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milk inc perfecy ile

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milk inc perfecy ile
  • Milk Inc Time (Milk Inc)
    "Time It may be true That its worth another try Then again I often wonder why Theres no answer, theres no reason left to stay Is it time? Tell me theres another way Time take us back in time Why cant"
  • Roger Daltrey Milk Train
    "(D.Bugatti - F. Musker) Blackwood Music Inc. BMI Here I am upon the stage and it's very weird It's not myself it's someone else but standing here And the girls look strange, as they call my name. Someone"
  • Religijne Ile
    "O Boże,stworzyłeś piękny świat,Od szczytów,przez morza aż po kwiat.By człowiek mógł z Twą pomoca godnie żyćI ciągle w jedności z Tobą być.O Boże,tak ukochałeś nas,Że Synaposłałeś w dany czas.By oddał za"
  • Murder Inc Murder Inc.
    "More than a feeling Sitting on an instinct, Breaking out fast, No time to think if it's live- Is it living in my own mind Forced to the ground when I bring it on down, It's a farce, It's unsurpassed, Too"
  • Anthrax Milk
    "I woke up, can't wait to eat Got my cereal, boy was I beat Opened the fridge, and to my dismay There was no milk, my mother will pay I want some milk! My coffee grows cold I want some milk! I should've"
  • Jeffries Fan Club Milk
    "Chocolate chip cookie in my hand Some of you don't understand I'm dreaming of white silk Bought me a cow now I want milk I walk down the street to Billy Bob's Pub and Par Billy says now son I need to know"
  • Kings Of Leon Milk
    "Salty leave Salty leave Tell me the one about the friend you knew, And the last good night that we toasted too. Salty leave, Stay for me, Stay for me We drank wine in the matinee And the spotlight"
  • Tricky Milk
    "(note: this is a slower version of the garbage track with both parties Involved singing all the lines, part of a rthyhm track starts then buckles And diappears.) I am milk I am red hot kitchen And I am"
  • Garbage Milk
    "I am milk I am Red Hot Kitchen And I am cool Cool as the deep blue ocean I am lost So I am cruel But I'd be love and sweetness If I had you I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you I'm waiting, I'm waiting for"
  • Pain Milk
    "Hey kid! Yeah you! You see I dropped my pencil. Pick it up! Hurry up!Whatcha waiting for, dont be so slow. We got our eyes, got our eyes on you. We got our eyes, got our eyes on you, boy. We got our"
  • Foo Fighters Milk
    "if I share powdered milk with you I glue a picture to the chair spit and butter from the plate that broke a week ago Gather Round' Gather Round' Gather Round' a father scolds his little boy for trading"
  • The Subways Milk
    "Come alive Now I can see You've got the vibe And your shiver's gone They come alive Like the sun comes and goes They come alive They come alive Where you come from is all they're used to me? (x5) Beaneath"
  • RxBandits Milk
    "woke up this morning and got myself a glass of milk picked up the ramen but i couldn't seem to get my fillsomething is wrong with you what is it, what does it mean do you know who i am? i am about to find"
  • Jimmie's Chicken Shack Milk
    "milk them chickens and pluck them cows we're the ones that gonna fuck you now wandering with no purpose things we do well i don't know we'll go all the way down to mexico join up with the circus and no"
  • Jimmy's Chicken Shack Milk
    "Milk them chickens and pluck them cows We're the ones that gonna f**k you now Wwandering with no purpose Things we do well I dont know We'll go all the way down to mexico Join up with the circus And no"
  • Fifty Nutz Milk
    "That bitter taste he felt carefully hide behind a mask A tear once shed, no longer last People grin, so many bad things there saying There is no compassion in their eyes The god they're preaching for won't"
  • Freq Nasty Revolution Inc
    "revolution became revolution, inc. coming at you, in a militant rap on mtv coming at you, on the internet highway coming at you, courtesy of sony, nike revolution revolution revolution revolution, inc. revolution"
  • Nine Inch Nails Starfuckers, Inc.
    "My God sits in the back of the limousine My God comes in a wrapper of cellophane My God pouts on the cover of the magazine My God is a shallow little bitch trying to make a scene I have arrived and this"
  • Robbie Williams Starfuckers Inc
    "my god sits in the back of a limousine my god comes in a wrapper of cellophane my god pouts on the cover of the magazine my god's a shallow little bitch trying to make the scene I have arrived this time"
  • Ja Rule The inc
    "Yo, that's rightNiggas just ain't, doin' it how we doin' itNah mean son? I G{Chorus (2X)}Murder INC.Takin' flightWe go hardBetta get it right{Caddillac Tah}We go hard! yeahPlayer not for nuttin'I spit"

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