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meet understandme how are I'm ..... I

  • Meet The Pressure - Her Space Holiday
    "I'm not a victim of some feeble mind disease Although some of my old friends would tend to disagree I know these chemicals will get the best of me I'm not saying that I want to quit it just makes it hard"
  • Meet Your Fate - South Park
    "First Verse (Pimpstress): Look here Baby Boo, let me give it to you Let me show you all the things that this girl can do Your World I wanna rock, wanna love you til' I drop I'm a thug like Pac, when you"
  • Ready To Meet Him - DMX
    "Please give me the strength I need to live... Bear with me Amen We each walk the path, that we've chosen I'm ready to meet him We're I'm living ain't right Black hate whit White hate black"
  • Old Moon Meet New - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "If I try out and I make it Should I bail or play it fake? How deep should I look into things? What kind of chances should I take? In a world of new additions Fuck yeah I've made some bad decisions Somewhere"
  • How are you - David Usher
    "How are you How are you How are you How are you Had a dream I could turn back time Had to stop to rewind my memory Had a vision of the ruby sky we were riding high On our own pink elephant Another day"
  • How are you - The Kinks
    "It's been a while, I haven't seen you for at least A year or more, or is it less? I can't be sure Well, anyway, you must have heard about the Troubles that I had, but somehow I got through I always managed"
  • How Are You? - David Usher
    "How are you? How are you? How are you? How are you? Had a dream I could turn back time Had to stop to rewind my memory Had a vision of the ruby sky we were riding high On our own pink elephant Another"
  • How Are You? - Saga
    "How are ya' feelin' now? How are ya' feelin' now? I've got some news for you You and your attitude Back off, I won't go near it Your world goes 'round & 'round You might be feelin' down But we don't wanna"
  • How Things Are - Zwan
    "away i fall to you to stay silent no more anyone with a clue wouldn't do as i've done but the fear that you know is the fear you become to love i want to say i want to go i'm so afraid to be alone all"
  • When I Meet God - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) And if the bottle's no solution Why does it feel so warm And if that girl is no solution Why did she feel so warm And if to feel is no solution Why do I feel Why"
  • When I Meet You - Ariel Rivera
    "There I was an empty piece of a shell Just mindin' my own world Without even knowin' What love and life were all about Then you came... You brought me out of the shell You gave the world to me And before"
  • Meet Me On The Floor - Big Tuck
    "(feat. Addiction & Tite) Watch us bulldoze your spot, and make your heartbeat stop Got a mean overhand, oh yeah you will get dropped Upper cuts combination, please don't get slid Give this fuck boy a"
  • I Wanna Meet The Man - K's Choice
    "I've been thinking all night about this song. The music's okay, but I can't find words to say. I could sing that I'm a virgin and show my tits, decree how sex improves the world, in which masturbation"
  • How I'm Livin' - Jeru The Damaja
    "I got a freaky freaky freak, give you a freak you turns em out I put them hoes in a row and turn out Queens no doubt Don't need a vest, but flow like bullets freely through shootouts I be the real supernatural,"
  • When I Meet My King - Khia
    "Verse 1: When I meet my king it'll be a beautiful thing like walkin through the gates of heaven, seein my motha again like cookin necked in my heels, smokin, fuckin again we take a walk through the park,"
  • Meet my friends - The Bates
    "Took usal some teachers I walked 1000 miles But the days were hot and the nights were cold And the girls are cold as ice Now I'm standing at the station I'm tied in every bone But I got no time to sleep"
  • Meet me halfway - Moody Blues
    "Never dreamt I would hopeWhile I count the miles Through the wind and the rain I can see you smile There ain't no turning back I can see it in the distance Got it in my sight Like a vision like a faceComing"
  • Meet My Friend - Eddy Huntington
    "Meet my friend, he knows every little trick Meet my friend called Dick (repeat twice) I've got friend He's so much fun And I know he's ready for action He'd like to fire And wake up your desire"
  • Meet You There - Busted
    "I'm waiting For the perfect time to call you back Cos' I remember saying Don't wanna know the truth Can't handle that And I try to (and I try to) Just forget you (just forget you) But don't know how If"
  • To Meet You - Teitur
    "It's five miles till I see my lover I guess you could say that she's more than that I've been sat in this seat now for hours Reading my book like a map Yeah these windows are crying And this train is"

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