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  • Karen - Kim
    "Karen eu preciso te dizer Que voc meu tesouro o meu maior prazer Karen eu preciso te dizer Que a melhor coisa do mundo ter teu bem querer Como lindo teu sorriso Prende o meu olhar De amor Beb"
  • Karen - Doves
    "Say you've found your soulmate Well what did he do before You say you've found your precious Here's a gift thats been brought to your door You say that I'll always be special Tell me now what does that"
  • Karen - Le Maximum Kouette
    "Karen a aujourd'hui 15 ans La ferraille s'accroche ses dents Elle se mate des heures dans la glace Et trouve que rien n'est sa place Elle dteste ses problmes de peau Trouve que ses seins sont tout"
  • Karen - The National
    "Karen, I'm not taking sidesI don't think I'll ever do that againI'll end up winning and I won't know whyI'm really trying to shine here, I'm really tryingYou're changing clothes and closing windows on"
  • Karen - Innocence Mission
    "I met the sweetest of angels yesterday.And I knew it was trueSince she got thoseFlowers with a message"The Angels are watching your every move"And I never saw the most innocent of clothesThat she's chosen"
  • Karen Koltrane - Sonic Youth
    "Karen's moving out Out into the sky Karen trips on a cloud Sets down w stars in her eyes She's alone in a room She's deep inside of her mind Karen's leaving for the snow Somewhere to somewhere... blind She"
  • Karen Revisted - Sonic Youth
  • Mogens & Karen - Juncker
    "Vi har nletrer i stedet for pigtrd Vi har giftige br og en lukket dr Vi har levende lys der tager livet fra dig En sindssyg hund bag forhavens hegn Sidste r s sent som i gr For frste gang i 14 r"
  • Smiling Karen - Tito & Tarantula
    "I'M Not Your Hero I'M Not Your Daddy Neither I'M On My Way To Your Love Side Oh I Heard The News And I Scares Me To Think That I Might Not Have You On My Chain Again Through Your Weeping Willow On Your"
  • Karen Pommeroy - Idiothead
    "Sweet protection walk away I never asked for you to watch over me It's something else that moves me I breathe different energy Speak no more of my choices, I grieve for your blinded eyes Words might"
  • Mika Luttinen's Letter - Impaled Nazarene
    "This letter came in the CD booklet of the limited edition of "Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz" CD Dear listener, You are holding in your hands the re-release of I.N.'s debut CD. Since this release has extra"
  • Scream Karen Black - Abby Normal
    "Something's out to get her - Trilogy of terror Portfolio of horrors " Give her to the monsters Scream Karen Black , Karen Black Scream Scream Karen Black , Karen Black Scream Suitcase full of voodoo"
  • Karen By Night - Jill Sobule
    "Karen, she's my boss at the shoe store We sell to the rich on Madison Avenue I come in late from Brooklyn on the F train Karen says "honey, make this your last time" But we like her, she's firm but approachable Dresses"
  • Karen Don't Be Sad - Miley Cyrus
    "Oh, Karen You take it all too hard You been talking to those fools again And they'll tear your world apart Oh, Karen You gotta try to understand Gotta hold on to your soul Cause they'll crush it if they"
  • Dirt Road (feat. Mika Setzer) - OBS
    "Just like this Ride underneath my soul I belong on the dirt road Fill my lungs With burning air and smoke I'll be gone with by the last blow Don't you try to hold on I'm chasing the moon Just to get us"
  • Tunic (Song For Karen) - Sonic Youth
    "Dreaming, dreaming of a girl like me Hey what are you waiting for - feeding, feeding me I feel like I'm disappearing - getting smaller every day But I look in the mirror - I'm bigger in every way She"
  • Mik - Mana Mana
    "Mit s teet Kun maailma katoo Mit s teet Kun sun sielus joutuu Ensimmist kertaa valitsemaan Hyvn ja pahan leikeiss Mit s teet Ett oikeus voittaa Mit s teet Sit jos oikeus voittaa Ja mit s teet Et mys rakkaus"
  • Mik - Radiopuhelimet
    "Ei tytt lepoa ole olemassa in ja pivin on oltava valveilla vai kuljemmeko sikess unessa takaperin kohti alkua mik maa mik planeetta maailma jossa maailmat kohtaavat sekoittuvat ja hajoavat alkaakseen"
  • Mik - Absoluuttinen Nollapiste
    "tuuli on siemenen disco kun saattelee sen etiseen alttiiseen alustaan tanssi on kaamea erehdys kun sopimattomat lenntt toisilleen joku kaatuu ett toinen nostaa toinen tajuaa vasta kotona se yritti jotakin ei"
  • Mik - Kaija Koo
    "On viivasi kmmenen Sanoit, liian monimutkainen Se yls johtaa ja monta uomaa kohtaa Tiedtk sen S oot vain pieni ja huono ihminen Aivan tavallinen Et voi vain yht rakastaa kun maailma niin paljon tarjoaa Sut"

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