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marilyn mason

  • Mason - Will Haven
    "Cement, mortar and bricks my favourite materials Brick by crick I'm Slowly building up my walls Higher And higher, I can barely see over now Hammer and chisel, so I can get some light Maybe someone can"
  • Marilyn - Juice Leskinen
    "M taivalsin lpi tuulen ja tuiskun nhdkseni sun puuterihuiskun M silmni suljin ja sinut nin tytss naapurin Olin nuori ja keuhkoissa kirveli Boston prylkreemikutreilla keikkui roston S olit mun nainen,"
  • Marilyn - Arakain
    "Rno si vlasy cour m vlhk aty ediv v zvoji mlhy bloum jet je bled, asy m slepen J v kesle koenm jsem schoulen nemu spt Pro jsem t uvidl v, te bych chtl ti jmno dt V posteli studen nikdo nele jen hloupej"
  • Marilyn - Dan Bern
    "Marilyn Monroe didn't marry Henry Miller (x4) But if she did He'd a taken her to Paris And if she did She'd have smoked a lot of opium And if she did She'd have dyed her hair blue And if she did She"
  • Marilyn - Bat For Lashes
    "(Drugi singel Bat For Lashes pochodzący z album “The Haunted Man”. Premiera wydawnictwa zapowiadana jest n a15 października.) See your face and I touch you, black and white You’re a silver screen, place"
  • Marilyn - Indochine
    "Embrasser le garon Sur la bouche Et puis se mouiller Lemmener dans le fond Du couloir Et puis se brler Etre blanc tre ple Se rechercher la vie Se faire mal En se disant que juste aprs Juste aprs On ne"
  • Marilyn - Hollywood Porn Stars
    "You wanna do it but telling no one You wanna keep it as if you were gone The only reason of having secrets Is that nobody gives you interest You wanna do it outside of no one But the misery was there from"
  • Mason Dixon - Virginia Coalition
    "I'll take you picture and hold it in my mind take another and have you all the time and as I'm leaving the distance magnifies close my eyes and find you inside im way up downtown superstitious mason"
  • Perry Mason - Ozzy Osbourne
    "(O.Osbourne - Z.Wylde - J.Purdell) On his way to dinner When it took him by surprise And with one pull of the trigger He would vanish overnight Dancing by the roadside Holding on for dear life Then a"
  • Mason Reese - Alice Donut
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Mason Reese How the great have fallen, See how life has passed them by. Was anybody looking in the crystal ball, When his star was on the rise. Stuffing his face with canned"
  • Mason Karet - Mike Kosa
    "Yo! Mason wag ka na kaya kong mag-isa Gusto mo lamang magpasikat dito saking kanta Ano ka ba Mike Kosa ako pa ang mali Sige sa bago kong kanta ay featuring ka uli Kay dami nang mga kalaban ang hindi umubra Kasing"
  • Mason Jar - Smallpools
    "She saw the world through a mason jar, it's foggy She had the kids with the vicious smiles, they got me Up on a hill with the trophy wives She's doing all right, all, all, right (yeah) They let her roam"
  • Marilyn & John - Vanessa Paradis
    "Marilyn peint sa bouche Elle pense a John Rien qu'a John Un sourire, puis un soupir Elle fredonne une... chanson Ni triste, ni gaie Entre deux, trois... interviews Et du swing qui mousse Dans son"
  • Bobby Ann Mason - Rick Trevino
    "It wasn't the books, that I didn't read It wasn't the teachers who tried to teach me It wasn't that varsity baseball coach, Who kept on tellin them locker room jokes, It was Bobby Ann Mason, back in"
  • Marilyn Monroe - Danielle Cohn
    "now this way is too easy for me all the boys on the block like Sesame Street yeah, Dani back at it again /2x Diva in it No boys allowed I want it now Yeah, I’m a diva like Marilyn Monroe No boys allowed"
  • Mason-Dixon Lines - Waylon Jennings
    "someone who knows me well is spreading rumors about the hearts i've broken in my time from northern maine down to palestine,texas they're talking bout my mason dixon lines my texas drawl just killes them"
  • Mason Reese (2'28) - Alice Donut
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Mason Reese (2'28) How the great have fallen, see how life has passed them by. Was anybody looking in the crystal ball, when his star was on the rise. Stuffing his face with"
  • Marilyn Monroe - MACZO
    "Jesteś słodka jak cukierek. Malinowy uśmiech masz. Gdy pieściły Cię promienie, znów cieszyła Ci się twarz. Ty jesteś moją Marilyn, Marilyn Monroe, Będziemy razem tańczyć, tańczyć wolno! Nie oddam Cię"
  • Marilyn Manson - Saint - Marilyn Manson
    "I don't care if your world is ending today Because I wasn't invited to it anyway You said I tasted famous, so I drew you a heart But now I'm not an artist I'm a fucking work of art I got an F and a C and"
  • Marilyn Moore - Sonic Youth
    "Sound asleep till right until day Frustrated desire turns you away And turns you insane Over and over You get to a point To make it disappear And you're always believing And believing in fear Over and"

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