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milky chance-stolen dance

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milky chance-stolen dance

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milky chance-stolen dance
  • Milky Chance Stolen Dance
    "I want you by my side So that I never feel alone again They’ve always been so kind But now they’ve brought you away from here I hope they didn’t get your mind Your heart is too strong anyway We need to"
  • Myslovitz Korova Milky Bar
    "School and work and death I'll go frantic soon Such an ugly day I can't stand no more And I feel like scum No worth No luck No chance I'm just something like A mains device Mother Night, at"
  • Dance Nation Dance
    "you're the music in my soul feel your love take control you make me whole you feel my soul you're the music in my life like the sun and the light you make it right you make it right you're the sunshine after"
  • Ratt Dance
    "Dance Dance Dance Dance, dance, dance Slip and slide, take a ride You want the best of both worlds Caviar, it's hard to find You're not a big city girl You have dreams to make it big Right off the Greyhound"
  • Oblivion Stolen
    "I'm not that kind of man, Who tries to take things when he can. These things conjure up by chance, when you have the exact same dance, I've done it before, and it's happened to me a couple of times, but"
  • Nas Dance
    "One more time, one more timeHuh, one more time, huhOne more timeI dream of the day I could go back to when I was bornLaying in your arms, wishing you was here today momWish you the pidJust for a second"
  • James Taylor Dance
    "Come on, baby, while the moon is high, kick up your heels and dance. Don't be nervous, don't be shy and give yourself a chance. You can dance. Kick off your shoes and lose your blues. Pick em up, Lord,"
  • Westlife Dance
    "Looking back on the memory of The dance we shared 'neath the stars above For a moment all the world was right How could I have known that you'd ever say goodbye And now I'm glad I didn't know The"
  • Gary Numan Dance
    "No more than chance, I'm told it's quite surprising I could walk out and just impress myself I need to hurt, I need to crash for my sake You are something that I could do without And I could always take"
  • Chic Dance
    "The Deal >From the Musical Chess -The American Communist, democrat An intriguing collusion Fair exchange - tit for tat Comradeship in profusion And the appeal, partner Of this deal, partner Is we all stand"
  • Rab ne bana di jodi Dance Pe Chance
    "left leg aage aage, right leg pichhe pichhe aaja yaara lets start ve sar kho ghuma le round pair jara up down, itni si ye baat ve woh banda hi kya hain, jho naache na gaaye aa haaton mein tu hath thaam"
  • Junior Senior Dance, Chance, Romance
    "Hot damn! Oh no! Here comes the new girl in town I told you all night how t' get the girl I'll tell you how to make toes curl But for once I'm gonna try not to cramp my style You know you're really pretty,"
  • Chipz Milky way
    "Goin' high high highWith a spaceship in the skyNever down down downThe stars are all aroundGoin' high high highI never even tryTo go down down downI travel by trainBy boat or carI go by plain when it is"
  • Syd Barret Milky Way
    "What'd you ever say today when you're in the milky way oh tell me please if I met you I told you what to do seems a while since I could smile the way you do... how many times, if I try, if I may,"
  • Satellite Party Milky Ave
    "Oh when, when I die. I wanna lay down, A nest a island in the sky. Well we'll be taken there, We'll run around naked there. For it's as pretty as Malibu. Twenty-four hour, beats and bars. Hop"
  • LL Cool J Milky Cereal
    "Ooh yeah Mh Hey yo, man Ain't nothin like a nice bowl of cornflakes in the morning to smooth you out Milky Cereal (Baby) Milky Cereal [2x] [ VERSE 1 ] Mirror, mirror on the wall Who's the baddest female"
  • Tindersticks Milky Teeth
    "You know I'm a kisser I wanted you for that mouth Hey you know I'm a listener I loved you for what came out It's your mind and your body That makes me feel so dirty And it's my mouth What comes out What"
  • BoA Milky way
    "Tell me what you're dreaming bout tonight I never want to let you go The lips that kissed my lashes and your sleepy smile Sinking into the darkest night A breezeless flow in the afterglow You and me together"
  • L'Arc~En~Ciel Milky way
    "Hoshifuru yoru kimi ni aitakuteyoake o matazu machi o nukedashitatsuki akari no shita no kimi......ima moDays hashaide aruiteta ano koro gamaze itsumade mo tsuzuku yoo na kigashitetaNaze hitomi no oku"
  • SPIRAL Milky Polsky
    "To jest taki stan Że cokolwiek Cokolwiek powiedziałby Nie uwierzę! Nie uwierzę! Nie uwierzę w to Ze bredził słodki ktoś Mówiąc: Do niczego jesteś Bez sensu pół żartem, pół serio Nie uwierzę w to, ze"

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