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merchandise become what you are

  • Merchandise - Face To Face
    "When we have nothing left to give There will be no reason for us to live But when we have nothing left to lose You will have nothing left to use We owe you nothing You have no control Merchandise"
  • Merchandise - Fugazi
    "When we have nothing left to give There will be no reason for us to live But when we have nothing left to lose You will have nothing left to use We owe you nothing you have no control Merchandise keeps"
  • Human Merchandise - Flaw
    "Made up my mind today When all the proof was made out right before Lonely But I look the other way Inspired by the memory of past indifference Was a tale? The question is still haunting me Where"
  • What I've Become - Ashlee Simpson
    "I walk alone inside these walls and it's not easy being me Seems like everytime I escape there's another following Me, I'm running Yeah, they're coming I can feel them shooting me Without asking, lights"
  • What I've Become - Deciding Tonight
    "And I hate what I've become Childhood photographs are faded like the memories Lost inside my head Because I sold my soul for cheap In exchange for empty promises They've all been broken He came to me"
  • What Will Become - Unashamed
    "Deliver me from this Body of Death, I've found no help from within myself, I've taken my life and filled it with pain, take sins hands from around my neck. Complacent hands are choking me to death. You"
  • Become - Ekotren
    "It was the first time I ever decided to say. Show you all the damage inside caused by all of the Games you played inside my mind. Stare at me blankly. Now theres nowhere for you to hide. Nothing left to"
  • Become - Midge Ure
    "Still, standing on my own money No hart, no love, no home Still behind the door Waiting for be accepted What take you to wait so long ___ We don’t hear to be To be, to become Something good Something"
  • Become Us - Tamia
    "oh yea im feelin this one right here mm hmm dont know i don't know whats goin on somethins happened i just don't feel the same at all when you touch me i just have to close my eyes each time you hug"
  • What Have We Become? - DC Talk
    "A preacher shuns his brother Cause his bride's a different colour And this is not acceptable His papa taught him so It was love that he'd been preaching But this was overreaching The boundaries stretchin'"
  • Everything We Were Has Become What We Are - Amber Pacific
    "Is this what you want No words at all Silent but sure of the things that you lost Take all your words To cover your lies Secrets won't coat all your tears and your cries One reason (Reason) (For past"
  • What Will Become? - Fear Factory
    "we've cut in, cut out the face of man cut in, cut out the face of... time has given us no reason to live look to the future and you will see nothing what will become? what will we be? when we"
  • What I've Become - Lamb Of God
    "Blank stares from broken men So withered from the poisons they can't Remember when There were once honest reasons It's all a lie, it died 100,000 miles ago Pretending I'm still here. Justify. What I've"
  • What We Become - Kisschasy
    "The night is perfect. Take out your blades, get out your guns. We'll drink our poison, then wait and see what we become. Hey boys grab a girl, let's move until the stars are gone. Step to the rhythm,"
  • What I've Become - Kill Your Idols
    "It's alright to be alone again it's been fun used again I can handle what is true it's not easy being you can't feel pain when I'm numb can accept what you've done I don't leave myself open to pain because"
  • What You've Become - Vehemence
    "Smile at me again, but I know what's on your mind It's so easy for you, tell me what I want to hear Damn your lies, sliding my blade across your face I can smile at you and terror courses through your"
  • What We've Become - Just Surrender
    "I'll take this as easy as I can make it seem You'll keep me, me guessing Act like you still believe There's a time and place for everything The words you spoke, the words he said "How could this happen"
  • Your Lies Become You - Monster Magnet
    "How did I get here without you? It's a miracle we're all sane We're kinda like sucked in a vacuume Of booking a flight on a doomed plane Well you claimed you could read the future And I'd say that you've"
  • Become Who You Are - Mainstay
    "So it seems that I'm wrong, cuz you said that I would never want for anything again But my eyes are set low and I'm holding to the thing I know I can't keep I keep on chasing the wrong things This isn't"
  • Whatever We Become - Angie Aparo
    "Why am I so pitiful? It's hard to erase what never was I know compared to most Our fortune is made of blessing and love Whatever we become, whether together or undone You are life and I am overloaded I"

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