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memories don't remember don't remember don't remember

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memories don't remember don't remember don't remember

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memories don't remember don't remember don't remember
  • SOiL Remember
    "When father time has closed my eyes And I've said my final goodbyes Out of sight when I'm out of your mind Will you remember My time is all I had to give Weighed down by the life that I live Could you,"
  • Thumb Remember
    "It could make me wanna sit down and cry, ev'rything we'll ever be has to die, ev'rything we ever were is dead, I cannot believe what I've had. It could make me wanna turn around, I don't wanna be lost"
  • Biohazard Remember
    "Here's a dedication To the men and women who've served in Vietnam From our generation to you and your family... Respect is long overdue Memories of blood, red, white, blue Orange skies at night, southeast"
  • Shampoo Don't Remember
    "Hello Darling, Have We Met Before? Weren't You The One Who Knew The Bloke Next Door? Do You Remember When We Used To Date? Didn't You Go Out With My Brother's Mate? Chorus 'Course We Don't Remember, Remember,"
  • Ciara Don't Remember
    "What did I say to him last night? I can't feel my face, try to focus but my mind ain't right. I remember the party, the DJ, my homies, my man and me. But the rest of it's blurry, something I did made"
  • Limp Bizkit Don't remember
    "Black and white you know you're somewhere in between i hate you but i live without me why can't i i know exactly how you think i'm just as dirty down inside as you could ever be but girl you know you can't"
  • Jasmine Guy Don't remember
    "Hey have i ever saidIt's a little bit funnyThat me and youDont remember our beautiful moments?I never want to hear you againI never forgot it i just remembered thatMe and you together make perfect matchWill"
  • Yoko Ono Remember
    "Remember, when you were young, How the hero was never hung, Always got away. Remember, how the man Used to leave you empty handed, Always, always let you down. If you ever change your mind About leaving"
  • Groove Armada Remember
    "What you What you see In your time, to me And you know that you are free And when you can be Don't think you only, what you see For remember What you see Remember what you see What you Remember what"
  • John Lennon Remember
    "Remember when you were young how the hero was never hung always got away Remember the man used to leave you empty handed Always , always let you down If you ever change your mind about leaving it all"
  • Richie Kotzen Remember
    "I can read your mind Don't you know its easy for me after all This time And I know when you lie If were talking on the phone or one on One The truth you never hide I don't need you to teel me theres Something"
  • Allister Remember
    "Remember the moment you face Is it all straight ahead or behind you? Well maybe if you look around You'll see everything's perfectly clear Picture it all in your mind Remember where we are now Open"
  • De/Vision Remember
    "Don't give in And blow out everything That once was you That you'll be You always were so free Free as a bird In a cage Longing for the final stage And so I sing For you 'cause it breaks my heart in two Always"
  • Disturbed Remember
    "Sensation washes over me I can't describe it Pain I felt so long ago I don't remember Tear a hole so I can see My devastation Feelings from so long ago I don't remember Holding on, to let them know What's"
  • Black Lab Remember
    "it was wild in the street wild in the night blistering cold in the cold daylight i could feel your hands pushing hard on me and all the fights that i tried to fight fair all the nights that you spent with"
  • Flotsam And Jetsam Remember
    "Newspaper blanket covers my view But I still get the story through The more people that I meet The less friends that I keep Words roll off my tongue like spit I reighin again get used to it The dust you"
  • Ben Harper Remember
    "Ben Harper Miscellaneous Remember Won't you remember the mocking bird, my baby bun He used to sing for dinner, baby Oh he used to sing for his supper He used to sing so sweetly Since my baby left me, he"
  • KRS-One Remember
    "(I remember..) Big Daddy Kane (You've forgotten..) Salt-N-Pepa (To remember..) Outrageous clothes (I wonder why..) Uhh, oh (I remember..) Heavy D (You've forgotten..) Kool Moe Dee (To remember..) Dope"
  • Nemesea Remember
    "I hear voices in my head They won't stop haunting me Can't breathe, my thought are killing me They are my enemy You knew how to sell your lies I followed easily Misled couldn't see what you were like You"
  • No Motiv Remember
    "You will always be a part of me no matter what the case may be if you just give me some time to try you will always have me by your side I'm always here to make you feel alright... Do you remember I remember"

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