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mi amore you're amazing you stole my heart

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mi amore you're amazing you stole my heart

  • Mi Amore - Velvet
    "Heey, yeah, heey Ohh woah oh Got the fire, got desire Won't fight it any longer Can you see it? Can you feel it? And it's coming out stronger (Ai-ae) I'm lost into loving you (Ai-ae) Go, go,"
  • You Stole My Heart - Dr. Sin
    "(Dr. Sin) When I saw you for the first time I felt my heartbeat growing stronger You came to me just like a vision of hope And I knew we'd be together somehow You gotta know You're all I want Only you"
  • Amore - SARVI
    "You know you make my heart beat, You know you make my body shake, Can you feel my heart beat? Can you feel my body shake inside? Oh, mi amore, oh, mi amore, Won't you come to me? Oh, mi amore, oh, mi"
  • Since You Stole My Heart - Saturday Looks Good To Me
    "I don't know what's come over me Since you stole my heart You've got a power that no one can see And it reaches down to ocean Segulls fly in circular motion Children spinning in rollercoasters Since you"
  • Amazing - Foxes
    "Do what you want /4x When I look at you the drums all start beating And I just don't know if I'm ready or not, to do it all again See, I've got a wild heart and I can't control it It keeps on letting"
  • Stole - Anne-Marie
    "I don’t know why I lay awake at night Thinking of you, thinking of you Your sweat on the pillow What time did you go? Wishing on you, wishing for you to come home It’s not the man I, it’s not the man I"
  • Amazing - Michael George
    "I was mixed up when you came to me Too broke to fix said 'daddy what you gone, I'm missing my baby' Still missing my baby I was stitched up by the hands of fate Said how you gonna make it on your own"
  • Amazing - George Michael
    "(George Michael/Jon Douglas) I was mixed up when you came to me Too broke to fix Said 'daddy get you gone, I'm missing my baby' Still missing my baby... I was stitched up by the hands of fate Said how"
  • Amazing - Emma Bunton
    "Look at me Tell me what you see Does he please you and make you go weak at the knees I don't know How you know But I guess it might show that my eyes are in paradise Can it really be That you're here"
  • You're so amazing - Janelle
    "The morning cold and raining, dark before the dawn could come How long in twilight waiting longing for the rising sun ohoh ohoh Oh ooh You came like crashing thunder breaking through these walls of stone You"
  • Stole My Heart - One Direction
    "Liam:The light shines It's getting hot on my shoulders I don't mind But this time it doesn't matter Cause your friends they look good and you look better Don't you know all night I've been waiting for"
  • You're Amazing - Robert Palmer
    "Ain't no doubt about it, you're a masterpiece You're amazing Adrift at sea'til I saw your face It's amazing Anybodys guess - now it's guaranteed Sent to seventh heaven in my hour of need Baby baby baby"
  • You Stole My Heart - Lemonator
    "Shame, shame on me I woke up with you in my dreams I waited for you, I waited for you It's about the last few days, it's about this one mistake You stole my heart You stole my heart why does it have to"
  • You Stole My Heart - Harmony
    "You stole my heart Yeah you packed it up And you took it away from me You stole my heart Yeah it followed you up on the train When you left me You stole my heart And I want it back So please come back"
  • Amore - The Hooters
    "Hey! I come awake fallin' down in the sheets They come unwinding alive in the heat The music plays now my love is complete Whenever you say Amore Merci mon cherie (Amore) Bonjour por favor Gracias seniorita We"
  • You Stole - Brand New
    "Last night they said the fire had spread And we said our prayers And now the flames are burning me in my bed, But I just don't care We all go to sleep in the same place And in the morning hope that we're"
  • Amazing - Rez Band
    "You put me up when life put me down, You took me in when sin shut me out, You called my name when I felt forgotten. It's amazing, (amazing) It's amazing, (amazing) It's amazing, (amazing) Your love, it's"
  • I Adore Mi Amore - Color Me Badd
    "Donde, donde estas a donde que mas querida Con quien estas mi amor A dando voy duda si eres illusion Ooh yeah Chica tu eres mi vida la tenuda Y allegria amore Y este sueno Contigo sera verda Ooh yeah Dream"
  • Amazing - Tin Machine
    "I'm lazy You're crazy, girl Stay by my side I'm scared you'll Meet someone In whom you'll confide Life's still a dream Your love's amazing Since I found you My life's amazing I pledge you You'll never"
  • Amazing - Spin 360
    "Jesus, holy, blameless Lamb of God Where would I be if not for Your blood? I'm still amazed that a God of power Could be so merciful Lord, You're amazing, You're amazing You've won my heart, You've won"

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