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marlin madson

  • Marlina - Bay City Rollers
    "oh you dream of a silver stallion riding high on the stars above and then a ray of love comes and carries you away then you dream of a thousand faces watching you on a silver screen and then the morning"
  • We Both Know - Lene Marlin
    "The outside unknown feels so cold All you can think of is closing your eyes Hoping it's gone when they open But the feeling is still there Your dreams can not change today Everything's familiar Everything's"
  • Should It Matter - Lene Marlin
    "I look at you Please don't walk away I see you're about to There is just something I'd really like to say So please don't walk away I know that you're there Still you pretend you're not Yes I know it"
  • Unforgivable Sinner (Imperdonabile Peccatore :Italian) - Lene Marlin
    "Come se stessi perdendo il senso del tempo perch i giorni non hanno piu' importanza Tutti i sentimenti che nascondi ti devono fare a pezzi dentro Speri che lei sappia che tu hai provato Ti segue tutto"
  • Where I'm Headed (Dove Sono Diretta :Italian) - Lene Marlin
    "Ho una valigia nella mia testa Riempita di roba molto preziosa per me Il marciapiede guida i miei piedi ovunque sono diretti Non c'e' alcuna direzione stabilita Solo qualche fede nella mente umana su cui"
  • How It Would Be - Lene Marlin
    "What have I done? What if it's too late now? Did I do all I could, did I? Did I make it good, did I? Somehow it doesn't feel right Is it really all over? Did I think it through, did I? What if all I want"
  • Blanket In A Park - Lene Marlin
    "Wish I could lay down beside you On a blanket in a park somewhere With some music and some wine maybe Your gentle arms around me I wouldn't wish for anything more except that time would stand still And"
  • Music, Wine And Me - Lene Marlin
    "If I could lay down beside you on a blanket in a park somewhere with some music and some wine and me gentle arms around me Wouldn't wish for anything more except the time you touch me And I could tell you"
  • A place nearby - Lene Marlin
    "I entered the roomSat by your bed all through the nightI watched your daily fightI hardly knewThe pain was almost more than I could bearAnd still I hearYour last words to me.Heaven is a place nearbySo"
  • All i can say - Lene Marlin
    "If I got scared I don't know It just didn't feel right anymore Something's changed from before, I wish I knew I did not want to hurt you, I don't want to still But I'll be around, you know I will I just"
  • Another day - Lene Marlin
    "Lie to me, say that you need me That's what I wanna hear That is what, what makes me happy Hoping you'll be near All this time, how could I know Within these walls, I can feel you Another day goes by,"
  • Disguise - Lene Marlin
    "Have you ever felt some kind of emptiness inside? You will never measure up to those people you Must be strong Can't show them that you're weak Have you ever told someone Something that's far from the"
  • Enough - Lene Marlin
    "Please Please don't leave her crying I cannot help her now It's only you who can Please Things don't get better this way I cannot make it good Come back here and stay Till you make her understand The reason"
  • Eyes closed - Lene Marlin
    "She could have, when she's had a chance to miss him She could have kissed him, and you never would have known She could have, when he asked if there is someone else She could have said there's no one else,"
  • Faces - Lene Marlin
    "Pour me some wine, join me tonight Surround me with your happy faces Share some fun stories, stay up all night Sorround me with your friendly faces Then look at me, when I'm not aware Then you'll see,"
  • Fight against the hours - Lene Marlin
    "I'm here, sitting in a bed In a place where I don't feel at home Where are you, I sure wonder why You haven't called me, you promised you would The phone must be broken it has to be broken I'm sure there's"
  • Flown away - Lene Marlin
    "Ive flown too highOn borrowed wingsBeyond the clouds and where the angels singsIn a sky containingNo one here but meUp theres all emptyAnd down theres the seaNo one here but meTheres nothing but lightThat"
  • From this day - Lene Marlin
    "There's a day I never will forget The day we met, when we met I know that they all thought that you were good You were good, we were good From this day on, I'll follow you I'll keep you near, like I promised"
  • Hope you're happy - Lene Marlin
    "I can speak about the pain you know What you say you didn't see I can show you all my scars you know The ones I keep inside of me Would that make it easier Or would it be the same Sorry that I could not"
  • How would it be - Lene Marlin
    "What have I done?What if it's too late now?Did I do all I could, did I?Did I make it good, did I?Somehow it doesn't feel rightIs it really all over?Did I think it through, did I?What if all I want is you?And"

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