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mikkel christiansen - limited edition

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mikkel christiansen - limited edition

  • Limited Edition - Snow Patrol
    "if only we hadn't gone so far things would be different here just now i didn't know what i had done would it be different if you had of cum i can take it if you hold me i met her last night again after"
  • Limited Edition - Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright
    "if only we hadn't gone so far things would be different here just now i didn't know what i had done would it be different if you had of cum i can take it if you hold me i met her last night again after"
  • Limited - Kiyoharu
    "nagareru uki kumo no you ni ki magurete ai shiteta kono karada ni mo akita no? kyomuteki na waraigoe kawaita koe hieta kuchibiru kanashii me ni nani ga utsuru? go gatsu no kawaita kuuki to, watashi wo isshun"
  • Limited Capacity - Smog
    "I painted myself into a corner again Because I didn't like the colour of my floors After you walked all over them You're full of white lies Oh, you're full of white lies But I've got a limited capacity Yeah"
  • Special Edition - Ciara
    "Champagne spilling, all over the ground Dancing like a fool with the music up loud I can feel the love cause my family’s all around And we ain’t Hollywood, yeah we love to get down It’s been a while But"
  • New Edition - Cobra Starship
    "Hey, Mr. DJ Can you put my favorite record on? 'Cause I just saw my favorite kind of baby She got rebel earrings and bad attitude She got what I need to put me in a good mood She said, "Excuse me, how"
  • Mourning Edition - Austin Lounge Lizards
    "(Hank Card/Conrad Deisler The dollar is falling on the japanese market The Nikei industrial average is shooting up like a rocket Nervous investors satisfying their craving for yen And no one is certain"
  • Teacher's Edition - Retard-O-Bot
    "Day in, day out, try to teach you but you never want to learn, so crash and burn. Can't get the fact that you're faced with life. Now why didn't you fucking learn? I'm a useless piece of shit; it's"
  • My First Edition - Frank Sinatra
    "(back-up) My first edition is written for you, It isn't fiction, the story is true, And my heart is stirred by each little word Telling how sweet you are. My first edition has pages of dreams, My great"
  • EMI (Unlimited Edition) - Sex Pistols
    "(J. Rotten, G. Matlock, S. Jones, P. Cook) There's unlimited supply and there is no reason why I tell you it was all a frame they only did it 'cos of fame - Who? EMI Too many people had the suss Too"
  • Sarajevo (Radio Edition) - Axxis
    "Families worlds apart War Torn - broken hearts Thousand sad goodbyes As this city dies Symbol of a war Sarajevo You're their hope their home Hear the people pray Smoke will fade away Ruins of a town Tears"
  • Flying (Real Edition) - Nice Little Penguin
    "Here I am, I'm on my own for the first time really on my own So will I make it will it work allright can I make it through the night And I go uuuh, uuuh, uuuh I am flying uuuh, uuuh, uuuh in open"
  • Intoxication (Deluxe Edition) - Shaggy
    "Yo, I like crazy hangover, yo I think you put some'n in my drink Listen gal, me nah ina nah freaky stuff Me nah make no old woman come trip me up Look, you send a naked woman and feel me up Buy me drinks"
  • Archangel (2006 edition) - Lapis Lazuli
    "He can conseal himself everywhere In heaven, or in hell Hes a creature of many faces A trickster, a fools god He predicts the fates of us all On the lifebook, his seal be found And on the day of Armageddon He"
  • SKIBIDI (Romantic Edition) - LITTLE BIG
    "I’m calling /2x calling to you to say I want you /2x maybe all night till day I want you /2x different towns to run to baby come to me cha cha cha givign talk to me SKIBIDI łap papa SKIBIDI łap papa papa SKIBIDI"
  • Staring Down The Barrel, Limited Options - Off Minor
    "post-morbidity, pre-mortality, the dying proceeds and the living intercede on the behalf of your best interests as we perceive them and so you sign this document stating the following 'please let me go' post-morbidity,"
  • Smack That Sports Edition - Akon
    "I see you creepin I can see you from my shadow, i aint gonna let you come and score no points in my goal We'll lay you out at home and always is my motto. Now watch my team take this over. One shot and"
  • You Are (Single Edition) - Atomic Kitten
    "Maybe you think you're not right for me that you'll never be everything I need well i'll tell you straight from my heart you are you are if you don't think that you've got the pedigree that you're not"
  • More Woman (Deluxe Edition) - Shaggy
    "I love dem fizzy Q Oh, I mean physique Stick to the gyal like glue, right Ladies this one goes out to you So wah, woman after woman so mi still mi haffi love unnu Suzette, Mitchell, Jacqueline, come let"
  • Those Days (Deluxe Edition) - Shaggy
    "(feat. Na'sha) Long time she want me change my ways Knew as me a bad from back in the days Those were the days my friend We thought they'd never end Thought we would last forever and a day I took one"

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