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maybe brain

  • Maybe - Will Smith
    "(Tra-Knox) Alright fellas let's do it (Will) Yo ma we got this thing right It's like makin' me think like It's like fillin' my heart up Not makin' me hazy Just fillin' my mind up with all of these"
  • Einstein Brain - Admiral Freebee
    "she gave me a six month sentence for not being charming towards her friends with two hands you eat one hand to greet everything she said sounded like a repeat since 1983 we did not once agree so let's"
  • Brain Freeze - Drowning Fish
    "I try to talk, but my tongue turns numb I walk, but begin to fall down This feeling I have for you Oh there's nothing that I could do A plan runs round in my head For us to at least be friends I"
  • Brain Cell - CunninLynguists
    "Cunninlynguists Brain Cell Lyrics (Verse 1: Deacon) You was manifested in an egg, developed in a womb Born out of a moon belly, first day of doom Crying out like you wanna be put back in there Maybe later"
  • Lazy Brain - ApologetiX
    "Osbournes! Ha ha ha ha ha! Aie aie aie aie aie aie! Ozzy puts bats down his throat Real different people live in his home "Cosby, he's not," you complain "He's burned out from drugs and forgets his own"
  • Maybe Man - AJR
    "Wish I was a stone, so I couldn’t feel You’d yell in my face; it’d be no big deal But I’d miss the way we make up and smile Don’t want to be stone; I changed my mind I wish I had eyes in the back of"
  • Eat My Brain - Odds
    "My doobie eyed Madonna A triple fire alarm All the other rougues and darlings Get sent to the farm I dont need to deceive you Cause I feel no pain Maybe I should let you Come on and eat my brain Theres"
  • Brain Problem Situation - They Might Be Giants
    "Wake up Put on my makeup And pick the rake up And rake my hair And I think, maybe, but I don't know But I'm starting to feel like I got a Brain Problem Situation on my hands I think, maybe, but I"
  • No Brain No Pain - Quincy Punx
    "I'm sick of reality, I don't know what to do I guess I'll just shoot some smack and maybe sniff some glue If you think you're going nuts from working hard all day Just relax and do some drugs cuz you"
  • Brain - Macabre
    "All that remains Of the man who was insane Inside of a jar Is Jeffrey Dahmer's brain Bbbrrraaaiiinnn Bbbrrraaaiiinnn His father wants to Burn the brain And his mother wants it studied For the knowledge"
  • Maybe I Will - Keaton Simons
    "Maybe I Will Dont cry for me Youll bring the rain, again Its like youve never seen the sun Stop wasting time with this old game, again You want a chase you gotta run You cant live your life through me Oh,"
  • Money On My Brain - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    "Ninety-five, keep it live Yeah to make papers, knahmsayin? Motherf**kin Kool G. Rap and B1 and my motherf**kin man Grimm Just comin with somethin to keep the brainstem .. It's Big 1 son, Jamaica Queens"
  • Maybe We Crazy - 50 Cent
    "Yeah, uhu, let's take 'em there, yeah Sonny did ten years in the fed joint, he half way out He aint home, his ass in a halfway house Correctional facilities don't correct shit Cause the first thing he"
  • Brain - N.E.R.D.
    "What do you think baby I know I want you And you know you want me But can you promise please You'll say yes to me I love how you think You think oh so deep And share your thoughts with me I buzz then"
  • Brain - N*E*R*D*
    "What do you think baby I know I want you And you know you want me But can you promise please Youll say yes to me I love how you think You think oh so deep And share your thoughts with me I buzz then fall"
  • Brain - BANKS
    "But it’s all the same Like I had foreseen That you would act like you are Oh so cool you seem Blending with that scene Wearing what you think is hard Weah, yeah! Weah..., yeah... Weah, yeah! I can"
  • Brain - Rita Pax (Paulina Przybysz)
    "Help me, refresh me darling Give me a bucket of a freezing crystal water Press the thing I forgot where is the button Help me, help me refresh me /2x You know I'm worried 'bout my lazy brain I know this"
  • Maybe - k.d. lang
    "Maybe I am crazy Maybe I'm confused Maybe I've misconstrued Maybe I.... Love you Maybe I an dreaming Maybe I am doomed Maybe I'm desitute Maybe I... Love you *Oh... Maybe I'll ask or No... Maybe I won't Oh... It"
  • Maybe - Up Dharma Down
    "Maybe I should sleep it off Maybe I should let loose When I see for myself that I can't take it anymore I just runaway Maybe, maybe, maybe Maybe, maybe, maybe And when I've come so far From where I used"
  • Maybe - Janis Joplin
    "Maybe Oh if I could pray and I try, dear, You might come back home, home to me. Maybe Whoa, if I could ever hold your little hand Oh you might understand. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah. Maybe,"

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