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mighty sam McClain -when the hurts is over

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mighty sam McClain -when the hurts is over

  • Mighty - Planet Smashers
    "Rich man, poor man better talk it over Got a mighty Job, a mighty tall order Task at hand can easily discourage Not so far apart, we must encourage It seems impossible but not so different Answers can't"
  • The Mighty Everglades - Jim Reeves
    "(South from Okeechobee and reachin' to the keys) (Lays the mighty wonder nature made) (A hundred miles of jade) (The mighty everglades.) It's beautiful at sunset but oh, There's something else that makes"
  • That Hurts - Paul Brandt
    "That hurts Your baby told you it was over And I'm just a friendly shoulder you can cry on While I ache to take you into my arms Of all the dreams in all the world There's nothing worse Than meant to be"
  • Truth Hurts - Dance Hall Crashers
    "Telling me what to do with my life Telling me that I'm no good Telling me that you are the very best.. You're driving me up the wall At one time you were on top You thought you were a hot shot You never"
  • Mighty, Mighty Wind - MercyMe
    "I lift my hands to feel the breeze A holy presence all over me Jesus bring your mighty wind And breathe life into us again And set your people free I lift my hands to feel the rain A holy shower"
  • How The Mighty Fall - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Change(remastered) How The Mighty Fall Once you held your finger on the trigger Now the gun is pointing at your head Once you reigned supreme Over all that you could see Now you walk on the"
  • How The Mighty Fall - The Alarm
    "Once you held your finger on the trigger Now the gun is pointing at your head Once you reigned supreme Over all that you could see Now you walk on the other side of the street How the mighty fall I've"
  • Mighty Joe Moon - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "Have ya been to the Cumberland Gap? Oh, no Fix yer eyes on the green of the map? Oh, no Where the Appalachians rise? Oh, no Oh, no Have you tasted the finest of trout? Oh, no Have you slept in a log-burning"
  • A Mighty Fortress - Christy Nockels
    "Our God is a consuming fire A burning Holy Flame with glory and freedom Our God is the only righteous judge Ruling over us with kindness and wisdom We will keep our eyes on You We will keep our eyes on"
  • Jah is mighty - Bob Marley
    "The stone that the builder refuseWill always be the head cornerstone (words of wisdom)The stone that the builder refuse (crying in the windy day)Will always be the head cornerstone (saying)Forsake not"
  • Mighty Sword - The Frames
    "I may not hold you For as long as forever exists I may not know you For as long as the heavens permit There will be distance And we'll both have to come to expect The wild ending of our dark and feathered"
  • The Mighty Atlantic / Mara Theme - Runrig
    "The roll of the wind As we sail across the water The roll of the sea As we're taken through the night The dimming lamp of day Leaves the crimson foam and spray Across the face of the mighty Atlantic In"
  • How The Mighty Have Fallen - Adam Cohen
    "Look how the mighty have fallen Down from the mountain so high They got you walking in shackles Wiping the spit from your eye How you gonna do it How you gonna beat it How you gonna change their mind Without"
  • A Mighty Fortress Is Our God - Hymns
    "A mighty Fortress is our God,A Bulwark never failing;Our Helper He amid the floodOf mortal ills prevailing:For still our ancient foeDoth seek to work us woe;His craft and power are great,And, armed with"
  • Bad Babysitter - The High & Mighty - Princess Superstar
    "Babysitting sucks but whatever they got junk food, kung fu, egg fu, Dig Dug, a dog too And a hot Jew, Mr. Weintraub, I mean he's old but not dimed out If I'm bad I'll turn around in the corner for Time"
  • Mighty ReArranger - Robert Plant
    "Last night as I was laying down and thinking I was wondering about the road that lies ahead In my mind I heard the wisdom of the Master Hey Robert those dreams are only in your head Last night as I was"
  • Mighty Joe - Shocking Blue
    "Be careful girls for Mighty JoeBe carefulHe takes you all that you don't knowHe made you cry before it's trueAnd I'll let you like it tooDid you hear about Mighty JoeDid you hear about Mighty JoeBeware,"
  • Mighty fine - Danni Minogue
    "Ooh, hes so mighty fine (and it really got me) ooh, hes so mighty fine (Verse 1) Sweet on love and mighty fine Yours are the lips of my design Gonna fly, thru the night What we find, so inviting Sweet"
  • Mighty Swords - Adorned Brood
    "The battle begins, Side by side A battle of life and death. The battle starts. Mighty men with might swords Kill their enemies. Screams can be heard All over the land, carried by the wind. Screams can"
  • Mighty negus - Israel Vibration
    "Hotter fire, Bongo Niah Bingy I Bobo Shanty Far I Eagle and the bear, the dragon and the harlot Stand and identify How long you going deny? Mighty Negus The man from Galilee revealed Unto Natty Congo I"

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