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  • Half As Good As You (ft. Alice Merton) - Tom Odell
    "I’m sick to death of eating breakfast on my own starting out my Daily blues I’m sick to death spilling coffee on my phone scrolling through pictures of you I’d like to say that maybe we could work it out but"
  • Vertigo - Alice Merton
    "Alice Merton podzieliła się z fanami informacją o premierze swojej nowej piosenki. Utwór podpisany Alice Merton 'Vertigo' będzie dostępny w sieci od 9 kwietnia 2021 roku."
  • No Roots - Alice Merton
    "I like digging holes and hiding things inside them When I’ll grow old I hope I won’t forget to find them cause I’ve got memories and travel like gypsies in the night I built a home and wait for someone"
  • Hit the Ground Running - Alice Merton
    "hit the ground hit the ground running it’s oneway street with an open end way lies ahead but I always knew that this was it the sign were lit I always knew I’m gonna hit the ground running hit the ground"
  • Lash Out - Alice Merton
    "I can feel like on th eback of my tongue all of the words getting trapped in my lungs heavy like a stone waiting for the river to run I wanna lash out I wanna let it out cause I can feel it on the back"
  • Why So Serious - Alice Merton
    "when did we forget all the crazy things that made us feel so part of it? our youth, so confidnt we played our heartstrings not caring if it ends try to learn to let go off all those things that tie you"
  • Funny Business - Alice Merton
    "no Funny Business no Funny Business trust me trust me when i say I was innocent trust me he only stayed cause we were just listening we were just listening I know what you think I know you’re scared I’ll"
  • Speak Your Mind - Alice Merton
    "you say that it’s all fine but I can read your thoughts and I can see that you ain’t alright but you won’t tell me why no you won’t tell me why and you know that it’s hard for me to look at you and realise"
  • Learn To Live - Alice Merton
    "They’ve got fire Well I’ve got lightning bolts They keep hunting Trying to kill my hope and everywhere I go I see them in the corner of my eye shouting that it’s over shouting that I’d stop the fight can"
  • Wiosna 2021 w Polsacie - Spot wizerunkowy - Polsat
    "why so serious why are we so serious why so serious when did we get like this? I still remember we weren’t grown up like this why so serious why are we so serious why so serious when did we get like this? I"
  • Hope I Don't Go Back - E-40
    "Whas happenin? You need to take it inside. Take what inside? You're disturbing the peace. Yeah yeah I done got too big to be hoppin over barbed wire fences right? But I had this one broad"

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