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marina rainbow after rain

  • Marina - Joseph Arthur
    "Marina coming off of methadone Kickin and dreamin And she's sleeping and screaming Watching 90210 She'll be yelling at the screen Until the late night show I don't believe I'm alive she said Everyday has"
  • After Rain - Pantommind
    "Slowly I awake in the same empty room Feeling lost in the illusion of the last rainy night When my visions seem so real The morning comes to rescue me Can you fly on the wings of dream Can you see the"
  • Rainbow - Michał Szpak
    "so many promises every day, every night and I wonder why? you give me so much it’s so beautiful when you call my name I’m falling down you are saving me once again rainbow in your eyes we are all colors"
  • Rainbow - 2nd Chapter Of Acts
    "Listen to my story Then you'll know the glory Noah saw after the rains came down And killed the people Even though they'd been warned Still they scoffed and they scorned But they never saw the rainbow The"
  • Rainbow - Border South
    "fallin out fallin in nothings sure in this world no no breaking down breaking in never knowing what lies ahead we can really never tell it all no no say goodbye say hello to a lover or friend sometimes"
  • Rainbow - opm
    "Fallin' out, fallin' inNothing's sure in this world no, noBreakin' out, breakin' inNever knowin' what lies aheadWe can really never tell it all no, no, noSay goodbye, say helloTo a lover or friendSometimes"
  • After The Rain - Cinema Bizarre
    "Bitter sweet memories of a love we had before blinded by sanity what's behind the crimson door? What happened to my eyes Incapable of seeing signs there's just one miracle That's left of this love After"
  • After The Rain - Mya
    "Oh La la la la la Yeah ,yeah ,yeah La la la la La la la la La la la La la Tried to go on my way without you, oh Why did you go (Why did you go) Everyday I'm lost without you, oh I just don't know (I"
  • After the rain - Bruce Cockburn
    "After rain in the streets light flows like blood -- I can just taste salt on the humid wind. Here comes that gasoline spreading hungry rainbow over shiny black tar. I'm blown like smoke and blind as wind"
  • No Rain, No Rainbow - Aqua Timez
    "Nishibi wo maeni tachiagaru jiyuu higashi ni nobiru kodoku to iu kage Ki wo nuku to kanashimi ga afuredasu Mujikaku ni hito wo kizutsuketa koro no koto wo tsugunaenu mama de Tenohira to hiza wo suri muite"
  • Marina Gasolina - Bonde de Role
    "Marina anfetamina Marina gasolina (oooooo orra) Marina caipirinha Bum tch tch tchi tchi tch Meet me after school and i'll beat you like gorilla Bite you like piranha, vem brigar com a minha aranha Oooooo"
  • Rainbow love - Patrick Nuo
    "White for the beginning And red our love is spinning Blue ?cause you?re my ocean And bright like an explosion Purple but not rainy And green your hope will save me Grey for stormy weather Who cares when"
  • Rain, Rain, Rain - Frankie Laine
    "Rain, rain, rain. Rain, rain, rain. Rain, rain, rain, rain. Well, didn't it rain, children. God's gonna send the waters from Zion. He's good raise his Heaven up higher, It's gonna rain. (Well, it's gonna"
  • Rainbow - Eloy
    "Life is just like a book so we turn a page We are caught in a time of furious rage If you're feeling down Feels like you will drown: Fly! On the rainbow And your dreams will come to life On the rainbow You're"
  • Rainbow - Almora
    "No victory without the pain and agony No glory without fighting for the pride No victory till rising of the honesty Don't stop running after the right The men never survive who are fighting for the dark No"
  • Rainbow - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Lalala... doko kara ka yasashiku hibiku itsu datte kikoeteta you na sugu soba ni atta tsumori yurusu koto de yurusareteta haruka mou tooi kako mo iyasu tsumori ga iyasareteta ki ga tsukeba sonna fuu ni"
  • Rainbow - Meja
    "Can someody tell me How clouds can make you Forget a blue sky Thought I'd hide in the rain But you saw me cry I used to be lonely And love was something Just others had found I thought no one could know"
  • Rainbow - Kacey Musgraves
    "when it rains, it pours but you didn’t even notice it ain’t rainin’ anymore it’s hard to breath when all you know is the struggle of stayin’ above the risin’ water line well the sky has finally opened the"
  • Rainbow - The Animals
    "Now if you want my love today, if you want my sorrow, It won´t rain unless you pray Rainbows come when rains are done, fills the sky with colored sun, My love´s inside the rainbow. Now if you have to"
  • Rainbow - Schelmish
    "Rainbow in the sky lights are blinding me time to break my chains colours set me free This is my salvation, this is my freedom I might find my pot of gold I feel a revelation, coming on now so don't"

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