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maximum the hormone

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maximum the hormone

  • That Hormone Thing - Racer X
    "I need you Most everyday I want to In every way Love that pretty little game you play Y'all twisted round my DNA Doing that hormone thing Your secrets On every page My weakness Victoria's expose Take"
  • Hormone replacement therapy - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Back then I say a few years ago,I made a conscious decision to get wrecked on blow,When it started it was all just a laugh,Smoking spliffs on the toilet, or bongs in the bath,As time went by I carried"
  • Maximum Consumption - The Kinks
    "I'll have some clam chowder, followed by beef steak on rye Pumpkin pie, whipped cream and coffee, I wanna green salad on the side, Don't forget the french fries, Pizza pie, garlic and anchovie. I"
  • Maximum Firepower - The Nightwatchman
    "This one's for the shoeshine boy And the farmer in debt Each string is barbed wire Each chord is a threat This blues guy I met That never had a hit Said you don't gotta be loud, son To be heavy as shit Well"
  • Maximum Impulse - The GazettE
    "GANGANGAN furueru GANGANGAN kodou ga AUTOROO na koudou ga motarasu shoujou wa MAJI yabee gurai ni MAJI HAI TENSHON da DANDAN to furueru nousui shigeki suru miminari chouonba kikoeru genchou ga saikou"
  • Maximum overdrive - 2 Unlimited
    "{A:} Join me for a ride, speed up the musicJoin me for a ride, maximum overdriveJoin me for a ride, speed up the musicJoin me for a ride, maximum overdrive{A:} Join me for a ride, speed up the musicJoin"
  • Maximum Acceleration - Ultravox
    "I thought you knew me by now Let the lights go on roaring Someone's hand on my shoulder Then whip past the turning point There's time for the taking Chorus: Maximum acceleration Maximum acceleration Maximum"
  • Maximum Joy - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    "(Gill/Johnson/Nash/O'Toole) On glory day we'll get the gifts of heaven up above All around you hope and joy, to find and fall in love Can you feel that Maximum joy Rolling round like a brand new boy Rain"
  • Maximum Level - World Wide Message Tribe
    "Increase volume to maximum level. Muaximum level, maximum level. Let's Go! Islam! Islam! Increase volume. Increase volume. Increase volume to maximum level. From the front to the back. Everybody in"
  • Maximum Golgotha - Centurion
    "World wide stop little wars here comes the winged redemption in blood you all will return provences of Rome the Legitimator restoration called Bow and scrape at our feet comprehension plan by birth accept"
  • Maximum Overdrive - Hi-STANDARD
    "How strong this impulse in your head, can't stop you even with a sedative. You got a means, you got a way. You don't carewhat may come out of it. Start up more positive. Start up more emotional. Start"
  • Maximum Overdrive - Hi Standard
    "Can't stop you even with sedative. You got means,you got a way. You don't care what may come out of it. Start up more positive. Start up more emotional. Start up never mind other eyes. Start up are you"
  • Maximum Overload - Acid Drinkers
    "I don't remember if I let it be known I was a butcher, I even cut myself I worked with precision, I was merciless There was no sorrow, there was no pain I cut my body and leashed my brain Did you beat"
  • Nurse Maximum - Wildhearts
    "I've had a drink and a smile in every port of heaven And from 5 on the dial I'm at 8, 9, 10 and 11 I gotta find a way I gotta fix me a buzz I've got a pain like a pain And I want it to stay Could be"
  • Maximum - The Kelly Family
    "Maximum, maximum, power on my side But its minimum, minimum without you Maximum, maximum, power on my side But its minimum, minimum without you Its my therapy you can never understand What it means to"
  • Disorder - Maximum Impulse - The GazettE
    "gan gan gan furueru gan gan gan kodou ga autoroo na koudou ga motarasu shoujyou wa maji yabe gurai ni maji hai tenshon da dan dan to furueru nouzui shigeki suru miminari chouonpa kikoeru kenchou ga saikou"
  • Maximum make up - Golden Earring
    "She never leaves the house, without a royal blushShe slaps on the pancake, and it's never too muchOld - Blue Eyes on the hi-fi, now ain't that a screamMaximum make-up for the beauty queenShe's got an affair"
  • Maximum Piss & Vinegar - Dillinger Four
  • Maximum Impulse (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "Ding-dong, my heart, ding-dong, is beating. The symptom of outlawed action is dangerously hyper. Ding-dong shaking excites my brain. Buzzing in the ears, the ultrasound from hallucination It's so kinky"
  • Zetsubou Billy - Maximum the hormone
    "towa ni utsu kono ichi PEEJI hakanai senpou sono me ni aigan sezumo hou ni aku tsunagou rou he NOOTO ni moudoku bannou ni osore idaku oouso no mousou ni yodare ga taema naku sabaki hanzai toukatsu to hozaku dare"

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