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masterpiece aura dione

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masterpiece aura dione

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masterpiece aura dione
  • Madonna Masterpiece
    "If you were the Mona Lisa You'd be hanging in the Louvre Everyone would come to see you You'd be impossible to move It seems to me is what you are A rare and priceless work of art Stay behind your velvet"
  • Jessie J Masterpiece
    "So much pressure Why so loud? If you don't like my sound You can turn it down I got a road And I walk it alone Uphill battle I look good when I climb I'm ferocious, precocious I get braggadocios I'm"
  • Josh Kelley Masterpiece
    "It's all about the way that you kiss my neck Early in the morning when we're lying in bed Last night tossing and turning got your head in a mess Something about the way that you understand That sweet,"
  • Gazebo Masterpiece
    "what a wonderful day everything is ok not a problem in mind leaving worries behind except for that little doubt you have concerning your dress tonight so you take a bottle of french wine and then you say"
  • Atlantic Starr Masterpiece
    "Atlantic Starr Miscellaneous Masterpiece A simple touch of your hand, And everything is right. The gentle way you look at me, When we kiss goodnight. You've given me the freedom no other love has known And"
  • Meg & Dia Masterpiece
    "Too bad you knew me When I wasn't ready And I wasn't ready Did I say come and get me? And too bad I held on When you tried to tell me This was wrong Well is this wrong? And I am no masterpiece where innocence"
  • Jaheim Masterpiece
    "When she walked past the corner store I said hello what's your name she said Tracy Danis hello long hair, tight jeans, and stilletos conversation so good didn't want to let go shorty your a perfect 10"
  • Cindy Alexander Masterpiece
    "Welcome to my open house Please ignore the mess around I've been meaning to clean it up for quite sometime Built on rock I'm just run down A fixer upper I just need some sound advise from someone"
  • The Temptations Masterpiece
    "Where I was born ev`rything was dull and dingy I lived in a place they called the inner city Getting ahead huh was strictly a nono Cause nobody cares what happens to the folks That live in the ghetto Thousands"
  • Bayside Masterpiece
    "My friend, You're always the last one to leave Those dimly lit rooms. Making sure the last glass makes its way to the table empty. And every bottle in the place Has been upside down At least a few"
  • Lady GaGa Aura
    "I killed my former and Left her in the trunk on highway 10 Put the knife under the hood. If you find it, send it straight to Hollywood Aura /6x I'm not a wandering slave, I am a woman of choice My veil"
  • On Thorns I Lay Aura
    "I follow a passion so dreamy So optimistic, Like waking up from a deep sleep... I feel the aura It transforms the numb feelings Into dreamy thoughts Flying in the clouds I feel the aura A"
  • A.N.I.M.A.L. Aura
    "Sueo de cristal, puro y esencial, siento su reflejo que anida en mi pecho dando luz siempre fiel regreso cada vez que me marcho. ngel de mi romance lleva en sus manos hoy las llaves para liberar mi"
  • The Animals Aura
    "Sueo de cristal, puro y esencial, siento su reflejo que anida en mi pecho dando luz siempre fiel regreso cada vez que me marcho. ngel de mi romance lleva en sus manos hoy las llaves para liberar mi"
  • The Church Aura
    "We all came back from the war I wish somebody would tell me the score We raked old Poseidon over the coals Shook his shells, shaved his shoals Where can a soldier fix himself a drink Forget the noise,"
  • Church Aura
    "We all came back from the warI wish somebody would tell me the scoreWe raked old Poseidon over the coalsShook his shells, shaked his shoalsWhere can a soldier fix himself a drinkForget the noise, forget"
  • Arab x Homex Aura
    "Tańczą dźwięki Pętla jest mantrą Wkręca się Melodia na pętlach gdzieś niesie mnie I ja pomiędzy niebem a ziemią mam przelot Chwile ulotne są jak słowa co mi o tym powiedzą Mam mantrę w głowie Jak miss"
  • Cmx Aura
    "elmn keskipivss minkin eksyin synkkn metsn aamupivin kappaleisiin iltojen ikvn miss kasvot puhuvat omaa kieltn oppivat suruaan nauramaan ja elmn hauraat astiat katsovat ihmetellen toisiaan askel ja pyshdys"
  • Hack SIGN Aura
    "If you are near to the dark I will tell you 'bout the sun You are here, no escape From my visions of the world You will cry all alone But it does not mean a thing to me Knowing the song I will sing"
  • Kirlian Camera Aura
    "See the snow and the red flowers in the fall, Strains of marble on the angel with crying eyes, Passing shadows in the fire of the last room And like spectres wrap around the ashen sky. Distant words and"

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