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  • I'm Going (Feat. Melika) - Splesher
    "I played with your heart I will not practice in the future flirt as fast as you shoot a gun I will never know how You defeated me with my own weapon apparently it was your time Now I feel like I'm"
    "Zapominałem Jak wygląda twoja dłoń Zapominałem Jaki jest jej wzór Tak to bywa pamięć jest chwilowa A dzień się dłuży Jesień oddaliłam nas Czy w twojej głowie jest jeszcze nadzieja Bo w moim sercu nie"
  • Home - MELIKA
    "it’s not arrange ..your 7 ways looking down my only place maybe I’m wrong …coming screams maybe, lots… As slowly turning to someone else …coming screams maybe, lots… As slowly turning to someone else (Ładna"
  • 32 Stories - Valete
    "I Know I'm Here With You TonightCould I Be Holding You Too Tight?Just Say the Word and I'll Let GoWe Want the Best For You, You Know32 Stories in the SkyWe Saw a Brilliant SunriseIt Kinda Hit Us By SurpriseAnd"
  • Under the rain - Planet Funk
    "The sky was hotIt's rays beat down on my headI looked up vast and cloudless it cast unblinking eyes down on meIt's rays beat down on my headI tried to look awayBut it's horizons drew me inI was waiting"
  • Rhythm of love - Elize
    "The second of the beat about drumIs playing like a bit of a songAnd the feeling keeps calling meLike a sweet sound of mysteryTell me is the women insideI'm going for the love in the liveAnd the feeling"
  • Standing still - Quindon Tarver
    "Cutting Through the Darkest Night Are My Two HeadlightsTrying to Keep It Clear, But I'm Losing It HereTo the TwilightThere's a Dead End to My LeftThere's a Burning Bush to My RightYou Aren't in SightYou"
  • Take a chance - Bad Boys Blue
    "Flames are burning in my heart.Cant fight the fire. You are always on my mind.Another sleepless night with you on my mind.An empty space in my heart.Thats how I feel. Emotions tear me apart.Another rainy"
  • Drunkard's prayer - Over The Rhine
    "You're my waterYou're my wineYou're my whiskeyFrom time to timeYou're the hungerOn my bonesAll the nightsI sleep aloneSweet intoxicationWhen your wordsWash over meWhether or notYour lips moveYou speak"
  • Come rain or come shine - BB King
    "I'm gonna love youLike nobody's loved youCome rain or come shineHigh as a mountain and deep as a riverCome rain or come shineWell i guess when you met meThat it were just one of those thingsDon't you ever"
  • Fall in the web of desire - Initial D
    "Fall in the webFall in the web Those are blindYou can tryNobody will know youWho you areYou'll be fineAnd not be shyDo not resist if you love meLike a spiderFeeling there is a prey thereYou get lighterWaiting"
  • Anyone who had a heart - Linda Ronstadt
    "Anyone who ever loved could look at meAnd know that I love youAmyone who ever dreamed could look at meAnd know I dream of youKnowing I love you soAnyone who had a heartWould take me in his arms and love"
  • What your love does for me - Tucker Tanya
    "I was givin' up on givin' love another tryBut were easy on the heartAnd easy on the eyeI wouldn't have believed it if I'd been toldI'd have my very own angel to holdLike a warm blanket I can wrap around"
  • My Everything - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "Oh how I love youAnd I always willForever and everTill times standin stillKnow that your with meLike the air that I breatheAnd I'll be beside youAnd fight for your dreams(chorus)Cause you're my everythingAnd"
  • Skullflower - Cathedral
    "She plants a seed in my headOpium narcosis hypnotic dreadI feel her death growing in meLike a cancer,yet i crave the diseaseMesmeried by her strange powerBeauty and death in unionShe blossoms in the 13th"
  • Drag - Queen
    "Puncture meMake me feelLike I am realTorture meDrag me under youTimeLifts me up and downTimeMakes meSHUT UPLife is much too short to be hereIntoxicated Life is much too short to be hereDragPlease treat"
  • Two icicles - Flunk
    "I'm a weirdo thats whyI secretly comes byNow two icicles appearAbout to loveWe're two icicles on a spreeAnd icicles' they are freeAnd you belong to meLike icicles belong to the seaI'm so happy when it"
  • Pomegranate bleeding - Idaho
    "Pomegranate bleeding insideLet it happen or wash it away'Cause i know these questions are looking at meBaking in the sun there is no sheltering meFrom the rays up high that i will not ever see Breezing"
  • Face off - M.M.O.
    "Yo a lot of people depend on me (strongly)I no longer wanna press them situations wronglyThey say that a man's life, gon' be what it's gon' beSo I switched the game around, and now it's on me(You control"
  • Like i'm invisible - Vandross Luther
    "You talk about me as if I'm not thereYou don't even whisper cuz you just don't careI stand there and listen to my life go byAnd at times I wonder why I even tryWell I try because I like to finish what"

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