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midnight summers dream

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midnight summers dream

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midnight summers dream
  • A Bloody Canvas Summers Awakening
    "every night you'd fall asleep to my seranades a collection of spoken words and whispers like a prophet without text, i could not say what would happen next, when your mind drifts to dreams, and you fall"
  • Feeder Summers Gone
    "Crack and break, life's big mistake, I'm feeling it too, there's no way home. The summer's gone, The summer's gone away. Back down to earth, a conscience burst, I'm feeling it too, just slipped away. The"
  • Neil Diamond Midnight Dream
    "I'm sittin' on a mountain Searchin' for an answer Hopin' there's a chance That she'll be comin' back to me Midnight dream I'm waitin' on the mountain Thinkin' I can find her Maybe if I find her, Here"
  • The Stranglers Midnight Summer's Dream
    "Woke up on a good day And the world was wonderful A midnight summer dream had me in its spell I dreamt about an old man Sat and watched the rain all night He couldn't sleep a wink as all the drops fell He"
  • The Stranglers Midnight Summer Dream
    "Woke up on a good day And the world was wonderful A midnight summer dream had me in its spell I dreamt about an old man Sat and watched the rain all night He couldn't sleep a wink as all the drops fell He"
  • Catherine MacLellan Dark Dream Midnight
    "I am blue healing water, rain I am forward moving river, I am sky on cloudless day I am ocean large mysterious, I am eyes searching I am calm and endless blue Have you heard the words I'm saying have you"
  • Thomas Anders Midnight
    "Midnight Under the moonlight You're sayin' with your eyes What I've always known Midnight Wherever you wander The star that you follow Is guiding you home Two hearts Wishing on one star Dreaming together"
  • The Monkees Midnight
    "Deep in the bayou en route to LA The merchandise is changing sides People are hiding and waiting all day 'Til midnight comes around That's when it's coming down And the dreams of a boy And his shortcut"
  • Steve Miller Band LT's Midnight Dream
    "(Lonnie Turner) I've been in one place too long With my roots in solid air And I'm gone, gone Solid gone I'm dreamin' 'bout a bulldog And I'm too far gone to care And I'm gone, gone Solid gone Got a"
  • Catedral When The Summers Comes
    "When ten summers comes I want to be stronger than I am Without fear in my eyes No reason to cry Whem the summer comes The raising sun appears for everyone A reason to forgive To live, we need to live Come,"
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra Midnight
    "(TWIST) And in the dark he sits alone To watch his final hours bleeding While unconcerned upon the wall The clock it ticks away the time No need for words for in the dark All words have long since lost"
  • Steve Forbert Dream, Dream
    "The signal lights jerk in the wind And snow blows off the road like sand, The driver squints and sets his chin, He's got to hold the upper hand, Saginaw by midnight, that's the plan And then the snow blows"
  • Lenny Williams Midnight Girl
    "I may wish on a starry night And then you danced into my life A lovely girl from a story book I fell in love with just one look Midnight girl Your eyes were filled with such mystery (mystery) We held"
  • Pages Midnight Angel
    "Now I can see how much you mean to me, you keep in my heart each time A picture painted clear, where we will go from here You slip through the night, down from the mountain light You stand at my door,"
  • Iggy Pop Sister Midnight
    "Calling Sister Midnight You've got me reaching for the moon Calling Sister Midnight You've got me playing the fool Calling Sister Midnight Calling Sister Midnight Can you hear me call Can you hear me"
  • Johnny Mathis Midnight cowboy
    "(Midnight cowboy, midnight cowboy)(He's a lonesome midnight cowboy)Once his hopes were high as the skyOnce a dream was easy to buySoon his eager fingers are burnedSoon life's lonely lessons are learnedHearts"
  • Styx Midnight Ride
    "(James Young) Gonna get you while you sleep Give you a dream you can keep To yourself little mama gonna make you feel better I'm your mystery man in a gold Lincoln Ain't no reason to do any second thinkin' About"
  • Teena Marie Midnight Magnet
    "Late night interaction on the telephone You called me up to tell me that you were alone Talkin' 'bout the powers that could set you free I rushed right over with my newfound energy The knock on the door"
  • Julian Lennon Midnight Smoke
    "Mike batt Sing your hymns of evensong, Sail out to far lagoons, All you fishermen and you fortune hunters, Sharpen your harpoons. Sing rhapsodies to the fickle gods that guide you, Awake the brave adventurer"
  • Tom Waits Midnight Lullaby
    "Sing a song of sixpence, pocket full of rye Hush-a bye my baby, no need to be crying. You can burn the midnight oil with me as long as you will Stare out at the moon upon the windowsill, and dream... Sing"

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