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mark ashley touch by touch

  • Touch 1- Touch All - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Dead Prez) Yo, down south, niggaz know about crackas and black people When I came up north, I started hangin' with Latinos The Borikens and Tainos and even the Arawaks It's the language that"
  • Touch By Touch - Diana Ross
    "(R. Zito/A. Barrow/J. Esposito) I can tell by the look in your eyes That you like what you see I can tell by the touch of your hand That you've got what I need Baby there's no hurry We've got no worries Let's"
  • Touch by touch - Joy
    "Touch by touchYou're my all time loverSkin to skinCome under my coverWhen I feel the time is rightAnd you're staying by my sideAnd the love you give to meMakes my heart beatWhen my fantasies fly awayBut"
  • Touch - Omarion
    "(Talking) Yeah Lets get real comfortable Lay back What Lemme tell you what I'm thinkin' Look (Verse One) We've known each other for some time I think it's time (sorry baby) I been havin' visions, fantasies"
  • Touch - Clay Aiken
    "Blue, is the ocean in your eyes Blue is cool September skies, as a lonely waterfall Red, is the fire in your heart Or the passion of love that we make as the sunset is fading away Angel, heaven starts"
  • Touch - CoCo Lee
    "7 whole days. 7 whole nights. I can't wait to get you by my side so you can-touch me Oh how I need you so much. My body calls out please come and touch me. Too long since I've had some I need to feel"
  • Touch - Berlin
    "You can buy me a daquiri You can take me home and tear my clothes off Here am I. Married? No, I'm celibate, ha ha Want a 'lude, I don't care The feeling's numb but we cry, oh, aah Here am I making sure"
  • Touch - Shift K3Y
    "Feel to get a suit for tonight You know I got a pretty young thing by my side She's gonna call me when she's finished with her hair And when she's found something sexy to wear And if she wants to We can"
  • Touch - Pia Mia
    "I’m lying in this hotel Cuddling up to the body pillow I’m trying not to call you Cause I don’t want to miss you no more Every now and then I get a little lonely I can hold myself But no it's not the same"
  • Touch - Wave
    "Here I sit alone Thinkin bout the day Things i should have done Things i didn't say I never thought it would turn into a fight I know how you must feel tonight I'll do anything to make it right I was caught"
  • Touch - Haddaway
    "Touch, When I need you, you're there. Touch, You can drive me to despair. Hey, I spent hours by the phone Just to hear from you, Why don't I hear from you? I call you every day, I call you every night,"
  • Touch - The Hollies
    "(Rickfors) Quiet shadows plays in the evening In the cold sea the sun went down Bright stars on the blue water In the hours of the night All the sweetness touched by hands Everything's close but"
  • Touch - U2
    "Thank you Don't mention it I'm pleased to meet you Don't think I'm very good at this Let me show I don't wanna know I just wanna go (down) F-f-falling...the world is by your side Falling...did"
  • Hellfires Touch - Ever Dark
    "whore of lust sacred child mistress of sin arouse your ambitions for tonite your real life begins enticed by nocturnal skies the moon calls you out this eve chosen your cold tombstone lay out naked flesh"
  • Ashley Jb - Mya
    "My Love Is Like... Wo" (feat. Missy Elliott) See, baby I know you done had your share of girls I am more than confident You won't ever have to search any streets for affection I got you What kind of"
  • Touch Me - Avicii
    "When you feel me up against your bones Now don't you tell me to leave you alone Now don't you tell me, now don't you tell me I wear the crown coz I'm the one To be anointed by you touch Oh how you heal"
  • Magic Touch - Kiss
    "She's got the magic touch And you're walkin' around in a dream She's got the magic touch Oh no, but it ain't what it seems You feel there's a fire burnin' When she feels cold inside But you still want"
  • Midas Touch - Ellie Goulding
    "ou say you’re going through changes Every day it seems your life is up and down And you say that you’re looking for an answer Everywhere you look it seems you cant be found Like searching, trying to find"
  • Golden Touch - Rose Royce
    "Golden touch It happens every time your lips touch mine There's a feeling that's so divine There's magic in you Golden touch I wasn't very strong 'til you came along You made me realize that by your side,"
  • Soft touch - George Harrison
    "You're a soft touch baby Like a snowflake falling My whole heart is melting. As a warm son rises Into joy I'm sailing To your soft touch baby. Eyes that shine from depths of your soul Fixed by their charm,"

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