your call is coming I'm dreaming away For what lies hidden It needs to be found Sounds of freedom make me want to try When the ghosts are found They will lead us to tomorrow Sounds of freedom make me"
  • P.O.D. Sounds Like War
    "What you know about that fallin, fallin Babylon this so called great dead, wait, Dread bout to update the death rate in one take, Make no mistake we the real deala, The radical natural born wig-splitter. Gonna"
  • Angela Garcia Sounds Of Heartbreak
    "Angela Garcia Miscellaneous Sounds Of Heartbreak Chorus: I wanna know how much can one girl stand I wanna know how much can one girl take If you don't stop breaking us down We'll here the sounds of"
  • Regina Spektor Consequence of sounds
    "My rhyme ain't good just yet My brain and tongue just met And they ain't friends so far My words don't travel far They tangle in my hair And tend to go nowhere They grow right back inside Right past my"
  • Article One Colors And Sounds
    "I could be all wrong, I could be all right Either way there's shades of grey we both don't like Maybe there is hope, maybe I'm naïve Perhaps it's just the point of view that's hard to see Yeah I've heard"
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Sounds The Same
    "(Yeah) Yeah...Bone Thugs... (You know a nigga been all over the world man) Australia, China, Africa...England (you know it's the same shit everywhere I go, you know) Why does everybodys story seem"
  • Alexandra Burke The Music Sounds Better
    "The music sounds better with you There's a feeling, that I can't describe Like a cool wind, when I'm by your side I can feel you all over my skin I can't help it, gotta let you in And everything around,"
  • The Sounds We are the sounds
    "we're not afraid anymorecause we've got nothing to losei've played this game beforeand i will never sing the bluesno waywe take our hearts and soulscan't use them anymoreand you and i went outand we had"

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