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michal szpak don t poison your heart

  • Don`t - Mike And The Mechanics
    "I don't want to condescend I just want to be your friend I don't want to drive your car I just want to make a start with you I don't want to touch your lace I just want to touch your face but everytime"
  • Don't Poison Your Heart - Michał Szpak
    "I still really wonder why we all do bad things and … fight.. the scars are crying brothers and sisters we can change this place Don't Poison Your Heart remember you will feel this magic life Don't Poison"
  • Poison - Bell Biv DeVoe
    "Yeah, Spiderman and Freeze in full effect Uh-huh You ready, Ron? I'm ready You ready, Biv? I'm ready, Slick, are you? Oh, yeah, break it down Girl, I, must (warrrrrn yoooooooooou) I sense"
  • Don?t Sleep - Tupac
    "(feat. Lil' Scrappy, Nutso, Yaki Kadafi) Ahhh shit hahaha When I enter the first zone Worst known mic holder My Hummer roll up Evacuating strapped soldiers Inside strategy Manifestin' military styles Casually"
  • Poison - My American Heart
    "One last hit for you. Two pills here for me One too many times I've felt this way about you. Here's the poison for your lungs, smoke it down 'til you throw up. Then I'll reach down to push some sense"
  • Don`t Pull Your Love Out - Agnes Carlsson
    "You wanna stay you wanna go You just dont know and then you turn to walk away I feel abraved and I cant take how it makes me wanna Chasing all around trying hold you back from making a big mistake Dont"
  • Don`t Goo To Fast - Vanilla Ninja
    "Destination nowhere land Let us find a place where heartaches end It's good to hold you tight Just make me surrender Come on in and find out baby We got time and hope and dreams enough So don't you"
  • You don`t love me - The Kooks
    "Oh you don't love me the way that I love you Cause if you did girl you would not do those things you do You kill my heart just to see if I will rise Above your anger and above your lies And all I see of"
  • I don`t wanna know - Mario Winans
    "Hold up, let me answer my phone Some bitch callin me about some bullshit probably I'ma call you right back I'm doin this mixtape right here Now back to what I was sayin Somebody said they saw you The"
  • I Don?t Belong Here - Jeff Anderson
    "I keep feeling hopeless But your grace keeps pouring into my heart. This day cant last forever. Tomorrow will come but when does it start. Why do the bad things Blind our eyes so well never see the truth. The"
  • And you don' t remember - Mariah Carey
    "Shattered dreams Cut through my mind Tragically our love has died Memories confine my head Bitterly I face the end Trustingly I gave my soul to you I let you inside Believing your lies And you don't remember"
  • Don`t cry for pain - Ana Johnsson
    "Hey man, here's my plan I'm gonna break it Hey you, don't be sad Here's your chance so take it If you slap my face If you don't call Honestly, I don't care at all Maybe I'm a bit complicated All"
  • Zanim (feat. Michał Szpak) - Barbara Wrońska
    "Wojna trwa od rana i Wszystko inne nieważne Po kostki proch z pocisków mych Litery łamią mi palce Czekam aż ktoś dołączy Do mojej strony Stawi czoła bolesnym ciosem Zero-jedynkowym Zanim podpalisz cała"
  • Don`t Set Your Dogs On Me - Coma
    "On such a gloomy Sunday Don’t set your dogs on me I came to beg you baby For mercy Have a soul Let me off Off, off I know you’re sick and tired I really feel the same I am the useless player In your"
  • Poison - Nylon Beat
    "Every night and every day I think of you and want to say You're deadly company And every where I go or stay This feeling will find its way Your love is killing me Love's poison, poison"
  • Jesteś Bohaterem (Michał Szpak cover) - Zuzanna Dudek
    "Czas, gdy się wszystko zaczyna Myślisz sobie: Mogę zmieniać świat I przechodzi ten dzień, gdy wiesz już Kim chcesz być Nie zmieni tego nikt Ktoś, kogo znasz tylko z TV On mówi ci jak żyć Lecz te wiesz"
  • Poison - Elise Estrada
    "Your love is like my poison My heart is racing My skin is burning up Hands are shaking But still can't get enough It's rushing through me Like fire in my veins (my veins) Sweet veins (sweet veins) My body's"
  • Poison - Beyonce
    "Youre bad for me I clearly get it I dont see how something good could come from loving you The death of me must be your mission Cause with every hug and kiss youre snatching every bit of strain That Im"
  • Poison - French Affair
    "I - I can't get over youI don't know what to doCoz' I'm still caught in you I - Can't get away from youI 'm feeling so confusedCoz' I'm still wanting you - (I'm still wanting you)I need your kiss - think"
  • Poison - All Time Low
    "I've got a house in the back of my head But I can't find a permanent resident Cause the markets down and The area's not so good these days I've got a watch but I don't have time I got a road and it leads"

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