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  • Territory - Gavin Mikhail
    "While you give your life away I will never stop, take stock, and believe in All the ones who pine away For the very state you hope to achieve in... That place you hide Where the damage gets you by"
  • After All - Gavin Mikhail
    "Take this silence out of my head Just open me up and make it dead... I am not as strong as I wanna be I need the freedom, belief Can the heavens help me now? This is not the life that I wanna lead"
  • You Grieve - Gavin Mikhail
    "So many times we've come undone and sold our lives We struggle all the time And we forget to choose the sides With every passing sign I breathe you in and can't let go Of all the things I know I'll"
  • Brave - Gavin Mikhail
    "I am not as brave, beautiful, and patient as you are But I am safe in your arms I listen as you say "I'm proud of who you've become and the person you will be tomorrow..." And I know I would give anything"
  • Catch Your Fall - Gavin Mikhail
    "It's that time To sink or swim I try To be stronger inside And rise above myself I know for you It must be painful to Carry the way you do Though I can't be you I see through Your silence, feigned"
  • More - Gavin Mikhail
    "I know, know you, you don't like To hear the words that I might say Of how Im living, spending my days Belief in what I'm doing The right to fight for who and what I am You know it's mine and so I"
  • Back For Me - Gavin Mikhail
    "How did I miss something? When did you decide In your heart That we aren't Worth the fight? Though it's been awhile I'm finding It hard to see your side And I don't Think you know What that's"
  • Go On - Gavin Mikhail
    "Here I stand as you're leaving Far away from me And, I don't know why you're leaving I am lost... do you see? You lied to me... What am I supposed to do without you? What am I going to love instead"
  • God In This Moment - Gavin Mikhail
    "Stained glass windows all around me Watching as they fall down to their knees Whispering words I am not understanding But, I know that I should be Kneeling, praying, asking for forgiveness Thinking"
  • Sight Unseen - Gavin Mikhail
    "I know the reasons you shy Away from things you can't explain But if you make it alive I cannot, can never finally say You should have taken that road You should have gone the other way So tell me"
  • Days Gone By - Gavin Mikhail
    "I won't break Down this way I will hold on for one more day If you'll help me make Myself feel Something so much more than this Something that's real I'll live, I'll love, I'll carry on Pretending"
  • Stay - Gavin Mikhail
    "We've come this far And it's so clear That we are everything you hoped for, loved, and feared And I don't know The reasons why All this time it goes by slowly And we don't see Much to fight for..."
  • One Of These Days - Gavin Mikhail
    "Today Is there anybody listening? Is there anybody left to hear me say O.k... I'm doing this thing Your way... What if I wait around for forever? Would it come back around here for me? Or would"
  • Not Enough - Gavin Mikhail
    "I can't believe the things you said to me now I am Not alright, not well, and I cannot yet tell You if I'll survive in spite of all the hurt, lost time 'Cause I'm a million miles away inside... and I can't"
  • Fight The Sky - Gavin Mikhail
    "You fight the daily battles of a million things created of and around what you fear and know and fear not knowing we get thrown into the face of a thousand trains you've trained upon our ears here we are"
  • Handed Over - Gavin Mikhail
    "God knows I've carried the torch of indecision worry see the watchers watching... I know you're grounded in years of family history worry leave the talkers talking on... To the ones she needs on a ride"
  • Take - Gavin Mikhail
    "I can see you crawling fast along the shadow Side of greed through all the past alone you travel... Tell me I can fight you Tell me I can try you Tell me all I want To see you from beneath me... Take"
  • Come Alive - Gavin Mikhail
    "I wish you could lose yourself sometimes and be All the things that I remember from your history I wish you could lessen your grip and let go Of your life and all the things you know... I will be"
  • Who We Are - Gavin Mikhail
    "So many chapters to This life we're living through I rediscover you with every passing day And I'm happy here To know you're standing by My side as time passes by, and I... Know all the years and"
  • Sitting On The Edge Of The World - Gavin Mikhail
    "Sitting on the edge of the world and the life and the love of a world surround me... I'll tell a man that all that he does can be swept aside of the man that he can be... But I still wish Wait for something"

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