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meduza uczony błendem

    "Macki meduzy oplatają nowy etap Wchodzę znów do jubilera W kapturz ei czarnych dresach Z amią nie bierzemy jeńców Stygnie krew nam na bagnetach Swo jej nie kupiłeś kwiatów Znowu muszę ją pocieszać Mamy"
  • Uczony Błędem - Medusa
    "chodzę po mieście w którym od dawna słuchany rap już taki klimat był tu z nami od najmłodszych lat to dało nam charakter każdy tu o swoich dbał wokół ten zepsuty świat każdy jakoś rade dał wyszedł na"
  • Meduza (ft. Wiatr) - Rizi Beizeti
    "(nigdy nie zabijesz prawdy nigdy nie odbierzesz moich snów zawsze gram otwarte karty i odcinam każdą z twoich głów) nigdy nie zabijesz prawdy nigdy nie odbierzesz moich snów zawsze gram otwarte karty i"
  • Curse of Pharaoh - Meduza
    "Trapped in this man-made cave Forever it may see, Every crack, every stone Is known to me Sentenced to die The everlasting death Alive, but not living I dwell in here Born Four thousand years ago Through"
  • Holy Ground - Meduza
    "In to the realm of a perpetual sleep I go Riding on a dream Where the wings of chaos reign forever more Logic can't prevail- oh no I feel a power rising Deep in my soul This is the final quest This is"
  • Hounds of Hell - Meduza
    "See the world the way I do Through the eyes of a bitter truth Fear will shoot through your soul. You raise your cup and drink their blood You've gained the power, but you've lost your soul Oh, what have"
  • I Will Rise - Meduza
    "They've always told me you're not good enough Keeping me nailed to the ground But I've always followed the voice of my heart Burning desire of art They're full of envy It makes them mad I see it clearly It"
  • Land of Forgotten Dreams - Meduza
    "As a child I was running free Like a leaf in the wind The days seemed endless No worries then There was no ball and no chain I look back on those days with a yearning in my heart Land of forgotten dreams As"
  • Now and Forever - Meduza
    "Through eons of time my heart has awaited For this day to come And many a day the gods know I've doubted that this moment would arise In passionate flames my heart is burning The moment is here, the end"
  • Shed No Tears - Meduza
    "One heart of fire, another made of ice What I once I though was true, has shown to be lies I know you've been mistreated You have been hurt But treating me this way Won't take away your pain No tears,"
  • Sleep - Meduza
    "Our hearts were made as one Perpetual love, why did you have to die? I held you tight and said "loved one do not be afraid" Just close your eyes and dream Sleep forever in my arms Our love, it never"
  • Touch the Sky - Meduza
    "A perpetual fire Reign of passion, my heart is in flames An eruption of violent fury Touches me gentle as a breeze An emotional whirlwind Sweeping through my mind Now I am reaching for heaven Leaving"
  • Twilight of My Mind - Meduza
    "In the twilight of my mind The twisted shadows of my past swell Chanting, pleading and commanding me Whispering me poisoned wisdom in my ears Faceless creatures crawling I can't take this pain All this"
  • Paradise (ft. Dermot Kennedy) - MEDUZA
    "In the fading light Hearts colide Sjhows dance in the distance Something just ain’t right I am cold inside Help me find what i a missing We’re all scared to fly Still, we try Learn to be brave See the"
  • Heil Hitler - Eddie Meduza
    "Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler. Det var jag som fdde tanken om ett stort och heligt krig, som en gng fr alla skulle ge oss fred i evig tid. I ett rike utan judar, fritt frn sldder, drgg och skan. Dr"
  • Jaeny Jaeny - Eddie Meduza
    "Jaeny jaeny how i love you Jaeny jaeny Thinking on you Jaeny jaeny every night and day Jaeny jaeny love you madly Jaeny jaeny all so badley Jaeny jaeny never go away Refr I just love you little Jeany"
  • Just Like An Eagle - Eddie Meduza
    "I remember when I met you Love was like a burning flame And your love was warm and tender Melted me the day you came And we used to be so happy Rolling down a gentle stream Now I realize that all the"
  • Rockabilly Rebel - Eddie Meduza
    "Hr fr man p kften, frn alla jvla hll Dom tycker jag r fnig, som lirar rock 'n roll Nu fr dom sluta gnlla, nu fr jag sga till Att jag gr t vilket jvla hll jag vill Jag r en rockabilly rebel, frn topp till"
  • Sveriges Kompani - Eddie Meduza
    "Mina kra gossar, hr r vi. Alla uti Sveriges Kompani. Alla tuffa karlar, som frsvarar Sverige mot den lede fi. Vi kan alla sl en hger sving, och vi har en vnster krok med sting. S kom inte hit och snacka"
  • The Man In The Sky - Eddie Meduza
    "The hard times are reigning The world is in pain The kings and the captains they all conquer in vain I stand in the background Just watching the scene I'm doing my best to keep my hands washed and clean The"

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