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mid life

  • Mid-Life Crisis - Australian Crawl
    "Bomba - He from Brazil & dance a frenzy Zandra - You know she changed her name from Sandy In Asia 'running naked by the ocean From America he thinks he's poetry in motion They sit around there with the"
  • Mid-Life Krysis - Travis
    "Memories fill your harbour History to be made Jealousy in the cupboard You with me until the grave Mid-life krysis, you invited everyone You can't wake, you can't wake from this nightmare Everyday"
  • Premature Mid-Life Crisis - The Methadones
    "I search for what is right and with everyday I fight For what I feel needs to be done The years keep slipping by I try to Get the most out of my life There are many places I've gone wrong I've been my"
  • Mid Tempo Song - Pipedown
    "Thought about what it meant to me Thought about my humanity Through it all, lost the light today Dark inside, got nothing to say Said yourself, so painful Lies of life, so painful Singing once again,"
  • Great Mid-West - John Mellencamp
    "Everything is slower here, everybody's got a union card They get up on Sunday and go to church of their choice Come back home cook out in the backyard And they call this the Great Midwest Where the cornfields"
  • A Mid-Summer Nights Waltz - The Promise Drive
    "The suns sets and the street lights flicker on. Another night on the town without you. I'll write a hundred songs about her that she will never hear. She will never hear me say "I love you. I miss you."
  • The Best Way To Beat A Mid-Life Crisis (Is To Be Dead) - The A.K.A.S
    "Momma, momma don't you waste those prayers on me. Momma, momma, won't you wash those tears away. I'm so red my credit line's f**ked up, bankrupt on borrowed time. I'm so red my credit line's f**ked up,"
  • Mid November - Johnathan Rice
    "I walked through walls to be with you In the early nighttime morning came so soon And on Thursday night New York glowed I was in your arms black water flowed And if you were told Would you ever know"
  • Mid Winter's Night - Blackmore's Night
    "Mid winters night (1st part in Provencial French) The bells are ringing On Mid Winters Night The moon sets all alone And once again I try to sleep before the morning light Too soon the sun will"
  • Mid-Death Crisis - Stampin' Ground
    "Another day, another trial Another eternity spent in denial Of the fact that we mean so very little Face up to your mid-death crisis The darkness, it blinds me The misery always finds me The soul dissection Try"
  • Mid Day Crisis - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "Then I saw his face and I was a believer It was the automatic rifles The Nintendos and Segas And the half a dozen dead disciples And like many a fruitcake before him He claimed to be the son of God But"
  • Mid-Season Change - No Motiv
    "It's an autumn day right now inside my head And the leaves are turning brown outside Summer now is dead And after all this time that I have had alone I wish I could return to the place that I call home But"
  • Mid-City Fiesta - People Under The Stairs
    "(Double K) I was chillin at the crib about 12 o clock When Thes Love called up, he knew a party we could rock Sometime around 8, yo we can't be late (Thes One) So straight I'll pick you up at seven, dig"
  • Mid-Town West - Avail
    "These are my eyes I said This is how they see you Mislead, force fed Can't make sense Of what you do But how could you Not have meant it What's real? What's untrue? Mislead, force fed You criticize so"
  • Mid Air Love Message - Poison The Well
    "Kisses are never safe when residue of old love is left how could I feel lesser when someone better walks around / waiting for you to call out As your cold hand grasps mine I feel unright and privileged"
  • In The Bleak Mid-Winter - Charlie Landsborough
    "In the bleak mid winter Frosty winds made moan Earth as hard as iron Water like a stone Snow has fallen snow on snow Snow on snow In the bleak mid winter Long long ago What can i give Him,poor as"
  • In The Bleak Mid-Winter - Christmas Carols
    "Christmas Carols Miscellaneous In The Bleak Mid-Winter In the bleak mid-winter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone; Snow had fallen, snow on snow, Snow on snow, In"
  • In The Bleak Mid-Winter - Sarah McLachlan
    "In the bleak midwinter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone; Snow had fallen, Snow on snow, Snow on snow, In the bleak midwinter, Long ago. Angels and archangels May have"
  • Mid Winter's Night (Live Acoustic Version) - Blackmore's Night
    "Mid winters night (Live Acoustic Version) (1st part in Provencial French) The bells are ringing On Mid Winters Night The moon sets all alone And once again I try to sleep before the morning light Too"
  • That's Life - Bif Naked
    "I like babytalking, popcorn without butter, and any boy who will pay attention to these requirements I'm an "optimistic" "beauty". Never impolite. Easy like Saturday (mid-day). Breezy, chilled-out, dumb"

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