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menua kathy

  • Kathy - Clouds
    "Thanks a lot for caring For talking to me Taking time out Taking me to a corner Getting me to let it all out I have told you everything That I'm feeling You understand my pain See it's all inside me There's"
  • Catchy Kathy - Tesco Value
    "Little Kathy, she just turned around the midnight cornerPulling sheets, stepping feet - let it all be sure nowHave you ever been those thirteen!Little Kathy didn't understand the situationMore than 7 years"
  • Catchy Kathy - Czesław Niemen
    "Little Kathy she just turned around the midnight corner Puling sheets, steping feet - Let is all be sure now Have you ever been those thirteen! Little Kathy didn't understand the situation More than 7"
  • Kathy Keller - Okkervil River
    "Kathy Keller's only daughter, I've been bad, but I'm getting better. I seen you dancing with another man and he was holding your hand, but all dances must rest, nothing lasts forever. Cynthia Anne, so"
  • Kathy Isn't Right - Screeching Weasel
    "She took every single pill in the cabinet She fell down we cleaned her up but what a mess Kathy isn't right today She broke out the other day and ran away from the mental hospital Lately she's becoming"
  • Kathy Isn't Right (Ben Weasel) - Screeching Weasel
    "She took every single pill in the cabinet She fell down we cleaned her up but what a mess Kathy isn't right today She broke out the other day and ran away from the mental hospital Lately she's becoming"
  • Kathy With A K's Song - Bright Eyes
    "Love is real It is not just in novels or the movies It is fact And it is standing here right in front of you So if you open your eyes Oh what a sweet discovery There is hope, and there is joy, and there"
  • 455 Rocket - Kathy Mattea
    "Mr. Smith had an Oldsmobile Baby-blue with wire wheels I took her home the day she was advertised He said she would leaked when it would rain Sounded like an aeroplane but I knew she was jewel in disguise She"
  • A Few Good Things Remain - Kathy Mattea
    "I heard a siren late last night You must have felt me shiver Shaken by a wave of fright That you calm with a whisper And fear gave way to better things And sweeter dreams Like a warm spring rain On a"
  • Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses - Kathy Mattea
    "Charlie's got a gold watch Don't seem like a whole lot After thirty years of driving up and down the interstate But Charlie's had a good life And Charlie's got a good wife And after tonight she'll no"
  • I Have Always Loved You - Kathy Mattea
    "I have always been on the outside Looking inside 'till I found you Never knowin' where my life would lead What I could believe 'till you broke through Where on Earth did you come from ? It's like I've"
  • Love At The Five & Dime - Kathy Mattea
    "Rita was 16 years Hazel eyes and chestnut hair She made the Woolworth counter shine And Eddie was a sweet romancer And a darn good dancer When they'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime Now Eddie played"
  • That's The Deal - Kathy Mattea
    "There was a gentleman I knew A stroke held his wife fast asleep And his whole life had come down to The vigil he would daily keep I asked would he rather be free ? And this is how he answered me That's"
  • The Battle Hymn Of Love - Kathy Mattea
    "I will pledge my heart to the love we share Through the good and the bad times too I'll forsake my rest for your happiness Till my death I will stand by you With God as my witness, this vow I will make To"
  • The Innocent Years - Kathy Mattea
    "I need to go down and wash my face Deep in the river of my old homeplace I need to walk in the waters that once gave me life Go over and walk the old railroad tracks See if I can follow it all the way"
  • The Southern Soldier Boy - Kathy Mattea
    "Bob Roebuck is my sweetheart's name He's off to the wars and gone He's fighting for his Nannie dear His sword is buckled on He's fighting for his own true love His foes he does defy He is the darling"
  • Train Of Memories - Kathy Mattea
    "Every time you come around I hear that lonesome sound Ooh, train of memories Boxcars go flying by With all my dreams inside Ooh, train of memories I see you waving Hear you say goodbye Rollin' down"
  • Trust Me - Kathy Mattea
    "I know she hurt you It's clear to see The scar runs wide and reaches deep Wish I could find the one magic word to dry your eyes and heal your hurt But you hardly hear me when those memories haunt you so Baby,"
  • Untold Stories - Kathy Mattea
    "All those untold stories All those silent lies We'll never know each other Keeping them deep inside Let's wash away the troubles Keeping us apart Tell those untold stories Let the healing start It's been"
  • Walk The Way The Wind Blows - Kathy Mattea
    "Up along the hallway Down along the stairs I can see the pictures We made down through the years And it makes me blue, darling Thinking of the past And I'm truly sorry I couldn't make it last Walk the"

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