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marrin gave
  • Nine Inch Nails Gave Up
    "perfect little dream the kind that hurts the most forgot how it feels well almost no one to blame always the same open my eyes wake up in flames it took you to make me realize it took you to make me realize it"
  • Rancid Gave it away
    "I went to Mary Far to, too long Jubilee was cold as fuck Why do they make it that cold Atand aside while she picked me for you for the time you gave it away You gave it away You gave it away You gave it"
  • Far-less I Gave In
    "I was born on a one track road to the grave, grave, grave From the start I had to work hard To stay safe, stay sane Nothing's valuable to you (Nothing's meaningful to you) Nothing's meaningful to you I"
  • Catie Curtis Gave Me Love
    "You kept an eye on me I ran from the blue men out on the beach I saw you everywhere I did not know why you'd still care I was push You gave me love I was shove You gave me love I was turn You gave me love I"
  • Billy Ray Cyrus Some Gave All
    "(Billy Ray Cyrus/Cindy Cyrus) I knew a man called him Sandy Kane Few folks even knew his name But a hero was he Left a boy, came back a man Still many just don't understand About the reasons we are free I"
  • JESS GLYNNE Gave Me Something
    "I spent my weeks running wild And now my days they have changed I never thought I'd be The girl that walked away I found my one true love In me you found it too A path that ran to me and didn't make it"
  • Johnny Cash Gifts They Gave
    "Jesus our King kind and good was humbly born in a stable of wood And the lowly beasts around him stood Jesus our King kind and good I said the donkey shaggy and brown I carried his mother up and down"
  • Kris Delmhorst Gave It Away
    "You live in your prison, the one that you choose You'd do anything to have nothing to lose And you got scared of escaping just a little too soon You give up your shovel and dig with a spoon You gave it"
  • Place Of Skulls Love she gave
    "As my world crumbles all around me I search for answers lying within What a fool I've been to not have seen What once was mine, the love she gave. And so I bare the pain of an unwanted life The birth"
  • Nine Inch Nails Gave Up (Remix)
    "Give it to me I throw it away Give it to me I throw it away Covered in hope and Vaseline Still cannot fix this broken machine Watching the hole it used to be mine Just watching it burn in my steady systematic"
  • Benjamins Gave It Away
    "the tears are warm I'm washing off last night I wish I would've slept through it I wish I didn't know what you did one signle though going over and over in my mind I don't own you and you don't"
  • B.B. King Jesus Gave Me Water
    "Well, Jesus gave me water (Gave me water, gave me water) Well, Jesus gave me water (Gave me water, gave me water) Jesus gave me water (Gave me water, gave me water) And I wanna let His praises swell Well,"
  • Ringo Starr Gave It All Up
  • Atozzio Gave U My Love
    "How could you do this to me? Girl you broke my heart I gave you a promise ring Thought we was goin steady Cause I found what represented love And to show you a symbol of what u meant to me But I guess"
  • Ratt Gave Up Givin' Up
    "I said listen up I got 1 thing to say I ain't givin up Ain't that strange Did you expect me to just lie down and die Gonna live it up Look into these eyes Did you think I'd get a second chance Yea I can't"
  • B.J. Thomas You Gave Me Love
    "You gave me time when no one gave me time of day, You looked deep inside while the rest of the world looked away, You smiled at me when there were just frowns everywhere, You gave me love when nobody gave"
  • The Hollies You gave me strength
    "You gave me strength when I was weakYou gave me hope instead of thinking of defeatYou gave me joy when things were sadPut in the good took out all the badI was a loser with you I wonNow Im doing all the"
  • Amy Grant You Gave Me Love
    "You gave me time When no one gave me time of day You looked deep inside While the rest of the world looked away You smiled at me When there weren't just friends everywhere You gave me love When nobody"
  • Ricky Nelson Things You Gave Me
    "You gave me so many things to remember you by Like a heart full of emptiness like tears in my eyes When my heartaches all have gone It will be because you gave me so much leavin' alone I've got everything"
  • Diana Ross What You Gave Me
    "(Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson) You've given me so much warmth I don't see how I could ever grow cold In my mind there's a picture of you and I That nobody has the price to buy I don't know what made"

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