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married life

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married life
  • Lana Del Rey The Good Life
    "cause you wonder why well just wake up kiss the good life goodbye"
  • Sam Fender Spice
    "bright kid leaves school gets job hates it fakes it to long sees no way out can’t talk to girls no sex for years loses his will to live but he found something better spice up your life who would want"
  • BATTLE BEAST No More Hollywood Endings
    "I see strangers Every night in my dreams Locked in dark chambers Should I know what it means? Shadows are crawling On the walls of this cave While we're sleepwalking From cradle to grave When the spectacle"
  • Faydee Away
    "I am on my way to go I am on my way to go hi, baby I’ve been thinking you can change your life tonight oh, honey you’ve got me thinking you need someone to love you right take me away take me away show"
  • The Beatles We Can Work It Out
    "Try to see it my way Do I have to keep on talking till I can't go on While you see it your way Run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone We can work it out We can work it out Think"
  • YUNGBLUD Loner
    "all my friends will desert again and I don’t want to be a loner in my head I can sleep when I am dead baby, don’t let te hype delude ya I got no one from te quiet life no forced smiles over tired eyes give"
  • Kardinal Sin Victorious
    "A lonely spark deep in the shadows, down my spine a chill of fear grows In the silence I fall down as I taste the kiss of death A broken soul astray in darkness, lost my pride as I lay mindless In the"
  • Rhapsody Of Fire The Legend Goes On
    "Still the legend goes on and on... I cast a spell and I've seen Pieces of the future unveiled Green are the valleys where I belong I've seen the mountain still shining People are dreaming Singing a song The"
  • Elize Ryd Endlessly
    "Now come let me be your light There's a truth we can't defy Somehow this time You won't deny it What got lost inside I have found it now That's a reason why I will love you endlessly And even if I cry I'll"
  • Lil Skies Real Ties
    "people knowing that we lit nigga, they knowing that we lit it’s lit! money coming in people knowing that we lit do if for the fam we gon’ die for this shit that’s some real ties when we pull up whit the"

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