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mark my words

  • Mark My Words - P.O.D.
    "Checkmate, pull the plug on a fake Get to steppin too late, gotta take em, break em down One testify, see the fire in his eyes We determine the ghost when a warrior cries that sound Spirit flips, soul"
  • Mark My Words - Justin Bieber
    "Mark my words, that's all that I have Mark my words, give you all I got In every way I will You're the only reason why Oh I don't wanna live a lie Mark my words Mark my words So you heard it all before Falling"
  • Mark My Words - Malice In Leatherland
    "I've rolled my window down, Streets breeze right through my hair, I eye the town ahead, will things be different there? With thoughts like these my senses dim, I hope you can catch my drift, Mark My"
  • Mark My Words - Vroom
    "Access Denial, it's a visous cycle somtimes he's not so sure if this is life or survival he's caught in a rat race, his jaill is his workplace he runs around in circles but he's standing in one place (Chorus) Mark"
  • Mark My Words - Hatebreed
    "I was so blind. I couldn't see the truth. I was unable to see how my life was being used. To be something so miniscule. Everything i thought was so definite, I thought was so real was thrown away and"
  • Mark My Words - For All Those Sleeping
    "You're fucked now Did you think I wouldn't find out? Secrets don't last long in this town And neither will you At the rate you burn bridges you will burn out You are a waste of a life You are a waste"
  • Mark My Words - Pro-Pain
    "Welcome to my world you better buckle up A sudden change in atmosphere is never quite enough So I'll unpack you bags sit down,relax, settle in YOu just make yourself at home and ask me where I've been I've"
  • Mark - Seven Shed
    "Mark my words: Don't forget where you are Don't forget who's the star Do you think that I'll go far Mark my words: Don't stop if it's wise I can see through your eyes And I've left my mark Lover I wanna"
  • ? (Question Mark) - Stabilo Boss
    "Well I know We know Yeah that you are here for me You see All the The things I do to be The one who sees You in your bed Sometimes I wake Up and I can't see a thing I'm left in the dark alone But then"
  • Cupid Missed His Mark - Burden Of A Day
    "Disenchanting and contagious when we think that we're in love superfluous, disengaging when we think we are in love pointless words when it comes to push and shove we're just kids in grown up bodies,"
  • The Mark Of The Judas - Darkest Hour
    "You want to own this You want to control this Well I chose an eternity of this And laugh at the fire Take all you want and all you need You never cared what you left of me Never give what you can't take"
  • Mark My Word - Allison Moorer
    "You feel it now But it won't last Without a doubt It's bound to pass Mark my word Mark my word Mark my word It's such a thrill When love begins But it's downhill From here on in Mark my word Mark my word Mark"
  • Her Mark - Peter Koppes
    "One night sensation When the world comes undone A long rush of flavor All over the tongue To mark on the table Leaves her mark on the mind The past drifting wayward Melts into the sublime The lost Roman"
  • Beauty Mark - Charlotte Gainsbourg
    "I've got a beauty mark written on my skin close to my heart my favourite part my beauty mark I keep it out of sight safe from the world outside this old battle scar this secret part my beauty"
  • Question Mark - Strife
    "I lie in this bed of comfort so wide and so vast. My fears and anxieties lead me to wonder, how long will it last... Just ignore the problem, why don't we even care? Never have felt the pain of poverty, never"
  • The Mark - Black Light Burns
    "I have a mark on me Like a brand on my skin That only I can see I don't know what it means I get caught up in dreams I feel like running away Yeah, so let's run away Sometimes you're gonna have to get"
  • Beauty Mark - Rufus Wainwright
    "I never had it, I never wanted it, I never had your Beauty mark Nor did I have your black hair and hazel eyes My early childhood was not as simple as yours set in the country No I did not have a fears"
  • Spiders Mark - Wet City Rockers
    "Watch out!... Here comes the spider Crawling down the wall pizoisinos spider Jump down ya shirt bite your neck Throw ya on the ground wit cho Mind in a fury Cause all ya do is just scurry You say Whats"
  • Mark Twain - The Kingston Trio
    "My granddad used to tell me, "Boy, when I was just your age, I was a river pilot on a showboat called The Stage. I'd hobnob with them southern belles and ev'ry roustabout. I'd listen to them paddle wheels"
  • Mark Twain - Kingston Trio
    "My granddad used to tell me, "Boy, when I was just your age, I was a river pilot on a showboat called The Stage. I'd hobnob with them southern belles and ev'ry roustabout. I'd listen to them paddle wheels"

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