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mario lopez angels eyes

  • Angels eyes - Mario Lopez
    "Last night as I lay dreamin' This stranges kinda feelin' Reviled its secret meaning and no I know I've never ever been to paradise I never ever seen no angels eyes No never ever left this magic die No"
  • Stressin (ft. Jennifer Lopez) - Fat Joe
    "Black bottles, black models Cuban cigars, Domincanos Colombianos, it's [?] 100 dope boys on the sofa I'm [?] with Versace on Stars on the roof for the ambiance Dug up some more hundreds, fought a few cases Now"
  • Angels - Angeli Di Pietra
    "Wandering through this forest Away from them... ... who raped my mind In my loneliness Only the pain grows... ... stronger Lifeless eyes shimmer And the sound of drops... ... fills my heart I howl For"
  • Angels - Amy Grant
    "(Brown Bannister, Gary Chapman, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith) "Take this man to prison," the man heard Herod say And then four squads of soldiers came and carried him away Chained up between two watchmen,"
  • Angels - Blue Rodeo
    "Sometimes it all looks like some Chagall I close my eyes and disappear for awhile and the world is falling slowly out of view while the angels are singing singing me home yeah the angels are singing singing"
  • Angels - Tori Amos
    "and with a wink and a smile you toss your instructions on how to catch a train while it's moving you always were the one that kept us all guessing how you could survive the fall you had from medicine"
  • Angels - Jughead's Revenge
    "I saw you down the darkened stairway Contending through the hazy eyes of life I try to run but I hear it calling The sound of hearing angels cry I know that deep inside is where I'll stay Where I'll"
  • Angels - Article One
    "Outside a church on a Friday night Saw the lights were on, so he stepped inside Walked the straightest line to the nearest pew Bowed his head and spoke to you Said I know it's been a while and I must confess That"
  • Angels - Randy Travis
    "Me and some of the boys were sitting around the other night Started talking about politics, religion, love and life And what a shame it was about 9/11 And what about hell and what about heaven And is there"
  • Angels - G-Unit
    "(50 Cent) G-Unit! Ha Ha! 50 Cent Hook: If some shots may happen to go off tonight Don't worry about me I be aight Niggaz could waiste ammo firin at me because I'm God's child there's angels around me Hook"
  • Angels - Pitchfork Project
    "we're standing on a hill you and me touched by god love is our armory you hold my hand lights from above flowers around us they bow for our love birds are singing in the sky give me your hand we have"
  • Angels - Project Pitchfork
    "We're standing on a hill You and me Touched by god Love is our armory You hold my hand Lights from above Flowers around us They bow for our love Birds are singing In the sky Give me your hand We have"
  • Angel Lopez - Angel Lopez
    "Te odio cuando antes yo te amaba, y te desprecio cuando antes te deseaba y me dejaste solo cuando te necesitaba, y me dejaste solo y me rompistes el alma (Estribillo) Y yo Ójala q te vaya mal que te hagan"
  • Marie - Max Mutzke
    "Have we met before here? You look so familiar to me I fight on through the crowd, To capture your golden side Now I've been flattered You put your glimpse on my eyes But I am shattered I'm so shattered"
  • Maria - Men At Work
    "Maria was born in the country She loved her homeland Maria was from a poor family For their girl they had greater plans Across the sea not yet twenty Sailed our Maria, a man to see Perhaps marry dreams"
  • Marie - Moody Blues
    "We were waiting for the sunrise Marie, Marie. We were standing in the moon's eyes, Marie, Marie. And when I tell you That I'll always be around I'll be around And when I tell you That it's true love we've"
  • Maria - Brian Setzer
    "The rains never came I saw my land die Maria was sleeping when I kissed her goodbye I couldn't stand the sound of my children cryin' no more You get hungry you get mad A man without hope is a man that"
  • Maria - Barrett Dave
    "Barrett Dave Kitty Bone Maria Hey Maria, where are ya goin Put down the suitcase and please bolt the door Children play'n oh can ya hear 'em Their calling your name from outside the corridor. Hey Maria,"
  • Maria - Colin Hay
    "Maria was born in the countryShe loved her homelandMaria was from a poor familyFor their girl they had greater plans Across the sea not yet twentySailed our Maria, a man to seePerhaps marry dreams our"
  • Marie - Charlie Landsborough
    "You brought me happiness When I had none Made me believe that I Could be someone Just like the sun you always shine for me What am I gonna do Now that I dont have you Marie You over looked the fuss that"

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