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marilyn manson running to the edge of the world

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marilyn manson running to the edge of the world

  • Marilyn Manson - Saint - Marilyn Manson
    "I don't care if your world is ending today Because I wasn't invited to it anyway You said I tasted famous, so I drew you a heart But now I'm not an artist I'm a fucking work of art I got an F and a C and"
  • Running to the Edge of the World - Marilyn Manson
    "Remember when i took you up to the top of the hill? We had our knives drawn. They were as sharp as we were in love. if god crossed us we'd take all his drugs, burn his money "
  • Marilyn Manson - Marylin Manson - Kill Your God - Marilyn Manson
    "The boy's got a head like an atom bomb Hang him from a cross like the number one son And he's been waiting so long to get it on. The boy's 15 but he's 16 gauge Wants to get out of his Jesus cage"
  • Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus
    "Reach out and touch faith Your own personal Jesus Someone to hear your prayers Someone who cares Your own personal Jesus Someone to hear your prayers Someone who's there Feeling unknown And you're"
  • Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend - Relient K
    "Walk through the streets of PA and you may see her. Go up to her and say you're a believer. Disgusting trash on MTV it makes her smile. That guy from Satan's embassy put him on trial. Because... Marilyn"
  • By Myself (Marilyn Manson Remix) - Linkin Park
    "What do I do to ignore them behind me? Do I follow my instincts blindly? Do I hide my pride from these bad dreams And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening? Do I Sit here and try to stand it, or do"
  • Bad Girl (ft. Marilyn Manson) - Avril Lavigne
    "Just lay your head in daddy's lap You're a bad girl Bad girl (1-2-3-4) Hey, hey I let you walk all over me, me You know that I'm a little tease, tease But I wanna play there please, please You know"
  • I Hope My Kids Like Marilyn Manson - Gas Giants
    "Im not the only one to live in chains It looked so easy when you sold us all the way I hope my kids like Marilyn Manson Im not the only one to live in pain Its not the devil come to drive us all insane I"
  • The Way I Am (Feat. Marilyn Manson) - Eminem
    "[ ], just let it run Hey yo turn the beat up a little bit Hey yo This song is for anyone Fuck it Just shut up and listen Hey yo I sit back with this pack of Zig Zags, and this bag of this weed It gives"
  • No Reflection (Marilyn Manson) - Marilyn Manson
    "Oh, ah ah ah ah Oh, ah ah ah ah, oh Crushing, cheating, changing. Am I deaf or dead? Is this constricting construction Or just streets with rusty signs Of something violent coming? Oh, ah ah ah ah Oh,"
  • Marilyn - Dan Bern
    "Marilyn Monroe didn't marry Henry Miller (x4) But if she did He'd a taken her to Paris And if she did She'd have smoked a lot of opium And if she did She'd have dyed her hair blue And if she did She"
  • Edge - Shyne
    "Uh uh, Uh, Uh Ayo, mac 10s and fake friends Lawyers little game homicide 25 with the fucking nigga face 'em But I'm still trill, still holdin Rollin gully until I'm froze, close in a box with a bomb in"
  • Edge Of The World - Eternal Reign
    "Hands are shaking, my body's aching, wild thoughts spinning through my head Pressure's rising, my skin is tight, is this the beginning of the end Heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel No way"
  • Marilyn Monrobot - A Static Lullaby
    "Our little keepsake patterns, the ones that leave us shaking, Take rest in sound pollution Take rest in the vibration A moment with our bodies exposed and decomposing I'll stay awake to find this fear"
  • Marilyn - Bat For Lashes
    "(Drugi singel Bat For Lashes pochodzący z album “The Haunted Man”. Premiera wydawnictwa zapowiadana jest n a15 października.) See your face and I touch you, black and white You’re a silver screen, place"
  • Marilyn - Hollywood Porn Stars
    "You wanna do it but telling no one You wanna keep it as if you were gone The only reason of having secrets Is that nobody gives you interest You wanna do it outside of no one But the misery was there from"
  • Mister Manson - Klaatu
    "'''Mister Manson''' (Dee Long) He looks at the girls with his evil eye Makes them wish they was someplace else He'll twist their thoughts with his pretty words Make them ... extensions of himself He's"
  • Charlie Manson - Esham
    "I be the nigga with the 357 chrome plated, America's most player hated and frustrated, Suicide's still on my mind, I comteplated, Murder more niggas, dead bodies, premeditated. Born and brought up"
  • The Edge Of The World - Screeching Weasel
    "alone, awake again at three a.m. and i can't get her off my mind. the girl in question's not just any girl- she makes me feel like i'm alive. but i will stay here waiting silently and wish this wasn't"
  • Edge Of The World - Fisher
    "At the edge of the world is a big tin wall Put it there when I was a child Trying to define - explain - infinity Chorus At the edge of the world At the edge of the world At the edge of the world"

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