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martinus and markus

  • Ocd - Markus Landgren - Fame Factory
    "They clicker your hair A laugh in your ear Maybe that's all I can give you How will be gone So far away Leave you content with a self-life I've godda know Cause someone been to slow I'm checking your"
  • Electronik - Markus
    "Energy is what I need As you need your heart to live your live I don't talk, I can do anything Just a moment and I'll give you what you need. I'll realized all your desires And if you want, I can write"
  • Superlove - Markus
    "One love One love I believe in love Why I don't know why I let you go I let you take the morning train Leave me alone My broken heart Tell me why I don't know why I let you go Can't stop"
  • Ab Und Los - Markus
    "When your body lies next to me I wonder if your better then me I don't think so I would know so Your job seems better then mine Cause you're at home most of the time Home is best for you Lonliness cripples"
  • GOODBYE MY JOY (feat. Markus Stockhausen) - Lebowski
    "(Utwór instrumentalny)"
  • Never (ft. OMI) - Marcus & Martinus
    "girl I will make it true and finally when I get you on my own I will never, never ever let you go I will never, never ever let you go yeah /4x I will never let you go"
  • Make You Believe In Love - Marcus & Martinus
    "pay no attention no pay no attention to the all the doubt lock them haters all around they won’t;t bother us they won’t bother pay no attention cuz I know that you’ve been hurt and I know how to get you"
  • Like It Like It (feat. Silentó) - Marcus & Martinus
    "I Like It Like It To my bros I Like It I Like It You’re the type of girl that got Everything that I’m looking for I like your now Yeezys The love, your style Girl you’re beautiful Yeah, the way you"
  • Dance With You - Marcus & Martinus
    "Lately, you got me going crazy You make me wanna shake it Maybe, we can be more than strangers I wanna know you baby I wish that we’re together Good, good times we did whatever Now you feel so far away Rainy"
  • Pocket Dial - Marcus & Martinus
    "been so good, I’m forgetting you almost forgot how I was working I’m forgetting you suddenly it’s like the world has been working against me already know you ain;t gone, believe me but both my hands, they"
  • And - King Missile
    "And then and then and so and life and see and look I mean like me and feel and fly and go i mean like you and where and who and how and there and why and so what (various noises) and now and no and yeah"
  • And - Original Cast
    "conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS "I Can Do That" (During BOBBY's monologue.) RICHIE "
  • And - Nicci Templeton
    "And she' sleepin on my bed Hair tumblin' 'round your head You will always be a part of me When I look in your eyes... it's my reflection I see Ann I wonder how you knew I needed someone just like you Were"
  • And - Waterdeep
    "I am haunted by my love for comparison My fascination with a single common theme And I am hounded by the fear that I might be losing it Slipping from reality into dream When my mind is muddled by"
  • And - Chorus Line Soundtrack
    "Chorus Line Soundtrack Miscellaneous And RICHIE And What if Im next? What if Im next? What am I gonna do I haven't got a clue I gotta think of something What does he want What does he want Stories from"
  • And - A Chorus Line
    "Bobby: Well, to begin with, I come from this quasi-middle-upper or upper-middle class, family-type-home. I could never figure out which but it was real boring. I mean, we had money - but no taste. You"
  • And - Headstones
    "Can we piece it together? Simply want it to work Right where it's severed And we can conserve Well it holds down neatly Everything that it serves It belongs to us now No longer needs to be nursed Let's"
  • And - Daniel Landa
    "Jet, kdy chodil do koly, vdycky nejlp z ns plnil koly skvl diktty, dtsk kravaty, kluk jak andlek, trochu deblek. Brejliky se mu mlily, zato jedniky se mu mnoily. Dobe maloval, skvle aloval, tenhle andlek,"
  • And - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "4849 Daishita kotoba wa mitsukara naindaDakedomo wakatta koto ga arundaSugata o kazareba kazaru hodo kokoro ga munashii deshouHitsuyou nai desho sou iu koto deshoLalala... sakende kureLalala... ima tachi"
  • And - Karel Kryl
    "Z rozmlcenho kostela v krabici s kusem mdla pinesl jsem si andla Polmali mu kdla Dval se na m oddan j ml jsem trochu trmu tak vtiskl jsem mu do dlan lahviku od parfmu A proto prosm v mi chtl jsem ho dat aby"

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