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marina and the diamunds primdona

  • Marina - Joseph Arthur
    "Marina coming off of methadone Kickin and dreamin And she's sleeping and screaming Watching 90210 She'll be yelling at the screen Until the late night show I don't believe I'm alive she said Everyday has"
  • Santa Marina - The Kelly Family
    "To the sky To the mountain To the river To the valley To my hometown To my country To the place where I was born To my mother To my father To my sisters And my brothers To my friends and myself And to"
  • Santa Marina - Kelly Family
    "To the sky To the mountain To the river To the valley To my hometown To my country To the place where I was born To my mother To my father To my sisters And my brothers To my friends and myself And to"
  • Zina-Marina - Gogol Bordello
    "It is easier to see Evil as entity Not as condition inside you and me I did not invent it, I'm just in charge of it Simple businessman with simple practical plan So do you wanna be a model, yeah? All"
  • Anya Marina "Satellite Heart" - Anya Marina
    "So pretty, so smart Such a waste of her young heart What a pity What a sham What\'s the matter with your man ? Don\'t you see it\'s wrong ? Can\'t you get it right ? Out of mind and out of sight Call"
  • Marina Del Rey - George Strait
    "We said good-bye in Marina Del Rey. "I had a good time" was the last thing I heard her say, as I walked away. And on the plane back to Tennessee My mind comes across her memory And yesterday in Marina"
  • Marine Layer - Elisa Peimer
    "It's blocking out the sun The cold wind off the sea And I'm gasping for air But you won't talk to me I'm struggling for words To shout above this din But the , the marine layer Is rolling in, rolling"
  • Marine Recruiter - Mr. T Experience
    "Sgt. Smiles, marine recruiter teach you to program computers teach you all the skills you need you can die with dignity I got a phone call from the sergeant yesterday he had a message from the good old"
  • Marina Gasolina - Bonde de Role
    "Marina anfetamina Marina gasolina (oooooo orra) Marina caipirinha Bum tch tch tchi tchi tch Meet me after school and i'll beat you like gorilla Bite you like piranha, vem brigar com a minha aranha Oooooo"
  • Baby (feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi) - Clean Bandit
    "Sé que te gusto a ti todavía Tres, dos, uno... Standing here in an empty room I saw you there and my blood ran cold Take me back to that long September Don't know how I ever let you go I was young,"
  • Girl From Marin - Bracket
    "Daddy's girl is shopping for a perfect day And her words are full of empty things to say She just can't smile, it's out of style It's been that way for quite a while Everyone is telling me I'll never win, If"
  • Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedys
    "The crowded future stings my eyes I still find time to exercise In uniform with two white stripes Unlock my section of the sand It's fenced off to the water's edge I clamp a gasmask on my head Chorus On"
  • Let Me Love The Lonely (ft. MaRina) - James Arthur
    "James Arthur nagrał duet z Mariną. Nowa piosenka autora przeboju "Impossible" z polską piosenkarką, żoną piłkarza - Wojciecha Szczęsnego, znajdzie się na nadchodzącej płycie Brytyjskiego wokalisty. Piosenka"
  • She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina - The Kinks
    "She's bought a hat like Princess Marina's To wear at all her social affairs She wears it when she's cleaning the windows She wears it when she's scrubbing the stairs But you will never see her at Ascot She"
  • That Beep - Radioclit's French Mix (Featuring Marina) - Architecture In Helsinki
    "C- Can you wake up Boy it ain't long 'til the warning arrives And it's this shake up That's got me waiting for your dynamite I never knew your middle name No need to play that game I called your doctor"
  • Talking Sailor (Talking Merchant Marine) - Woody Guthrie
    "(Talking Sailor) In bed with my woman, just singin' the blues, Heard the radio tellin' the news: That the big Red Army took a hundred towns, And Allies droppin' them two-ton bombs. Started hollerin',"
  • A Guide To Marine Life - Falling Up
    "Float by open windows What a shipwreck What a shipwreck Circles running through my veins With the vates set With the vates set See the lines, see the lines I start feeling When I'm lost, when I'm lost There's"
  • The Ninja, The Pinto, The Dan Marino - Digger
    "I'm lost at sea, and every wave looks the same I wake up in the morning, I can't remember my name Cause baby I sank all my ships for you The Ninja , the Pinto, the Dan Marino They're all ship wrecked,"
  • Marine Boy - Haircut 100
    "What they want for their lives What they want for their lives I crossed the sea in something It's very light What they want for their lives Did you glide in with great stride? Taking strength from a smile Present"
    "Well-come To, my Foun-tain You came On, the Conste- Me-mo-ries Spoken Frozen Touch my spirit Hold my spirit Hold me close Hold me near I did, you On, that, night Feel-ing Brea-king I could never find her I"

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