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marry chrismas everyone

  • Take me home for chrismas - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE 1: Christmas songs are playing, but not for me. Why does everything seem so out of place? Everyone thinks this is a merry time for all and to see the frozen tears upon my face. CHORUS: Someone take"
  • Marry Me - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "MARRY ME WRITERS LES REED, BARRY MASON I'm coming back, back home to you And I know now for sure that my wandering days are through I've looked around, most every place But all that I ever see is your"
  • Marry Me - Dean Martin
    "MARRY ME (Les Reed - Barry Mason) '70 Jewel Music I'm coming back back home to you And I know now for sure that my wandering day is through I've been around most every place But all that I ever see"
  • Marry Song - Band Of Horses
    "Band of Horses Band of Horses Marry Song I'll marry my lover in a place to admire I don't have to even ask her I can look in her eyes And thank God that I am forgiven I thank all my friends To say I've"
  • All I Want For Chrismas Is You - Sandy
    "I don't want a lot for chrismas There is just one thing I need I don't care about presents Underneath the Christmas tree I just want you for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true"
  • Chrismas time - Cliff Richard
    "The child is a king the caroller sing The old is past there's a new beginning. Dreams of Santa dreams of snow Fingers numb faces aglow it's - Christmas time mistletoe and wine Children singing Christian"
  • Chrismas wrapping - Spice Girls
    "Originał The WaitressesBah Hum.. No thats too strong!Cause it's my favorite holidayBut all this years been a busy blurDon't think I have the energyto add to my already mad rushjust because it is the season"
  • Everyone - Van Morrison
    "We shall walk again down along the lane Down the avenue just like we used to do With our heads so high smile at the passers by Then we'll softly sigh ay, ay, ay, ay, ay Everyone, everyone, everyone,"
  • Everyone - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Black & Blue Everyone backstreet boys - everyone We've been through days of thunder Some people say they don't belong They try to put us under But can we stand together and a million strong? Let's"
  • Everyone - Uh Huh Her
    "Long lives the fear we'll be forgotten It's a sad sad world we're in to not believe something And we'll stop the world from falling just to stay alive And I say don't ask me why do I disbelieve, tell me Everyone"
  • Everyone - Socialburn
    "How was I to know you'd ever leave How was I to know you cared for me When every time I looked at you You acted like I was a fool How was I to know the truth With all the times you ran away I never thought"
  • Everyone - Social Burn
    "How was I to know you'd ever leave How was I to know you cared for me When everytime I looked at you You acted like I was a fool How was I to know the truth But somehow I know That we're gonna be alright But"
  • Everyone - Esham
    "Killas Everyone's a killa now-a day Killas Let me tell you about some killa shit Yo, everyone's a killa The first time killas made an attempt on my life It was all about some money, it was funny So I"
  • Everyone - Adema
    "I'm sick of the excuses that you want me to believe I've been understanding, givin' everything you need Using me is over now and soon you're gonna see I'm done with you, I'm done with you Would there"
  • Everyone - After Edmund
    "Sometimes you trip and fall Build a mountain on something small And you know you can't catch your fall this time Deep down beneath your bones Does your heart beat Is it made of stone You can't ignore what"
  • Everyone - Stealers Wheel
    "(Rafferty/Egan) Riding on the subway watching all the people stare, Everyone just listens, they won't do any talking, oh no, whoa no. They just sit there waitin', waitin' with their eyes Don't ask any"
  • Everyone - Sleeping At Last
    "What have you seen? What have you felt? Your lips are closed, the curtain's shut All that we can see is on your sleeve All that we can see is on your sleeve I know from time to time That hope seems but"
  • Everyone - Evermore
    "(Moving On)I believe what you sayI believe what you doI believe what you do is for the good of everyoneI didnt think I could changeI thought Id always stay the sameIm wide awake on the train back to youThe"
  • Marry Me - Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
    "Any old chance I get I'm gonna marry you Marry you Get my act together and star in school put deposit on a nice little flat get my finances together and show where it's at Any old chance I get I'm gonna"
  • Marry Me - Nina Simone
    "HE Marry me Marry Me Come and share my destiny Pair with me Dare with me Stand up and declare with me For we are now Man and wife Solemn vow Made for life I want you right there with me Marry me SHE Marry"

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