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mike will made in 23

  • 23 - Karmin
    "Everyone has problems No one wants to hear Waiting for the eleprhant In the room to disapear Livin' up the home life Without a single care The silver spoon that feed me Had always mage life fair But life"
  • 23 - Shakira
    "Everybody needs an anchor A little something that makes you stay An incentive Someone to fight for Cause no one really needs so much space A couple years ago I was lonely I used to think that there was"
  • 23 - Jimmy Eat World
    "I felt for sure last night That once we said goodbye No one else will know these lonely dreams No one else will know that part of me I'm still driving away And I'm sorry every day I won't always love these"
  • 23 - Blonde Redhead
    "Twenty three seconds All things we love will die Twenty three magic If you can change your life Your tainted heart, your tainted heart My tainted love, my tainted love Repent now How many times"
  • Domo 23 - Tyler, The Creator
    "I'll kick his ass! I'm crazy niggar! I'm nasty I'm super nasty What's up folk? Sick to my motherfucking tummy Bitch must think I’m a motherfucking dummy Because I dress bummy, bitch think I’m broke Bitch,"
  • 23 (Ft. Miley Cyrus, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa) - Mike WiLL Made It
    "I'm in the club high off purp with some shades on Tatted up, mini skirt with my J's on J’s on my feet J’s on my feet J’s on my feet So get like me /2x I be in the club standing on the couch In them"
  • Believe Me (ft. Mike Will Made It) - Usher
    "Take off, Take off, Yeah, Take of Mike Will Made It, baby! Nobody’s ever loved me like you do That shit so not what I’m used to So I always brush you away Even though I know I want you to stay with"
  • At 23 - Donots
    "Sick of dancing to somebody elses songAlthoug I know the moves,the rhythm feels all wrongBreathe out while Im waiting(at 23)Reach out for something sedating(to set me free)At 9 in the morning everythings"
  • Sinfony 23 - Down Below
    "Let's refill your forces With new energy Use all your resources And follow me Break down old borders "
  • 23 Days - Framing Hanley
    "Your kiss was a perfect drug It gave me the perfect high And cheaters fall in love They all deserve to die I need to feel you again I need your lips on my skin For one night I could be him Well I could"
  • Psalm 23 - Sons Of Thunder
    "The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want He makes me lie down in the pastures of green He'll lead me to the water He restores my soul Guide me on His way of His righteousness If I walk through the valley"
  • Effigy 23 - American Head Charge
    "burn the bed consummated rest the head it just holds us back now still she keeps on looking of course [2x] nows theres nothing I hate as much wet the lips shut your pretty mouth use the kiss tommorrow"
  • Hey Mike - Yellowcard
    "Hey Mike, if you're listenin' I'm callin' home to tell you how it is It's real bad, it's cold out here It's been a long and lonely year It's been a long and lonely year It's been so long Don't give up Don't"
  • Mysterious Mike - Venerea
    "There's this guy I know He's been to some of our local shows In bloody clothes He's a psycho He's got this whim: wants us to write a song about him And simsalabim this is it (Chorus:) Mikey Do it one"
  • Mike Check - Tom Green
    "So what you wanna do, what you gonna wanna say? When I bust a rap in an old school way. I rock it when you hit the club to the break of day. Don't come a-knockin' if ya don't wanna play. And if ya wanna"
  • Morocco Mike - Murs
    "(Murs) Ay it's like, me and this nigga Eclipse been workin on this shit hella hard for hella days Y'know, knahmsayin? Been since like '95, both graduated and shit Shit changed a grip for me this year '95"
  • 23 - Amber Rubarth
    "Amber Rubarth New Green Lines 23 He fell in love with me, then I fell in love with you And now I am watching you follow her out the door Of my house, and it feels so mean I didnt know youd moved on to"
  • Made Men - Big Mike
    "Lets lock it up whut,whut Hit the street nigga I been watching these gotti niggaz for while now I like they style and I like they style now I like the way they travel close like a family,huh Tightly knitted,"
  • SummerThing! (ft. Mike Taylor) - Afrojack
    "I don't wanna write this love song I, I'm fighting this urge What you make me say: uuu Damn! 'Cause I, I can't find the words I don't wanna write this love song Just wanna dance all night till it hurts But"
  • Mike - Xiu Xiu
    "dad, what was Nigel supposed to do with your body? a life that I will never understand whose false teeth were gently pushed back into your mouth by your daughter's husband what am I supposed to do with"

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