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  • Mesh - New Order
    "Below the surface this day I need it light Inside dimension lies another sacrifice Once out of reach, we never speak, we never compromise As they turned to gold the edges froze and seemed to turn to ice All"
  • Mercury Mesh - Tidfall
    "We are the neurotic illness. Domination whip of extacy death. Cruel crossbred mutating creature Fear generator bred to burst We flay off our flesh and throw it away, The mercury mesh shines brighter today. Infectious"
  • Mesh Hats And Interstates - Digger
    "Blur the days together postcards spread across my legs. Books and bottles on the floor. Brown fields in my view, through the dirty window, leaving me in-between cities. Bite my nails between notes and"
  • Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox - Guided By Voices
    "Traveller's diagram For where I am, for what I am Check the provisional codes It overloads, it all explodes And hey, let's throw the great party Today for the rest of our lives The fun is just about to"
  • Digital Dream (Mesh Classic Cupboard Cut) - De/Vision
    "Put some soul in my machine Put some soul in my machine Machines do not dream Feed your dreams in my machine Feed your dreams in my machine Dirty and obscene Unwrap all your beauty and love Unwrap all"
  • Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox (A Rock Anthem) - Guided By Voices
    "Traveller's diagram for Where I am for what I am ??? vision? (visual?) code? Overloads, it all explodes And hey, let's throw the great party today for the rest of our lives The band is just about to"
  • Confined - Mesh
    "How can you accept it's just the way When everyday's the same old wash of grey Everyday the air just tastes the same And everywhere I look there's nothing new Soaked through with the subtle shades of blue"
  • Believe Me - Mesh
    ""Believe Me" by mesh StL Lowecase -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- -*- How long has it been since we spoke this way Has it come to this, and can you say... It's all my fault when I've"
  • Friends Like These - Mesh
    "I've fallen in love with a photograph A moment of youth that I can't get back The days when you're here it returns again Emotions that feed on me everyday And every night I watch it fading It's safer"
  • The Trouble We're In - Mesh
    "If you wanted to get things over and done with That's alright If you think that it's washed up, rinsed out and spun with Well, not quite If you feel you've done enough If you feel you've done enough It's"
  • Open Up The Ground - Mesh
    "(Let's open up the ground and disappear) I can't see how we came together And I can't see how we're blown apart I still know how to make you happy I just don't know why I break your heart I can't say"
  • What Are You Scared Of? - Mesh
    "It's a fool's game It's a rat race Are you tempted To be rented? It's a clique-fest Lover, undress Are you stable? Am I able? Only you can press that button Only you can press that button today (She"
  • Step By Step - Mesh
    "I learn about life through your life I learn about touch through your hands I learn about love through your heart I learn to be kind where I can But the window's still broken It's starting to freeze And"
  • No Place Like Home - Mesh
    "If you say it right Say, "There's no place like home" You'll be back there alone In your room I'm walking a line I just want to say that you've been on my mind We don't talk all the time Still, I don't"
  • Petrified - Mesh
    "You're the breath in us too You're the test of what's true You're the one that stops them You become the problem It's just a different side Of the many walls in your mind The walls with secret panels Built"
  • Rest In Pieces - Mesh
    "You're just revisiting the truth You're making changes to the memories of your youth So take the day for all it has You're not the first to cry, though you might just be the last And you'll rest in pieces As"
  • This Is What You Wanted - Mesh
    "(And you can't go back again) All the lines you wrote All the words you spoke are here It helps Every part of her Every drop of every tear She smiles: This is what you wanted This is what you'd pray"
  • Room With A View - Mesh
    "I thought I knew Something more about you than you let through I thought I saw Something close to kindness, but that was all Oh, it's so ironic You've got the good book Your name's still on it Oh, you're"
  • My Hands Are Tied - Mesh
    "You could be free You could be free You never tire of reminding me You could be free You've spent some time on your own You're used to living alone In all the space that you find for me You've spent some"
  • Can You Mend Hearts? - Mesh
    "I'm out of faith It's harder than the first time I've seen a face That's hollow on the inside And it's not our aim But we're all to blame We'll never take that away We'll never take it away Can you mend"

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