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mike snow silvia

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mike snow silvia

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mike snow silvia
  • Vinicius Cantuaria Silvia
    "Vai me usar E jogar fora Ou pode ficar At gostar do meu nmero Me apertar Como uma uva Me defrutar Na sua boca Uma msica Na dvida Tanto faz Jaz Morre de amor quem capaz Silvia Jaz Morro de amor e quero"
  • Vasco Rossi Silvia
    "Silvia riposa dentro la stanza con una mano sotto il cuscino mentre di fuori spunta il mattino che fra non molto la sveglier Silvia si veste davanti allo specchio e sulle labbra un po' di rossetto andiamoci"
  • Gabry Ponte Silvia
    "Silvia so many timesI think about youAbout the very rainy dayYaou came to meTo be my wifeSilvia too many RhymesI wrote about youAbout that givenSunday nightWhaen you justRan out of my lifeOh my Silvia"
  • Janne Da Arc Silvia
    "Mabushii asahi yorimo hayaku megasametaYakusoku shite wa itsumo kanarazu boku gaOkurete iku no ni neChotto kagami wo nagaku mite itsumoyoriNarenai ni hayaku kigaete saaKimi no matsu kouen eKinou wa naka"
  • Digital Underground Blind Mice
    "All that's cool but, yo, what's up with me and you? See the blind mice? We the blind mice Trying to get in where we fit in Doing anything to be down Two hundred million blind mice Running through this"
  • Rick Springfield Inside silvia
    "I love that look comes in your eyes when we're all alone And it's much too late for friends to come calling I disconnect the phone And I put on the radio and I take her and I talk real low And I hold her"
  • Xiu Xiu Mike
    "dad, what was Nigel supposed to do with your body? a life that I will never understand whose false teeth were gently pushed back into your mouth by your daughter's husband what am I supposed to do with"
  • Babasonicos Pop Silvia
    "El mundo gira en torno a Silvia intrigante belleza nacional embajadora del encanto facial panormica belleza de cristal. Duea del color, al rayo del sol. brillo acumuló y hoy te encandila. Pop Silvia, melódica,"
  • Gabry Ponte A Silvia
    "Silvia so many times I think about you About the very rainy day Yaou came to me To be my wife Silvia too many Rhymes I wrote about you About that given Sunday night Whaen you just Ran out of my life Oh"
  • Joyce Sexy Silvia
    "Sete sculos pelo deserto at o jardim de Al. Meus antepassados se arrastaram pra poder chegar na casca do ovo: meu av me viu me transformar em Sexy Sylvia, uma serpente magntica. Mas bobo quem me"
  • BeForU Silvia Drive
    "PaPaPa PaPaPa PaPaPa PaPaPa PaPaPa PaPaPa PaPaPa PaPaPa Because you are glad, I'm happy too, wonderful time to forget it completely un, deux, trois Let's play together un, deux, trois Let me smile for"
  • Lunapop Silvia Stai Dormendo
    "Silvia stai dormendo, ed io ti sto pensando... E mentre stai sognando ti guardo e credo che, strano ricordare, qualcosa che non ho, che non c'... Ma tutte le parole, che mi potrei inventare, sarebbero"
  • Francesco Guccini Canzone Per Silvia
    "Il cielo dell' America son mille cieli sopra a un continente, il cielo della Florida uno straccio che bagnato di celeste, ma il cielo l in prigione non cielo, un qualche cosa che riveste il giorno"
  • Hank Snow Ballad Of One Eyed Mike
    "This is the tale that was told to me by the man with the crystal eye As I smoked my pipe in the camp-fire light and the Glories swept the sky As the Northlights gleamed and curved and streamed and the"
  • Joyce Samba Da Silvia
    "Quando eu dou, no tomo multiplico, somo [ bis ] amo, mas no domo sou fada e gnomo. (improvisos) Se d errado o que fao depresso sou avessa nunca deixei que um fracasso me subisse cabea (quando eu dou...) Agora"
  • Chris Gaines Snow In July
    "Chris Gaines In The Life Of Chris Gaines Snow In July (gordon kennedy/wayne kirkpatrick/mike more/andrew logan) Love was burning like the summer We were lost in one another Holding on, holding on We could"
  • Steve Winwood Silvia (Who Is She?)
    "Silvia, who is she, what is she? We wonder Flames with praise acclaim her Of wisdom and beauty and grace has lent her That she might admired be Silvia, I can see wisdom in your eyes Silvia, love will be"
  • Ludwig Von 88 Mike Tyson
    ""I'm the greatest, I'm the king..." Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Tyson Mike Mike Mike Mike Tyson! Punchin' on his right and punchin' on his left Punchin' in your face, no blow below the belt First round"
  • Acid Drinkers Mike Cwel
    "Mike does these things gratis He is very well known in the city His ass is his decoy and a trap for the children Mike is the first playboy of the railway station He is the favorite of suckers Mike is a"
  • Yellowcard Hey Mike
    "Hey Mike, if you're listenin' I'm callin' home to tell you how it is It's real bad, it's cold out here It's been a long and lonely year It's been a long and lonely year It's been so long Don't give up Don't"

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