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  • Dreams - Silent Circle
    "Dreams Made of memories Bridges Between you and me Faces From another world Faces Like a mascarade Dreams Made for you and me Bridges To my destiny Dreams (Dream like a child) Mirror of memory (That's"
  • Deadpans parade - Varius Manx
    "They say things I don't need to say they play games I don't want to play they see what I don't want to see they are what I would never be Deadpans - they never get enough what is that they are dreaming"
  • Le Chevalier Aux Miroirs - Jacques Brel
    "Y a-t-il ici quelqu'un qui prtende s'appeler Don Quichotte de la Mancha... S'il ose supporter le poids de mon regard, qu'il avance! Je suis Don Quichotte, Chevalier la triste figure! coute-moi,"
  • I Don't Care (Ft. Sylvie) - Milk Inc.
    "I got something on my mind see Every time I look around me Seems like every scrub I see Is tryna get it on with me I think it impresses me The way they act so foolishly Do they really think they got it"
  • Camarade - Charles Aznavour
    "Camarade Tu tais mon seul ami, mon camarade Tous les deux nous avons fait des barricades Les maquis, les commandos, les embuscades Mon camarade Camarade Un dimanche en dfilant la parade Je t'ai vu soudain"
  • Cry Little Sister - Sisters Of Mercy
    "The last fire will rise Behind those eyes Black house will rock Blind boys dont lie Immortal fear That voice so clear Through broken walls That scream I hear Cry little sister (thou shall not fall) Come"
  • Save Me Darling - Erasure
    "Why should it matter how i feel? This old romantic down at heel Then again if i'd known the outcome sure you'd win Ellusion shattered made them real A night of magic fate is sealed ran a mock, and you"
  • Man Poppy Show - Hawkeye
    "Intro. When yuh see certain Bangarang A gwan like them a look yuh man Dont even watch it Di laugh jus mek she have it Chorus Laugh..... gal yuh nuh man poppy show so mek some gal know Laugh...laugh"
  • Survie - Dub Incorporation
    "Mais les mots suffisent-ils ? faire prendre conscience, Faire penser qu'il est temps Car ces fous la surveillent et sont hostiles, France Afrique sous contrat ! Corruption, meurtre, gurilla ! Mais comment"
  • Force Ou Faiblesse - Disiz La Peste
    "Cessons toute cette mascarade, ces ngros qui paradent Rvent de hits parades, qui est hard qui n'est pas hard Qui se bagarre, Qui brasse des barres, Qui a un appart Qui a un cab qui 94. 95, 93 92 91"
  • Dumb Dumb - Rachel Stevens
    "You're dreaming 'bout a girl Who lives her life in plastic (plastic) A secret kind of world It sounds a lot fantastic, yeah She lets you think that she's acting kind of stupid Looks good in pink and"
  • Just Like That - R. Kelly
    "Oh baby , If I could Explain the joy I feel ....... Oooh If I could explain the joy I feel All this love makin is oh so real Oooh like winter time by the fireplace Oooh like traped in walls and its"
  • Mon Dernier Voyage - Kemet
    "Le jour efface, sur mon corps endolori Infliges par l'ennui, les plaies de la veille. Il me veut supporter encore, en dpit du mal qui me poursuit, Son prouvant rituel. Rentrerons alors en scne, autant"
  • Cinqui?me Soleil - Keny Arkana
    "Mon espce s'gare, l'esprit qui surchauffe Les gens se dtestent, la guerre des gos XXIme sicle, cynisme et mpris Non-respect de la Terre, folie plein les tripes Frontires, barricades, meutes et matraques Cris"

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